FILE: Atlas Mara Managing Director James Koni (left) shakes hands with Minister of Lands Jean Kapata during the launch of Tenga Mobile Money Service at Intercontinental hotel

Atlas Mara Zambia has confirmed that it experienced a service disruption after bailiffs got away with its main servers and office furniture.

In a statement, the Bank said the disruption was as a result of interference to the main servers which host the core banking platform that runs the bank.

It said the interference occurred as a result of the execution of a High court Judgement issued in favor of one Dimitrios Monokandilos and Filandria Kouri relating to a debit of US$949,933.87 from the account of the plaintiffs by Finance Bank Zambia Limited (FBZ) on 26th February 1996.

“FBZ was acting on its right of setoff against the plaintiffs account, on the back of a guarantee issued in favor of FBZ. Following a judgement dated 3rd December 2014 FBZ appealed the High Court Judgement. The appeal was heard and is currently pending judgement in the Supreme Court,” the statement read.

And Atlas Mara Managing Director James Koni stated that “Atlas Mara deeply regrets the disruption to our banking services as we serve a wide and diverse customer base who rely on us to manage their day to day financial needs. We believe this action to disrupt the operations of the bank is unnecessary and regrettable and we wholly apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused to our valued customers.”

“We have since retrieved our property and are working to restore the banking services and expect to be fully operational and open to enable our customers to achieve their objectives. We would like to thank our customers for their usual support and patience during this time.”

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  1. When RB seized FBZ they called him names and no one talked about the audit report by Deloitte of UK. Later, Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda who’s very knowledgeable about these issues decided to play politics and restored the Bank back to the Indian Mafia. Now you the effects of bad politics and corruption? Let’s watch the space, more drama and more entertainment. No need for Dorika


    • When RB seized FBZ that was politics, as FBZ had previously seized his assets due to outstanding debts, so he was just abusing his position of power to seek revenge FYI.


    • @Know your facts, please let’s talk about the audit report. Don’t underplay that like was done last time. Have you read the findings of the auditors?



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