MPs need business regulation knowledge”

The Presentation of the Budget in Parliament
The Presentation of the Budget in Parliament
The Presentation of the Budget in Parliament
The Presentation of the Budget in Parliament

Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mwimba Malama says Members of Parliament are key in policy formulation and need enough knowledge on business regulations that promote investment.

Mr Malama said it is through strong regulations and implementation of laws that support and protect investment that the country can develop.

Mr Malama was speaking during the official opening of the sensitization workshop on the regulatory impact assessment for Parliamentarians in Lusaka today.

Meanwhile, American National Standards Institute Programme Manager David Jankowski said Zambia is the preferred destination for investment by many investors because of the policies by government that protect investments.

Mr. Jankowski said the political landscape is also conducive for foreign investors because of the will from the government of Zambia and its members.



  1. Our politicians become super business executives when they are in charge of Government coffers and projects. The moment they leave govt even business leaves them. They pass Laws they least understand. Today it’s common to find PF cadres with Purchase Orders to supply goods they don’t even know. Let’s just accept that we have failed to rule ourselves just like Roy Welensky had put it. How is it possible that a person who has never sold even mangoes are able to get huge tenders with their children?

    • I prefer MPs comparing each other’s balls, than admiring those guns and drugs they get from PF sponsors.
      Me, I could have closed that parliament since January this year.

    • They have no knowledge! They only know how to walk out of parliament and go and eat chickens at “Angry Lion” with Malema in South Africa and being cheered by Prof. Hansoni who writes the UN on his university letterhead. CHILDISH.

  2. Agree with Mr Malama but, it has to begin with who gets elected as MP, policy making is a completely different animal for most of these people, they are clueless and all they know is someone telling them what to like kids playing ichipombwa. Most problematic is the mediocrity of Zambians, the vast majority do not expect or demand excellence. It’s sad

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