President Edgar Lungu urges Zambians to reject Homosexuality

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the official opening of National Assembly at Parliament Building in Lusaka on Friday,September 13,2019.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the official opening of National Assembly at Parliament Building in Lusaka on Friday,September 13,2019.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the official opening of National Assembly at Parliament Building in Lusaka on Friday,September 13,2019.

President Edgar Lungu has encouraged citizens to reject alien practices that not only threaten Zambian values but undermine the country’s foundation as a Christian Nation.

President Lungu says his administration’s promise in July this year to the Zambian people that he would NOT introduce gay rights in exchange for donor aid is unequivocal.

The President says certain rights enjoyed in other parts of the world cannot be replicated in Zambia because they are taboo to many if not all Zambian cultures.

“Marriage is specifically a union between a man and a woman in our jurisdiction,” the President says.

President Lungu says if homosexuality is frowned upon in Zambia what about same sex marriages.

He adds that just like Christianity, Zambian laws proscribe sexual relationships between people of the same sex and if found guilty such people could serve time in jail.

The President has since cautioned politicians being courted by foreign powers to embrace gay rights to think about the future of Zambia even under the lure of huge finances being dangled by foreign powers.

This is contained in a statement issued by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe.


    • We thought Chipampe will be professional, nao chiikala start to follow that Sunday thing? Chipampe was mourning about homos with a pistol pointed in his left eye.
      I prefer watching Kaizer kissing Valden than watching them shooting innocent cows owned by UPND.

    • I’m not a supporter of homosexuality but lets be honest, there are homosexual people in Zambia. Just because is is done in hiding does not mean that it doesn’t exist. The Global Fund through National Aids Council even funds some organisations that work with Homosexual people in Zambia.

      So maybe the president can focus on more important things than things that dont really matter…. deal high cost of living, power cuts, huge debt etc and not this homosexual story which does not affect my life in any way.

    • Reporting inangu!
      President Lungu says if homosexuality is frowned upon in Zambia what about same sex marriages.
      Niyekuti bwanji?

    • Thanks bwana POTROZ ECL.
      That’s why we put you in that office.
      That’s 2021 is solely yours.

      Double h is a serious lover of money.
      The kleptomaniac may have sold his soul to Lucifer because of mula. Now selling heart to LGBTQ.

      Now is making concessions with the LGBTQ.

      The T in LGBTQ is transgender. Meaning double may from the blues decide to change s3xual orientation and become a woman. H² in a woman is can be a most dangerous living creature. At this point he maybe wanting to use Women convinience room with a crooked agenda. Please double h pay those guys back their man.

    • I know you don’t like paying back but please aisha pay back their (lgbtq) money if they soiled your hands.

      My God have mercy on this nigga! This aint funny.

    • Bo Mwape 1.2 if you are gay just come out, do not use hyperbole. Zambia and Africa are God’s sanctuary and blessed. Take that nonsense to Greece and Spain.

    • I usually don’t agree with President Lungu on many occasions, but on this one I stand with him. Homosexuality is unAfrican and unChristian and should never be entertained in Zambia. The Western donors tying their donations to gay rights can keep their money. Thank you sir for taking a stand.

    • I dont like Lungu but this is how he is supposed to sound….just like Mugabe….he called homos worse than dogs…..we cant always be controlled by the west….if a Muzungu tells you its ok to sleep with a fellow man the you think its ok….WRONG… HH you’re a fake SDA

  1. Lungu has relied mainly on lack of sharp political skills from his main rival HH. This man has no calibre – the worst accidental president in Zambia. Any average person can do better than him.

  2. Sick and tired of that old monotonous song iwee. MMD tried it on cycle Mata but failed lamentably. People are hungry, give them food…chapwaa

  3. Lets not be hypocrites and use Gods name in vain. We have so much corruption going on which is very unchristian.I think Zambians would rather reject load shedding, price hikes and corrupt leaders than homosexuality. What two men do behind closed doors has no bearing on availability of electricity,availability of food and medicines.Lets stop wasting time on trivialities. Our current actions do not support the notion that we are a Christ-like nation.

  4. Twipusheko bakateka: Who is a worse sinners? A Lawyer who robs widows and orphans or an individual who happens to be disoriented about their sexuality and practices LGBT?

    • LGBTQ aliko serious my negro.

      In Zambia, you naturally know that when you love a woman passing, you lust for her heterogeneously tiye nayo kumapeto.
      Manje like here in America, you are almost always cautious rest you propose or lust for your fellow man who just transgendered.
      He it is almost homogeneously phenotypical.
      In Zambia life is publicly Male or Female (Binary), simple. In America it’s a confused society (LGBTQually), complicated. Getting eyed by a fellow dude is definitely a no go area. It is literally sick.

  5. Don’t pay attention to what Hichilema says or does because he’s disparate. I am sure even his concubines are wondering what he said. Tonga Bulls in UPND know how to slaughter women, Munji Habeenzu was almost clobbered over women at Parley Motel. The things we heard during the Chilanga by-election campaigns don’t tally with what Hichilema has said. Anyway Hichilema doesn’t mean most of the things he says. He’s a failed project.

    • Is h² a man or woman?
      Maybe he was growing a girl then transgendered.
      Come on if you love h² castigate him for his wrongs.
      He can’t have communion with those creatures and go scot-free unless he belongs to and with the group.

  6. The President is right on this one. He must also do something about the high levels of corruption that are destroying our great country Zambia. God bless Zambia!

    • Homosexuality is not a problem in Zambia.Politicians use it to divert the attention of Zambians from real problems facing them. ECL should talk about load shedding,fuel prices,mealie meal prices,hunger in several provinces,unemployment and many many more problems.How many Zambians are affected by this so-called homosexuality?Why worry about a problem that has never visited you?

    • But the unwashed masses are flocking to the xenophobic and homosexual South Africa. Please stop the hunger and leave consenting adults alone.

  7. i’d sit on the table with any lgbt than a corrupt thief any day
    Christian values my a ss. you’re busy steaming money meant to help those in need and you want to seem humble. fusuke. people are suffering because you’re misusing the resources, people are paying taxes and you’re busy stealing and you want to talk about Christian values, I wish lightening would strike you pa meno apo pene
    your own daughter could be a lesbian, what are you gonna do about it? would she stop being your daughter because of that. Christianity my as s. those who started Christianity that you so want to stick to and claim to be expert at embrace home sexuality , even the catholic church is full of gay people and you want to stand there and tell us about our values. live your life with your stolen money and…

  8. live your life with your stolen money and leave people be. that’s between them and their higher power. we each carry our sins

  9. But you can stifle people’s liberties in a Christian nation? People cannot assemble freely in a Christian nation if you feel threatened? You cannot find the owner of the 48 houses in a Christian nation? You cannot acknowledge lack of food in some parts of a Christian nation? Plucking a stick out of another’s eye but leaving s log in our own? Ubucende nabuchilalelale is rampant in Zambia, what’s the difference with homosexuality or any other sin??? Let he who has no sin cast the first stone because Jehova God sees everything, nothing is hidden from him including injustices this government is heaping in people

  10. “President Edgar Lungu urges Zambians to reject Homosexuality”
    Zambians urge President Lungu to sale the Presidential Private Jet that he purchased for himeslf and spend the money raised on the people in the hunger strikken areas in Zambia

  11. Mukolwe chamubaba, ndiwe Homo iwe.Sorry there is no place for you here!Go to Australia where there was even a “praise and worship” in parliament to celebrated same sex marriage if you cant bear it.

  12. A hungry and poverty stricken human being will accept anything that comes his or her way. This time around people will accept anything owing to the harsh economical situation that they have been subjected to. I don’t support homosexuality but the harsh economical environment in which people have been experiencing is forcing them to attract strange values. Marriages are disintegrating because of poverty. It is a Christian Nation where people steal with impunity.Corruption and homosexuality are all sins that will face the wrath of God. Corruption,just like homosexuality,has taken people to their early graves.

  13. Trust me this is a big blow to HH
    In Zambia any Politician who wants to bring that issue cannot be voted into office.PF has been free ammunition to use now.
    I’m sure SDA where HH claims to be a member can not support this issue because it contradicts to the word of God .

    9: Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men

    10: nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11a ( NIV)

  14. Hh came out with a very powerful alternative to the budget of the failure party and that sent shivers down pf spines. They had no response so they went down the old African political response of accusing opposition of supporting gay rights. Hh and upnd do not support gay rights but as an individual myself I have no problem with it. The reason ignorant Africans dislike gay people is based on some supernatural belief that christianity does not allow such acts. However the same people that brought them christianity were found to be touching and sexually abusing both young girls and boys. Gay people have no impact on my life so why should it bother me. You are willing to accept Grant’s and aid from gay countries but say you hate gay people. Only ****are scared of gay people.

  15. These guys are very funny, they are ready to receive Irish Aid, they forget that the Prime Minister of Ireland is GAY. Do not get Irish Aid, and also you stop listening to Elton John, George Michael, Sam Smith and all GAY artists!

  16. @ Mwape, there are so many illegal rhings that hapen everywhere in the world, Zambia inclussive, but just because they happen in dark corners, we should never embrace them. If your underage child is having sex and you as a parent say it hapens to every child and you ‘ forcus on more important things’, then are you sure you are being a parent.
    Homosexuality should remain in countries where it is leagalised. Never Zambia. if there are homosexuals, just like daga and other drag users, let them continue doing it in the dark.
    Twakaka, twakana, takana, alulati, twakaaka, nada.

  17. People are more concerned about what they are going to have for next meal than what you are forcing them to think about. Set your priorities right, be reasonable for once.

  18. This Lungu should also reject corruption and extra marital relationships. Too much disease in Zambia because of extra marital relationships and these politicians all go abroad for treatment so that you citizens don’t get to find out about their sins. Guess who treats them in these foreign hospitals? We know a lot of gay doctors and nurses and would hey refuse to be treated by them? Hell no !!
    African countries are forever begging for handouts from the west and guess what? Even homosexuals are kind givers and we see them working tirelessly and giving to charitable organisations destined for African begging leaders!! Can they ever refuse to accept these donations because they came from homosexual tolerant countries? Hell no!! 56 years on????

  19. Now i know pf you are not serious people are hungry out there the only thing you can talk about is Homosexuality the whole pf talking about this rubbish the president, chanda and Isaac Chipampe.
    I can see pf is in a panic mode time is running out so they have to make fake stories Zambians are not stupid.

  20. Poverty is the major driving force behind LGBT in Africa! To keep a wife or girlfriend, one needs money! Not just love ya pakanwa! Sex workers are even worse because they can undress a man in public for non-payment for the services! So some young men without normal parenting will just resort to helping themselves! So Mr President, fix the root cause! Fix this corruption and load shedding before it kills more businesses and men! LGBT should be the least of your worries!

  21. Using the subject of homosexuality to gain political mileage, is despicable. Brainwashing the Zambian masses about the ‘evils’ of being gay and claiming the opposition is in support of gayism in order to alienate them.

    This is also a diversionary tactic – away from the more serious pressing social economic matters and the daily breaches of the rule of law.

  22. Sir, we don’t need to be told what to reject. This practice is well rejected by the majority of Zambians.

    Can we also be outspoken about rejecting hunger, corruption and hooliganism, that had characterized your administration?

  23. If Zambia is really a CHRISTIAN NATION why are we surrounded by RICH CRIMINALS (Politicians) and POOR University Graduates and Poverty Prone masses ( People relying on wild fruits to survive).
    The Life Style and actions of so called Puffed Failures (PF) has brought more harm than good to Zambia.
    Why would some LAZY Ex-KACHASU loving chap spend tax payers money to fly to USA to yap about gays right.
    Who doesnt know that zambia is anti gay rights from long time ago.People wont feed on gay rights.
    Please STOP playing games and sort out Real issues on the ground.

  24. Many people in Zambia don’t know what homosexuality is, don’t give them homework they don’t know answers to. But many Zambians know what a thief is, what a liar is, what a crook is, what a drug dealer is because this is common in Zambia especially with those leading the country. More money in your pockets became no money in your pockets, more jobs turned out to be more unemployment is this what Zambia hoped to see when they decided to change government? The same way they changed government they will do it again. Dochi kubeba

  25. while i dont support gay/lesbian i also dont support liars, corruption nor a situation of making the poor suffer or those that are not your supporters suffer at the expense of not being your supporters. hunger is real in the country espetially in regions opposed to pf. why rushing to rebuke this gay/lesbian and ignore or lightly attend to hunger situation. common. let us be serious. this man you are accusing does not support this rubbish other medias have refuted it already.


    UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he is astounded that instead of President Edgar Lungu discussing matters that affect Zambians economically at the UN general Assembly he was busy talking about issues that are concocted by his stooges.
    He accused ‘christians’ for Lungu and PF media director Sunday Chanda of having concocted the homosexual issue as part of their propaganda against him.
    Hichilema said for President Lungu, who was at the UN General Assembly, “to echo the concoction here, it’s a dry joke. That’s being too cheap.”
    He said it was crooks who were driving all those crazy things. Hichilema urged Zambians not to fall prey to such.
    “I do not support same sex relationships. I have never done it and will not do it. I do not agree with same…

  27. I do not support same sex relationships, I have never done that, and I will never do that. It’s part of my personal value system in my genetic material, in my psyche, my philosophical way of thinking. I do not agree with same sex relationships. I do not agree that God was wrong to create Man and Woman, Male and Female,” Hichilema said. “I am not one of those who are shy to say it because anyone who wants to be a friend of HH must know what HH stands for on certain issues. This is one of the issues that I am not in support of this. I do not want to ridicule anybody but people are entitled to their opinion over matters.”
    He added that what was being purported against him was cheap propaganda invented by people who were diseased.

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