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ZCTU rejects the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 in its entirety

Headlines ZCTU rejects the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 in...

ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka
ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has rejected the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 in its entirety on the basis that it does not inspire workers.

Addressing a media briefing after appearing before the parliamentary select committee where the union made its position known, ZCTU Secretary General, COSMAS Mukuka says none of the proposed amendments in the bill is progressive.

Mr Mukuka says the bill takes away the power of governance institutions such as the judicial service commission and the state Audit commission from recommending appointments of constitutional office bearers.

He says the bill at its best is an attempt to expand the executive powers of the Republican President while taking away the rights of citizens to democratic governance.

He states that the ZCTU is opposed to all the proposed amendments to the republican constitution as set out in the Constitution of Zambia bill No. 10 of 2019 on account that the process was not inclusive, lacked consensus, is retrogressive in intent and does not reflect the will of the people.

Mr. Mukuka has however, clarified that the ZCTU has nothing against the National Dialogue Forum, but has serious concerns regarding the process and contents of the NDF process which has failed to achieve national healing and reconciliation, but merely produced the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019.


  1. But there are no recommendations from ZCTU. This bill is not about rejecting or accepting, it’s about debating and recommending.

  2. Your friends in Hong Kong have been on the streets for months protesting China’s influences on their laws. Meanwhile in Zambia it is business as usual. Zambians deserve everything they are going through. That is left me and my white wife decided we needed a break from that country. We now have less stress here in Chelsea London where houses go for over a million pounds.

  3. So apart from the Govt who drafted Amendment Bill No.10 who supports this Bill? LAZ, Chapter One , Churches, Opposition Political Parties, NGOs, ZCTU etc have voiced their opposition to the Bill so why is the Govt imposing the unpopular Bill? This Bill must be resisted at all costs.

  4. Lungu wants this bill at all costs to the country that is why it being push so hard without looking at it’s negative consequences.

  5. Well done ZCTU!
    This Ben 10 Bill was crafted by savages! Lets meet them head-on! Looks like they won’t stop this nonsense without a good fight.
    If they go ahead with it, let’s declare a Hong Kong on them! We can no longer tolerate this evil gerrymandering on our statutes in the name of refining! Bakawalala! No wonder the economy has collapsed because their focus is elsewhere!

  6. Weldone Ba Mukuka,this is the ZCTU we want,one that sides with masses and works for improved Governance in our country! It appears,the BILL HAS MORE RETROGRESSIVE THAN Progressive issues!!

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