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Ministry of Home Affairs refutes story About Money spent on Blocking HH in Kafue


Nephas Chifuta Public Relations Officer Ministry of Home Affairs
Nephas Chifuta Public Relations Officer Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs has described the statement circulating on social media as an act of desperation by a known political party who schemes to ascend to power through media propaganda and political anarchy.

Reacting to a story that the Government only Spent K65 000 instead of K80 000 in blocking the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema from donating food to a community, Nephas Chifuta, the Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo did not offer an interview to any media institution and the Ministry Public Relations Officer did not issue any press statement pertaining to the operation of the police in Kafue town as alleged

Mr Chifuta disassociated the Ministry of Home Affairs from the false story purporting that Hon. Stephen Kampyongo clarified that Government has spent K65,000 and not K80,000 as reported by some media houses.

“The unprofessional journalists claim to have quoted the Minister of Home Affairs during an interview and at the same time attributed the same statement to a press release issued by the Ministry Public Relations Officer, ” the statement read

Mr Chifuta further said that the criminal scribes engaged to publish false articles about Government will soon be exposed and dealt with as investigations in all the reported false publications have advanced.

“We further wish to thank the Zambia Police Service Command for being proactive and ensuring that law and order is maintained,” concluded the statement.


  1. As the party strategist I am happy that hh is now causing panic in pf. Look how many people have issued silly statements from pf in past 2 days. Just earlier they came out saying that they did spend money to block hh but that it was a lower amount than was reported. Pf are a bunch of liars and only crooked people will vote for them . We humbly ask you to vote upnd . I will be travelling to Zambia soon to be on the ground with my boy Larry. The country has gone to dogs. And yes I will be with my white wife.

    • I prophesied that it was Fake News.

      Dudeloverboy fingerlicked his paws and boasted that LT did not carry a fake story item.

      Welcome to hiked up double h misinformation campaign. The image building stunt will backfire indefinitely one day in his thick ovalhead. Thanks MoHA, I always knew it was fake news.

    • Look at that drunk, smoking guy Nephas… Even Sunday has friends to take him a picture.
      But these Kampyongo’s drinking buddy take his own selfie…
      At bu Public Relations na selfie…
      Just close that ministry, close it tomorrow.

    • Ok fine but during that operation money was spent. How much was it? And was it necessary. The one talking I presume is a civil servant. What happens if the opposition party he’s talking about wins election?

    • We can use any amount of money to block or stop anything evil and GRZ must not even apologise. He took a loot to PANAMA so he can destabilise Zambia with his unquenched appetite to become a President.

  2. Hh came out with a very powerful alternative to the budget of the failure party and that sent shivers down pf spines. They had no response so they went down the old African political response of accusing opposition of supporting gay rights. Hh and upnd do not support gay rights but as an individual myself I have no problem with it. The reason ignorant Africans dislike gay people is based on some supernatural belief that christianity does not allow such acts. However the same people that brought them christianity were found to be touching and sexually abusing both young girls and boys. Gay people have no impact on my life so why should it bother me. You are willing to accept Grant’s and aid from gay countries but say you hate gay people. Only insecure men fear gays

    • What alternative Budget naimwe?
      Tell us how much was allocated to agriculture in that budget?
      Thats not a budget but some usual ranting by the desperate man.

  3. Let these rats create a new ministry of denials which will be specifically designed for denying anything that the opposition says or does. HH faka Moto tiyetiye….Kikikikiki. I can foresee someone committing suicide in pf before 2021

  4. Why are civil servants working like cadres these days? I know this man Chifuta from university of Zambia days. He is not a capable guy and has always been a PF cadre.

  5. So PF Kampyongo decided to spend K65,000 (K85,000) for what reason – as usual to steal from government coffers if not blocking HH.

  6. People, learn to read the article prior to commenting. One thing beats me, why publish lies and then the gullible believe and never accept what is correct. Shame.

  7. People, learn to read the article prior to commenting. One thing beats me, why publish lies and then the gullible believes and never accept what is correct. Shame.

  8. Latest Release.
    HH will be in the following areas to donate mealie meal (25kg) to the needy.
    1. Kamwala 28/09/2019 at 02:30 am
    2.Lusaka central Police 28/09/2019 at 04:30 am
    3. UTH Hospital 29/09/2019 at 14:00 pm
    4.Manda Hill 29/09/2019 at 17:00 pm
    5. Heroes Stadium 29/09/2019 at 19:00 pm
    Be there on time cause of limited bags.

  9. All this money could have been put to good use instead of being wasted just to stop one guys. Imagine how many bags of mealie meal this money would have bought or even paid for arrears this government has not paid. Retirees are still waiting for their money and yet this government finds ways to waste it on useless things this should upset Zambians knowing this money is lost forever and not put to good use. Let pf use their own money to fight their political battles not wasting taxpayers money

  10. Are people failing to differentiate between political office and civil service? If you are a civil servant, i believe there is no need for you to call other political parties names. Stick to refuting the story by giving us facts and leave politics to politicians / cadres

  11. nothing fake about it.
    the fact that a whole butch of cops were in Kafue doing whatever means that money was spent, probably more than k100,000.
    transport, (gas and others)
    probably ot
    all they are trying to do is justify their dumb act they did. they know they shouldn’t have been there, no need a waste of everybody’s time and resources
    to the fact that they were in Kafue means it’s not fake news. truth of the matter is that money was in fact spent on this when it shouldn’t have been.
    iwe thorn in your a ss look at the bigger picture. there’s nothing fake about it.
    when pf guys have gone out donating whatever in communities, have the cops mobilized any services to go there? so why did they deem it was necessary to waste resources doing that when it’s someone…

  12. all the donations by all involved parties are politically motivated.
    they can do these donations without announcing and without cameras… the ruling party things they have certain rights and other parties and that’s a wrong approach that’s why they are all these head battling.
    all are equal under the constitution and the law

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