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Water supply threatened by climate change-LWSC

Economy Water supply threatened by climate change-LWSC

Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system
Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company managing director Jonathan Kampata says the water utility firm is determined to work with ZNBC and other media houses to highlight effects of climate change.

Mr. Kampata says the supply of adequate water supply continues to be under threat due to effects of climate variability.

He said this when he paid a courtesy call on ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza at his office.

He also stated that the water utility has managed to mobilize over US$780 million from government and cooperating partners for water and sanitation projects in Lusaka since 2011.

And Mr. Mwanza has urged Lusaka water and sewerage company to partner with ZNBC through a memorandum of understanding to ensure that it yields tangible results in enhancing the water utility’s service delivery.

Mr Mwanza said ZNBC has wider coverage on both radio and television which the water company can of advantage.

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    • LWSC
      Akulumpe, akampanyi kakulusaka kamema netuvi.
      Amiwa Omondi Musonda ne bwambo mukikaonde.

      Obe mukulumpe don’t highlight effects of climate change to the citizens work hard to circumvent those effects of Climate Change (CC). People need solutions. The same goes to the current loadshedding issue. People wanna know what you’re doing about it. Were not gonna die because there is CC in the world. Help people acclimatize seamlessly through sound and proactive measures. That’s what we wanna hear not lectures about CC ala bane.

    • Last year HH (your boss @2) warned the Government to take mitigatory measures because the chance of El Niño and hence drought was 70% according to WMO. Obviously Government did not heed this advice. According to WMO, given current conditions and model outlooks, the chance of neutral conditions during September-November 2019 is estimated at about 60%, while chances for El Niño and La Niña are about 30% and 10%, respectively. Although neutral conditions are most likely through the December-February 2019-20 season, the chance for a return to rises slightly to 35%. This prediction is not as bad as last year’s. However it would wise for Government to be on the look out. The weather jargon is not mine.

  1. Just go to Israel and learn how to survive in desert conditions! Israel recycles 99% of it’s water! They have also developed technology which is able to extract water from thin air, a great improvement on Moses who extracted water from a rock! Yes go ahead and sensitize our people but don’t end at Climate Change as an excuse! It’s time to embrace new technologies or get extinct for lack of initiative and innovation!

  2. Don’t blame everything on climate change now LWSC has never been serious about investing in more modern water purification infrastructure. You have two rivers Kafue and Luangwa what are you doing with water from those rivers? The $780m you are talking about is mainly from the US Government hence we keep on being reminded on billboards about water projects being funded by American people. Why haven’t our rivers dried up due to climate change?

  3. There is always a theme to incompetence. Lack of funds, climate change, lack of patriotism, social media abuse – the list goes on and on. This problem of water has been there even before climate change was brought up to the surface by masquerading western scientists. Come off of your backsides and do something right for once in your fcuking lives. Countries in the deserts of the world with good management are not talking about water blues – mwe fipumbu mwe! Pumbavu!!!

    • Best example Egypt, they are even about to construct an Hydro electric dam where sewer water will be recycled and channelled into the dam at the same time pump back water that has passed through the Turbines. Come on guys wake up!!!

  4. How can you have water when trees are cut day and night.
    ?Govt has no policy even of planting soft woods.There is no leadership in this country.Civil servants are the most useless in this govt bcoz they can advise govt want to do but busy stealing with politicians.The future is gone for this country because of such pipo

  5. Used to be GLOBAL WARMING now CLIMATE CHANGE just like the con Y2K in 2000. Zambia has been blessed with ownership of 40 % of ALL fresh water in Sub Equitorial Africa. In simple terms Zambia owns fresh water running through its space EXCEEDING those water resources of Angola,Mozambique,S Africa,Namibia,Zimbabwe etc combined. Simple case of incompetence and mismanagement of resources at HAND. Excuses and lies abound within these confines for failure in everything. Keep watching televised ball games Zambia.

    • The change came about because global warming did not explain climate events like increased number of hurricanes, extreme floods, sometimes very cold weather but at other times very hot weather, etc. At one time Trump even joked about global warming when it became extremely cold.

  6. “only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money”

    cree indian proverb

  7. Yes, climate change education must be mandatory, especially now citizens can learn to use less water effectively with no waste. That includes understanding effects of environment damage and how to change their uses of sustainable products.

    This is not a political issue and opposition groups should not interfere by misinformation peddling.

  8. @Antioc,. ,YK2000, was not a con! It’s a fact older computers were designed to deal with 1999 as the highest computable storage. There was need to reset computers or they would have crashed. Misinformation!

    In relation to water scarcity due to deal rain patterns, (aka climate change), that is a reality. We are not replenishing watertables with drought conditions and that is a worry. Please get on board, with world concerns. Read this article to upgrade your knowledge. *********link deleted******


  10. A country with abundant water through it’s mighty rivers and lakes (40% of all the water in the SADC region), should not present this excuse. Desert countries are doing better than us. It’s how you harness the resources that matters. We should have had numerous reservoirs by now to collect water during the rainy season. A lot of our rain water is simply washed away, instead of trapping it for irrigation, commercial and domestic use.

    Climate change has not yet usurped the ability to think and use what we have currently.

  11. Egpty has water yet its a desert. Zambia has, Kafue river, Zambezi, Luangwa, Luapula,Lunsefya, Kabompo, Luanginga,.but our taps are dry surely are we okay?

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