On 28th September ,14 beautiful young models will vie for the 2019 Miss UNZA crown. The pageant will be held at Radisson Blue Hotel. The theme for this years event is “keeping Zambia clean green and healthy”.

The pageant will have 5 categories;

1. Introduction
2. Express Yourself
3. Theme Representation
4. Around The World
5. Evening Gown
The headline artist at the pageant will be Chef187 , one week removed from the release of his 4th album ‘Bon Appetit‘.
The 14 models competing for Miss UNZA 2019 are:
Visit the official facebook page for more information about the pageant : Miss UNZA pageant 2019
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  1. Interesting. You have to wonder when these archaic pageants will end – parading yourself so you can get validation from strangers is a drug that women can’t seem to get enough of.


    • If the saying that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” would a winner of such contests have good reason to think that they are better than the others or just that they represent an average of what appeals to the “judges” desired description? I ask because if accorded to be judge I wouldn’t betray my preference that would be one heavily endowed model dark skinned with short kinky hair and no make up and not a slim model chosen to save on probably expensive materials used on their clothing while parading!


  2. It’s ironic that Godfridah banned Zodwa Wabantu an old finished woman from performing in Zambia yet she’s silent of this alien culture were our own daughters young enough to be her grandchildren will be paraded naked for everybody to see the outlines of their nakedness. What has Reverend Masupa to say about this? By the time this contest ends most of these will have been abused by old men and their allowances and prize money not paid. They’ll be intimidated by their fellow women. Some will lose because they refused to give in to advances by the big chaps in these circles.


    • Needs the press in to ask all contestants beforehand to name and shame any organiser or other men involved They put them in the papers do their wives and girlfriends can see


  3. God rarely gives beautiful girls with brains. These girls are brainy for being at UNZA but beauty I doubt it.



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