President Lungu concludes UN General Assembly Visit and heads back to Zambia

President Lungu leaving New York for Zambia
President Lungu leaving New York for Zambia
President Lungu leaving New York for Zambia
President Lungu leaving New York for Zambia

President Edgar Lungu has left New York for Zambia after attending the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

President Lungu addressed the UN General Assembly, attended High-Level side meetings and held bilateral talks with Heads of State and government officials.

Speaking when he addressed the media shortly before departure at Palace Hotel in New York today, Thursday, President Lungu said “My outing to the UN General Assembly in New York has been a success. We tackled all the important issues that were on the agenda what remains now is for us leaders to begin implementing resolutions of the outcomes of the various meetings that we had.”

The Head of State explained,” Personally, I can focus on the Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA III and IV) High-Level meeting where we all came to the conclusion that we have to do more to bring Africa to the level of industrialization it needs to be. This requires a concerted effort, we need to find the various factors that can make this a reality such as Investment in Infrastructure, Energy and so on…”

The IDDA meeting was held on the sidelines of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) under the theme, “Promoting Innovation and Infrastructure Development: A Pathway for Boosting Manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu has called on Zambians in the Diaspora to seriously consider investing some of the resources back home.

He said he is aware of some economies that thrive because of the wealth that citizens in the diaspora send to their country of origin in the form of investments.

“Zambians in the diaspora need to be our Economic Ambassadors, they need to bring people to come and invest back home. With the dual citizenship in place, they don’t necessarily need to come back home to stay but can influence the development of the country by investing and bringing investors,” he said


  1. Hope he visits our UNGA tribe of Bangweulu swamps, get some malaria and get bedridden.
    Only malaria inga bateneka panshi aba bamudala.

  2. Lungu is NOT heading back to Zambia ,he’s simply making a brief stopover before heading out on yet another visit.

    • Excellent observation, based on something one has seen, heard, or noticed.

      next trip maybe France. Why the rush to leave New York?

  3. The assembly was empty when this rat took to stage. So why do we waste money attending these events when clearly no one is interested in hearing from a corrupt failed country like zambia. These rats went to shop while you remain there in zambia in total darkness. My white wife says she will only move back to zambia when hh wins. I am with her on that point

  4. Even mugabe had more people attend his speeches. Hh came out with a very powerful alternative to the budget of the failure party and that sent shivers down pf spines. They had no response so they went down the old African political response of accusing opposition of supporting gay rights. Hh and upnd do not support gay rights but as an individual myself I have no problem with it. The reason ignorant Africans dislike gay people is based on some supernatural belief that christianity does not allow such acts. However the same people that brought them christianity were found to be touching and sexually abusing both young girls and boys. Gay people have no impact on my life so why should it bother me. You are willing to accept Grant’s and aid from gay countries but say you hate gay people…

  5. no, forget about focusing on Africa. focus on the issues facing Zambia first and far most.
    “industrial development decade for Africa”, no development for Zambia first. he’s seeking to keep on running around all over the place avoiding addressing domestic issues.
    lungu you’re using Zambian tax payers money and other resources, you’re answerable to them not any African whatever. man up, listen to your fellow country folks and address the concerns they are raising. quit mambo ya ma deflection

  6. Get him to address his employers upon is arrival, every Zambian would like to hear from the horse’s mouth not third parties ok.

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