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It’s regrettable that the NDC has been strangled to death

Headlines It's regrettable that the NDC has been strangled to death

Gears Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi
Gears Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi

GEARS Initiative Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says it is regrettable that the National Democratic Congress has been strangled to death.

Mr Chipenzi says it is unfortunate that the party with a promising future has been killed due to interest from outside the party.

He said the death of the NDC is an assault on Democracy and competitive electoral democracy in Zambia.

Mr Chipenzi has regretted that the party leadership could not agree on various issues that have led to the dissolution of the party.

In an interview Mr Chipenzi has urged the party Leadership to sit and resolve their issues to salvage the party from total collapse.

On Saturday 21st September 2019, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo rejected the request by the National Democratic Congress to have the party re-registered using the same name.

This was after Party President Chishimba Kambwili appealed to Mr. Kampyongo on 9th September against the de-registration of the party by the Registrar of Societies.

Mr. Kampyongo explained that in the appeal, the NDC was not contesting the cancellation of the certificate of registration but requested to be allowed to register the party by changing the constitution, office bearers and maintaining the same name.

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  1. Much ado about nothing. When are we going to have the next generation of politicians who will talk sense kanshi???? Ba kolwe aba batunasha….

    • There was a report on BBC Africa last Friday, and Zambian renowned peaceful country and role model of democracy from 1990s has been destroyed in last 2 years (2017- 19). And was compared to Tanzania. The difference between Tanzania and Zambia is:
      Tanzania are killing people (opposition) for first time in history, but
      Zambia has “killed” all institutions from; Judiciary, Universities, to investigations units. And Parliament was the best in Africa 4 years ago, but now Zambian parliament was ranked one of the non-existing. The only institution no one knows about as tempered with is the military.
      Those on Pandora can listen to that…
      It is depressing.

    • @Nostra: Judiciary before 2016 constitution was appointed by president and he could fire judges at will. Today a committee that is largely detached from Executive chooses these judges and officers and president cannot fire a judge, only the JCC can do that. The judiciary today presents its own budget to the treasury. If you are not sure of how governance operates here while you sit in your comfort zone in USA, don’t spew lies on such platforms. Parliament is what it is because the people of Zambia from all corners and all walks of life vote for their candidate-no foreign entity or individual WILL do that for them. Southern, Western and N/Western chose upnd while the other provinces chose PF and YOU MUST RESPECT THAT!!

  2. Just register another one!
    Be careful to scrutinize the chaps you get on board. Leave out Judas Iscariots like Musenge!

  3. As long as CK is accociated with any new party about to be registered, lungu will not allow that party to exist….

    Ck has been challenging lungu to deny that he is a corrupt theif for a long time and lungu will never forgive CK for exposing hi.

    • Any person who supports an 1d!ot like Kambwili is just that himself. Zambian political stage needs sober characters to take it to the next level. Characters who will talk about new ideas or policy. This “corruption” narrative is stale and outdated. It failed under Mwanawasa and the infamous cartel of hyenas and it will never work.

    • Citizen….

      Inswatini land given to lungu by a contractor of GRZ contracts……

      42/42 Lungu pocketed $5 million….

      ?/48 …..those houses belong to lungu or tasila…..

      I need atleast 2 pages to detail lungus corrupt deals….

  4. Ms Kambwili and Musenge only have themselves to blame for the dissolution of the NDC. The bickering between the two led to what is now transpiring. Any outside factors just took advantage of the noise between the two!

  5. Only a Fo*l bites the finger that feeds him. Kamvwoli should have known that NDC was banished the day it was registered without sincerity. “Chimbwi afwile ntangalala,” wS the name of his party from inception. He continued to sing the song of a political consultant fooling no body in the end.

  6. Go Musenge, Go! What a smart lady he is to tie up lost Kambwili! Such a funny farce.

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