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Residents up in arms with Investor after being denied access to the Luombwa River for fishing.

Rural News Residents up in arms with Investor after being denied access to the...

Residents of Kaundu and Miseshi communities in Mpelembe ward are in a dispute with Zain Amir, the owner of Nsofu Ranch, over access to the Luombwa River for fishing.

The residents who are a fishing community claim that Nsofu Ranch Manager Sandra Bwembya and scouts who work at the Ranch deny them access to fish in the Luombwa River adding that their fishing nets, boats and other personal belongings are often confiscated.

Speaking during a meeting held at Miseshi Primary School to resolve the matter, one of the fishermen Hezekiah Mambwe said there was need to find an amicable solution to the conflict so that members of the community can have free access to the Luombwa River.

“This problem is very serious, we want relevant authorities to quickly come in before it gets deadly because the scouts patrol the river banks even at night,” he said.

Mr Mambwe said community members welcomed Amir when he came to the area in 2016 and promised to never deny them access to the river having observed that they were a fishing community.

But Nsofu Ranch Manager Sandra Bwembya said the fishermen are denied access to the river because they practice wrong methods of fishing as they are fond of using mosquito nets adding that the fishermen do not only come to the river for fish but hunt for animals as well.

And Chitambo District Town Council Chairperson, Laston Chibuye advised Mr. Amir and his workers to desist from being Livestock and Fisheries officers and concentrate on their Ranch.

He said it was wrong for the workers to stop the indigenous people from accessing the river for fishing adding that the river and 50meters away from it belongs to no one.

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  1. Zain is acutely aware how impossible it is to get access to land where his ancestors come from if you are an outsiders. He should act humanely and like an African. Bodies of water are a spiritual realm and no one who is an African can lay claim to it. Musebeni bane.

  2. But we should also NOT use mosquito nets to fish. We should use “fishing nets” to fish and mosquito nets to catch Mosquitoes!

  3. If I was the judge in case, I would rather respect those poor fishermen not to deprived of their ways of living.
    Investment is about the people you find.

  4. No wonder Africa is all dressed up with Nowhere to go. These community members are just trying to get sympathy. If this were your business you would see things differently. Fishing using a mosquito net is not cool. Trust me, if this investor pulls out and no-one invests in the area these people will continue to be stuck in never ending cycle of poverty. It would augur well for both parties to settle this issue amicably.

  5. At times i feel like zambian people are just a danger to themselvies. Fish is finishing due to wrong methods of fishing ,somebody knowledgeable tries to workout a remedy, he/she becomes a thorn in flesh.if that is reason for stopin dem then, the nan is right.if not then, he has got no right whatsoever of stopin dem. Fishing cant b separated from zambian commuties as its one of pipos livly hood.

  6. Fishing with mosquito nets and hunting illegally will only destroy our natural resources. If we as Zambians allow this then what will we leave for our children. Same goes for Malasha or charcoal, it’s destroying our forests. Those in relevant departments should control illegal activities. Investors like this create employment and change lives of those who never had opportunities. These guys are probably upset because someone is controlling illegal activities.

  7. In uneducated South Africa one cannot use a any type of net to fish in a river or any fresh water source. Only fishing tackle is used and in most cases it is for recreational purpose.

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