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YALI calles for DEC to summon Kaweche Kaunda

Headlines YALI calles for DEC to summon Kaweche Kaunda

YALI press briefing

The Young African Leaders Initiative wants the Drug Enforcement Commission to summon Kaweche Kaunda to provide evidence in the drug trafficking allegations made by NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili involving President Edgar Lungu and Businessman Valden Findlay.

The YALI Governance and Legal Advisor Isaac Mwanza says the statement by the US Government and Israel that there is no case in that country related to drug to Drug trafficking involving Mr Findlay and that there is no siphoning of money using the Presidential jet respectively must settle the matter.

Mr Mwanza told a media briefing that the DEC must however summon Mr Kaunda to provide evidence on his allegations involving Mr Findlay and Mr Goswami.

He said the refusal by Mr Kambwili to give information to the DEC has shown that Mr Kambwili has no information regarding his drug trafficking allegations.
Mr Kambwili who had appeared before the DEC for questioning said he no longer takes the Commission serious due to their failure to investigate serious matters in the past.He told Journalists that his summoning was a sheer waste of time as they cannot investigate the matter.

Mr Mwanza however, urged the DEC not to victimize the whistle blowers as they are only providing information on the issues they believe are of concern to the nation.

Mr Kaweche Kaunda recently said he was surprised that Valden Findlay denied knowing Vijaygiri Vicky Goswami claiming he knows him and he has been in their presence.

And Kaweche revealed that Goswami, the renowned African “drug lord” phoned him after they were arrested seeking assistance but later informed him that Findlay would compel President Edgar Lungu to speak to Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta on the matter.


  1. Who funds YALI these days? Their music has stopped making sense!
    Is YALI now going to interfere with Law enforcement Agencies and tell them how to do their job?

    • Who do these dogs think they are to even be suggesting who should be summoned? These dogs should know that their being shielded from persecution for stealing donors money by PF is limited to as long as 2021, there after you will be shown pepe. Stupid *****s.

  2. Was it wrong for Kaweche to Know Findley personally????????, or if the Mention of Findley a capital offence in Zambia, whoever finances YALI must be disappointed with their stupid behaviour

  3. Can YALI order a government wing do to its duty? what is YALI modus operandum in government function? IF DEC does not do what YALI demand, what happens next? is DEC to be accused as compromised like FIC? Zambians boys NGO proving to be relevant ….. Hahahaha njala iyi…. iti nyokole….. Talking business for stomach benefit…… Talk bana ba ndye nsima especially that the price is K140 per 25 kg breakfast

  4. Chimbwili is not my idea of a leader, let alone presidential material if at all there is such a thing. But I agree with him, clearly both ACC and DEC are state captured. These days they are smart, they don’t harass you when you report but in order to protect their political connected clients they simply don’t present critical evidence to court. And when the clients are acquitted for “lack” of evidence, Dora will go to the media claiming that we have a free judiciary, we are fighting corruption and all sorts of bull. Somehow they think that like them we don’t think too.

  5. YALI are you a dept under DEC or are you another Dora for DEC? You now in a wrong office. Check your job guide lines if DEC is mentioned. Disband YALI it does not know its existence. Things are going wrong and you big brains like calibre of VJs to be threatened? Mwachepa sana. Tell DEC to investigate the owner of the 48 houses and Findlay for beaing accorded a VVIP status by cabinet office when he is not part of govermt figure. You leave culprites and you follow innocent pipo. Big Brains like the VJs were quite for them to do so now, just know that someone about cry and be locked up for putting this country in mess. Remember there a huge army of retirees who are not yet paid by this regime, another time bomd. Stop wasting time over NDF Bill 10 issue and find money now to off load the…

  6. YALI is either a political predator or political surrogate. I beg to question their integrity in social justice of our Great nation…….

  7. These two are really hopeless ,I really don’t understand what this is ?An NGO or what .Really they should just join politics because they are a useless lot to be going around as a none partisan NGO .I heard both of them a day ago on phoenix arguing with some Alumni members of Yali.Its a sorry sight really democracy has its pitfalls and in this one its these two .

  8. I encourage Findley to quickly take this case to court. The thing will be settled there. I remember “Chiluba is a thief case” opened the Zamtrop account and we all saw what was deposited.

  9. Even if it is poverty sometimes it is better to have some integrity. What is the level of education for this guy? I’m at loss here even to comment further.

  10. CK is right, all agencies in Zambia are compromised……

    They can’t even find or dont want to find who owns 48 houses built under their noses , how can they investigate this ??

  11. Why is special with Yali to comment on every issue? We are fed to keep on listening to the same tune every time Yali opens its mouth. Please can we hear from other people as well

  12. chichi – Taking this case to court may cause serious embarrassments. Kambwili has been fed with a lot of data and he is waiting to go to court but I don’t see it happen. The best Findlay would have done was not to say anything that prompted Kaweche to respond.
    Findlay has brought it on himself by denying he did not know Goswami publicly like Simon Peter denied Jesus. Those who saw Simon Peter with Jesus were amazed that he denied and they had to ask him three times. This is Kaweche’s situation. He knows Findlay and Goswami are friends. It is not hear say but something he has first hand information about.

  13. The big question now is why did Findlay deny his friend Goswami publicly? What is he scared about? This is what made Kaweche to respond to a matter he was not privy to between Kambwili and Edgar. Even if I were Kaweche I would react in the same way.

  14. It’s obvious that PF is footing the bill for this so called YALI. Now this Mwanza is trying to compete with his brother Antonio on who can blow the loudest trumpet.

  15. If these desperados are an indication of the calibre of our future leaders then the current party and its government is Utopia. We ain’t seen nothing yet.!

  16. IS THIS YALI BOY NORMAL? If he has powers to direct DEC what to do , please dirrect them to investigate the 48 houses, ambulances,fire ingines, the killing of UNZA studient etc and not those petty issues . ULEMONEKELAMO FYE UBUPUBA change

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