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HH thanks UK for responding with relief food to hunger disaster after his call

Headlines HH thanks UK for responding with relief food to hunger disaster...

HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni
HH donates mealie to the poor in Bauleni

The United Kingdom has donated more than £1,000,000 towards the hunger crisis in Zambia, days after opposition leader called for external good relief.

The Department for International Development (DFID) Zambia has since issued an invitation for proposals from NGOs with capacity to deliver emergency drought response activities in the worst affected districts.

This follows UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema decision to declare hunger a national emergency, saying he wouldn’t wait for President Edgar Lungu to do that anymore while people were starving.

“Zambia is currently experiencing a drought affecting in excess of 1.7 million people. DFID Zambia is open to receiving proposals from NGOs with capacity to deliver emergency drought response activities in the worst affected districts in the sectors of food security, livelihoods and water,” a statement posted on the DfID website read.

“As the UK is already working with UNICEF in selected districts to set up emergency cash transfers and support for treatment of acute malnutrition, additional proposals for these activities are not sought at this time,” reads the call for proposals published on September 19.”

And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has commended the UK government for responding to the call for food relief.

“We would like to thank the UK government through the DFID for issuing a humanitarian emergency fund to support Civil Society organizations and church to distribute relief food to more than 1.7million Zambians threatened with hunger,” Mr Hichilema said.

“This is as it should be. The hunger situation in the country is real as numerous media reports have shown our people surviving on wild fruits and roots, some of which are poisonous.”

He added, “It’s our prayer that more donors will come on board to supplement efforts aimed at alleviating the hunger situation in Zambia. We must not wait for deaths, we should prevent people from dying of hunger. We call on those NGOs and other non state actors that will be charged with the responsibility of distribution to be transparent and accountable to the public funds.”


    • PF be careful with this HH, Sata used the same strategy of artificially causing Unga shortages because he knew that Zambian can not do without nsima!!!!!!!!! Watch out …….Chiluba managed to take KK out because of shortages of Unga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This maybe the last attempt for HH to be President and the attempt may be successful because he is giving Unga for free……………and Zambians like that……………..watch out UK can be fueling something.

    • Hail h² your call has worked kikikiki Fergus Cochrane Dyet former BHC has his way, fair to say.
      Government is preparing a response to h² claims.
      He wants to remain relevant as he pushes the agenda of a working opposition element.
      Is the £1M donated to Government’s DMMU, or DFID or h² or UNICEF?
      Why is double h so worked out with this, the guy who donated to Bauleni instead of Beengwa?
      Has DFID Zambia got the balls to do things outside Government guidance or involvement?
      Is this really as a result of h² malicious call or elements in DFID Zambia wants to chew out’a this so called donation?
      I hate donations; they make you lazy.

    • We are aware of some foreign NGOs trying to install puppets like Akainde Ichilema using mealie meal but they won’t succeed! We also have Bizwell Mutale who can donate sacks of meal!

    • Zambians! Hasn’t nature donated enough?
      “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”

      “It seems that other parts of the world ought to be concerned about what we think of them instead of what they think of us. After all, we’re feeding most of them, and whenever they start rejecting 25 cents of each dollar of foreign aid money that we send to them, then I’ll be concerned about their attitude toward us.”
      ~George Wallace.
      Corruption and Donations in Africa are intertwined. Be wary of the alms you receive.

    • HH ! A well done job to you.

      Its about being part of the solution and not always being an Armchair Critic, Cynic, Detractor or an Enemy Of The State. This problem calls for {all-of-us }Zambians to be part of the solution and putting politics aside.

      PF is some quarters have been in “denial” about this problem. Therefore the buck stops on The President.

    • Correct response from the good old UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The country which gave the world its favourite game.

    • PF have to be extremely careful by not arresting HH, he is just behaving like a good Samaritan.
      If PF decide to arrest HH over food, then it is all over, even the 30 MP seats reserved for them in 2021 will go in drains.
      Just leave HH play his cards, he is playing jackpot for the poor people.

    • Modern day slavery….running to a white man begging for crumbs….HH has no confidence in himself and we don’t need beggers as leaders….thank God he will never be President of Zambia

  1. Lungu does not want to declear parts of Zambia in a hunger situation because donners will point at his none stop globetrotting as a waiste on manee which should be used to feed people…..

    But lungu can not stop globe trotting as he thinks the allawances earned will be cover for his looted wealth…..

    • Campaigning on the premise of donor support is extensively sick to the core.

      Here is the issue. Nature donated the minerals and we created the MINES.
      What does the impe do?
      Ghosh! he and his fellow crooks sold the mines we created by our mighty for a song, munyama suntwe uyu. Much like an hyena steals a leopard’s catch sweatlessy. He stashes the loot in Panama and turns back a rich nigga and wanting to be president.
      Chickens are coming back home to roost. Baasa!

    • This is really embarrassing
      Minister in the office of the Vice President says people in 53 districts in Zambia are starving but she does not know how many districts need to be affected before government can declare hunger as national disaster.
      To Listen to minister Olipa Phiri stammer in Parliament, go to the video on our Facebook page.

    • The likes of Lusambo are regreting to have been donating truck loads of food to wrong people at wrong time.
      HH and team has timing.

    • @Mr Kudos, you can’t be under 5 more than 5 year. There is something wrong with your skull have it examined, HH will pay for the cost.

    • The problem with quacks like you. You think (HH) is so rich that he can win an election.
      The majority of Zambians hate his stinking guts.
      Your (HH) has managed to remain an Under 5 for 13 years heading UPND. I think he’s a retard.

    • Hit ’em hard Mr Kudos. I can feel ya. You got niggaz hit hard.
      These goons trynna takeon you.
      Give’m Mandible claws, Stinkfaces, DDTs, RKOs, Tombstone Piledrivers, pedigree move, Spinebusters, Spears, Jabs, Cross, Hook and Uppercut intellectually. These rousy microscopic amoebas don’t get it.

  2. “We call on those NGOs and other non state actors that will be charged with the responsibility of distribution to be transparent and accountable to the public funds”

    We call on the Panama thief to account for the stolen Copperbelt mine privatisation money which he externalised to Panama.

    Hass Hole (HH)

    • Kiki the pf thugs like kudos are now in panic mode. Don’t worry the long arm of the law will visit u once pf is unseated. Rather than blogging start working on exit strategy.

    • UPND you quacks think it’s normal to arrest bloggers?

      These despotic minions of Akainde can easily kill our democracy. We can’t afford to give them power. 2021 vote Kainde out!

  3. Twalumba your Excellency mwana wesu hh. While play boy is busy flying around in private jets with drug dealers we are here trying to help the very Zambians that voted these thugs in. My white wife was instrumental campaigning for funding too as she has worked for dfid in the past and has connections here. I love this woman. That is why I married her unlike my Zambian ex who only sucked me dry

  4. What a desperate quack this undercover is! He thinks that governments work that way and also thinks we are so stupid to believe him.
    Yesterday he “declared” a national emergency and within a day or two paperwork has been done by DFID to request for proposals? Not that he heard that DFID was working out a relief proposal and jumped to steal the limelight?
    HH, this is too much of insulting our intelligence, for this we also call you a wasted spam.
    This desperation for power by HH seems to have no limits, but instead it has destroyed his integrity, well not that Zambians want to elect a trible because HH thinks it’s their turn to rule.

  5. It is a good gesture by the british government. Our people will have food. I hope this is a wake up call to every zambian not to be too comfortable in times of plenty.
    As the VIP said, its high time for diversification in our daily meals. All MPs and NGOs and all stake holers have to wake up now. Take kasaba sterms and other crops to every part of the country so that everyone starts getting used to it.
    Global warming is here to stay and we dont have to wait for donations every time. It is a disgrace

  6. Sorry maybe I missed something in the midst of all this Brexit debate. Could it be that HH is the new British Prime Minister? I mean, to explain the lightning response from DFID barely 24 hours after he “declared” a national disaster? Or is he the new HE Edgar Lungu of Zambia? Or he is hallucinating as usual? Or? Or? Or?

    Sorry you are no option for President in 2021. Too much triblal baggage dating back 13 years now.

  7. Its amaizing how people can eaily believe that HH is the one who solicited for the donation. FAR from it. It is impossible for the british government to act so quickly. This plan to donate was there even before HH declared a hunger situation. But the polititian will always want to take credit even where he has not scored.
    If you dont believe me, HH will not even try to boast in the media that he did persuade the donation because then the british government will release a statement to the contrary. I waot to be proven wrong.

    • HH has enough money to help his people out of hunger he shouldn’t be shouting out for help from outside.
      When you have money please help people yourself and you be appreciated, the money you want from tax payers in UK, money does not grow on trees in UK.

  8. when they talk they fail to talk something else they only talk hh. when they think nothing comes out apart from hh, when they listen they hear nothing but hh . panic, confusion has ceased them ,why because the hour has come soon to answer charges of corruption, stealing, public misuse of funds, failure to pay back money earned illegally. oh many many more charges arise cant manage to mention the,m. someone is calling bring they here.

  9. What is stopping our president from declaring drought and hunger?
    Is it pride ?Nothing wrong in asking
    The world for help when we cant
    Support ourselves.Why wait for deaths then appeal.Time is Now.

    • Government’s position is that the Country has enough stocks and the situation is manageable. Elements in opposition areas are frustrating Government effort.
      H²’s position is that he is a gatekeeper for SP and other areas. He just has to be seen as the one pulling strings in terms of alms. Government is not doing enough. Accused of distributing Maize Bran for the people.
      Isn’t it surprising that I am sounding political already?
      Well, this all thing has taken a political twist.

      Questions are
      1. If Government’s position is correct, why would we beg from the international community?
      2. If h²’s assessment is correct why would Government downplay such a sensitive issue?
      3. Whose narrative is correct?

      Bottomline, most worst hit areas are politically UPNDEAD…

  10. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 party without a vice president surrounded by his cronies aka mps vuvuzelas. It is clear this calculator boy has no understanding of how governments function. Dfid by its nature operates within certain parameters. It will not respond to opposition party whims but has a focused and dedicated mission. Bitter h should note that unlike him Dfid are not in any suburb distributing mealie-meal instead they have put up a fund and called for those with capacity not for political mileage to undertake the relief exercise. He can gloat all he wants about his donations but then its clear he did it simply to gain a vote and not that he cares.

  11. Abatani tabalomba!
    It is a saying in my language that stingy people are too proud to borrow or ask for help! So the one who has been refusing to make the declaration is the stingy one! He would rather donate Jiggies than give people decent food! Leadership is not a position! Thank you HH for raising the alarm call and thank you UK for the wonderful gesture! HH, please continue being akapondo kesu and show these ba Pompwe how it’s done! Even one person going to bed hungry is disaster enough! Does PF want to hear that someone has died of hunger before mobilizing international help?

  12. This is good for Government, instead of giving these God opposed provinces food for free they can sell it to the opposition party and NGO initiatives that will access this money for cash. This is a good win for Government. Food eaten is soon forgotten it won’t count as an election gimmick. Next time Pray with the rest of the country. As for the British, they have their own problems. 2019 and we are still crying for donor aid, no wonder they never stop looking down on us.

  13. Well done HH. The PF bloggers can’t sleep because of your good works.

    The PF government would rather have opposition strongholds starve than declare a disaster. We have over politicized everything in Zambia, even our very humanity.

    Regardless of where extreme hunger is it needs to be addressed. These PF bloggers have three meals a day and would rather please their master than look out for the ordinary Zambian. It’s a shame.

  14. Mmmmmmm………the opposition has scored some political points while others continue to live in denial that there’s no hunger in the country

  15. “As the UK is already working with UNICEF in selected districts to set up emergency cash transfers and support for treatment of acute malnutrition, additional proposals for these activities are not sought at this time,” reads the call for proposals published on September 19.”
    Any discerning person will know that this is not in response to the impotent declaration of “a hunger disaster” by one desperate politician seeking political mileage but an already in place activity by the UK and UNICEF!!!
    Help silently in deserving areas like rural Zambia instead of Bauleni which people will only be energized to carry out illicit activities after having their bellies full!

  16. Politics aside,the old saying of Charity begins at home is applicable in this case.Zambians know that most parts of Southern Province received poor rainfall and this affected their maize harvest resulting in hunger which HH has declared as a National Disaster.Bauleni Compound compared to Gwembe is better off in maize meal availability.How then does HH prioritize giving help to Bauleni than Gwembe or Choma and indeed Kalomo?
    Let us hope the 25,000 by 50 kg bags of mealie meal HH has undertaken to donate will mostly go to Southern, Western and North Western Provinces.The same can be said about the Genset which he donated to Chawama Hospital which regularly has power as compared to a clinic in rural Gwembe where there is completely no power. What is in HH’s mind?

  17. PF sycophants on this blog are really shamelessly scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find any excuse and insult to discredit HH. The nonsensical continous diatribes from the likes of @Kudos are tiring. Contribute something objective for a change. Even where one states facts about the hunger situation and makes a contribution, PF zealots pounce with irrational prouncements, lamentably disguised as ‘reasonable assessments’ of the state of things.

  18. Whatever nonse you are throwing HH has managed to bring food to those in need. Thank you HH UK UNICEF have head you. Because others are also on their way to donate. Shame to all those who are saying there is no hunger in the nation. You are fools indeed. Olipa Phiri failed to answer a very simple question in parliament yesterday over hunger issue stammering 35 times very emberasing indeed. DMMU, Minister of agric and others you said there is no hunger so plse stay away from this UK donation brought by HH, NGO and Church will handle the task. Shame on you who have negative approach on what HH has shown you. It is HH that all hospitals will have electricity becoz of gen set he wanted to donate. Now HH push this govrnmt to pay all the retirees, they are ready to go into farming, they can…

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