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PF still opposes deputy ministers

Headlines PF still opposes deputy ministers

Davies Mwila PF Secretary General
Davies Mwila PF Secretary General

PF has maintained its opposition to the re-introduction of deputy ministers in the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the re-introduction of Deputy Minister will be costly to government.

And Mr. Mwila says the PF supports the increase of timeframe for an election petition to be heard from 14 to 30 days.

He said the Party also supports the proposed amendment of article 116 to include sub article 4 to allow Minister to continue holding office until a new government is elected.

Mr Mwila said this will allow the government to continue performing its functions.

He said the proposal to reduce the period a civil servant should resign before seeking political office from two years to six months is also supported by the party.

Mr Mwila was speaking when he appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee tasked to scrutinise the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill Number 10.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila said the Party is opposed to the proposed amendment on the voting of the President to include the possibility of forming a coalition government.

He said it is important that the President should draw his or her mandate directly from most of the people because most coalition governments have proved to be unstable.


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  1. Coalition governments are better at providing checks and balances.

    We do not have opposition in Zambia. That is why we have so much corruption by those elected to serve the people. They serve themselves handsomely.

  2. Coalition governments are for mature democracies which would understand the role of the partners in government. It not for people who would take their position in government to prevent government from working

  3. You wonder then who included the useless coalition government and deputy minister proposals in the dreaded NDF resolutions and the Constitutional Amendment Bill.It is the likes of Sakwiba Sikota Edith Nawakwi,Peter Chanda,Nakachinda,failed opposition leaders who would like to come to power through the back door, on the back and shoulders of PF.No wonder they are talking too much,more than PF itself.The useless opposition lot!

  4. Very deceptive act by PF…..they want in either way so that they should not be held accountable……..
    this is political cleverness of holding two positions with both hands

    • It’s not cleverness but wickedness! It’s also misplacement of priorities! Changing the Constitution is a PF strategy to cling on to power as their chances for an outright victory become slim! They have done too much wickedness to risk jail. Their only Safety is keep power at all costs!

  5. The Constitutional Amendment was drafted by a PF Govt so what is the Point of the PF making Submissions? Surely a PF Govt implements PF Policies. This is utter confusion to say the least.

    • It seems you are the one who is confused. The PF doesn’t own GRZ. It was just given that mandate by the people. It will not be in power forever, it is just performing its duty as required by the real owners of GRZ: the people of Zambia.

  6. The PF want to make it look like the request is overwhelmingly coming from the people and that they have no option but to comply. Fyabupuba fye bantu bandi.

  7. This just shows that UPND and HH do not read. The increasing of period of presidential petitioning from 14 days to 30 days favors HH. This would have been an opportunity to remove the public order act bu alas these people are so backward.

  8. Their issue may not be deputy ministers but remaining in office as ministers will guarantee them access to resources and abuse of public funds. That is what is very important for them. They also want to avoid that court ruling that they should pay. I’m always praying that the bill does not go through. God help us please from these scavengers twa papata. This has always been Lungu’s position that is why he told his Ministers to remain in office in 2016 and wants to fulfill it through the constitution. Only a PF cadre cant see through this deception.

  9. A clause to allow ministers to stay in office until elections is like you guys trying to make legal an illegality done by your Edgar lungu before last elections. The PF is denying any wrong in what happened yet trying to put a clause in the constitution now for the same thing. Now the whole Zambia want to know which clause Edgar was using that time to allow ministers to stay in office if there is no clause in the constitution to support that. Now i see why the pf are pushing hard for bill 10 to go through. This proves that this government stinks with corruption and illegalities.

  10. Coalition GRZ can’t work! See how the PF and MMD Coalition GRZ is struggling to deliver! In Bemba we say don’t share a seat with someone with big buttocks! See now how bena Dora Siliya have pushed PF true greens off the seats! At a time when we are supposed to decentralize power, that’s when some Judases want to give the presidency Absolute powers? At a time we should be going Federal that’s when a few people are taking us back to dictatorship? This is Maloza! Bill 10 will signal the end of PF misrule! Watch the space!

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