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Government Distribution of relief food will go on up to the next harvest season-Olipa Phiri

General News Government Distribution of relief food will go on up to the next...

as DMMU delivers sufficient food relief to Southern province.
DMMU delivers sufficient food relief to Southern province.

Minister in the Office of the Vice President Olipa Phiri says the distribution relief food will go on up to the next harvest season.

And Ms. Phiri says over two million people representing over 3- hundred and 88 thousand households in 58 districts will require relief food.

She disclosed this in parliament today when she delivered a ministerial statement on the Hunger situation.

This follows a 2019 in-depth vulnerability assessment conducted by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU-.

Ms. PHIRI further said the office of the Vice President is having discussions with line ministries and cooperating partners to ensure selected households mainly those headed by the elderly, children and the terminally ill receive some emergency cash transfers so that the support goes beyond food.

She said government is also working on modalities to start an emergency school feeding programme to ensure pupils are kept in school.

Meanwhile, Ms. Phiri assured Parliament that there is no need to declare the hunger situation a national disaster because government is managing the situation and distributing mealie meal to affected districts across the country.

She said government can only declare a national disaster if it is unable to provide relief food to affected people and livestock.

The minister in the office of the Vice President said this in response to Chimwemwe Member of Parliament, Elias Mwila who wanted to know at what level government will be compelled to declare the Hunger situation a national disaster.

She said government has not received any report of deaths as a result of the Hunger situation.

Ms. Phiri said this in response to Kaputa Member of Parliament Maxas Ng’onga who wanted to know if the Hunger situation has caused any death so far.

The Minister further said government is open to accept donations from well-wishers provided they follow the correct channel by donating through the disaster management and mitigation unit.


  1. With these Hunger Statistics so why doesn’t the Lungu Govt declare Hunger as a National Disaster and get support from the International Community?

    • Why put picture of those well feed guys?
      Better put picture of minister Olipa Phiri, do you people know her?? She is good, she will make it through in next cabinet.
      I love Olipa, I love you Olipa

  2. To hell with you. Hh has already guaranteed 1 million pounds from the UK while you have been sleeping. Atleast the UK and other international organization will fairly distribute food rather than the political tribal distribution under pf where southern province have been left to starve. My white wife thinks you are pathetic and should burn in hell.

  3. Is OLIPA PHIRI a grade 7 failue? very disappointing the way she was failling to answer a very very simple question. “SINCE YOU HAVE MORE THAN 50% OF HUNGER STRICKEN AREARS Y CANT U DECLEAR ZAMBIA NATIONAL DISASTER” she was tamering and laughing. shame. find someone not her.

  4. Is PF campaigning for 2021 using relief food? Why are those sacks in PF colors – Green and White?
    Just thinking aloud!

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