Both the AFP and AP news agency dissociate themselves from malicious article linking HH to homosexuality

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
File:HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
File:HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

After failing to run the economy, the Patriotic Front administration and their devil’s advocates have now resorted to engaging in malicious and salacious fabrications against an opponent, who has now more than proved to the Zambian people, that he is sufficiently prepared for the challenges that come with occupying the highest office in the land.

The recent article purportedly authored by one Jackie Hweu of the AFP and AP news agencies , in which such unintelligent allegations have been made against President Hakainde Hichilema, much against his conscious and his core belief systems, as well as the values espoused by the UPND; has since been disowned by both international news agencies and have dissociated themselves from it.

When contacted for a formal inquiry to authentic the credibility of the story, both news agencies, unequivocally denied ever having published such an article or indeed by any of their affiliate journalist.

The AFP spoke through their Southern Africa Bureau Chief – Phillipe Alfroy based in Johannesburg, South Africa; while the AP responded through their New York based Global News Manager – Shelley Acoca.

See the actual email communication contained herein.

We would like to urge Zambians to weary and alert of the lies, deceit and untrustworthiness of a failed government whose legacy has been that of strangling the life out of what used to be a relatively vibrant economy, thanks to their appetite for grand and political corruption, unregulated accumulation of expensive public debt, lack of respect for the rule of law, their failure to manage the agriculture sector leading to widespread hunger, an avoidable energy crisis – both in the electricity supply sector and fuel pricing, both of which are marred by corruption and self interest.

The people currently peddling malicious rumors and lies against PRESIDENT HH are the same individuals who had been at the forefront of scandalizing Michael Chilufya SATA when they used to get paid by the MMD regime.

Zambians rose up in 2011 and defeated them in all their evil and satanic schemes against a good man, then Michael; and Zambians will rise again in 2021 to defeat these advocates of the devil against another good man and servant of the people – HH.

God bless Zambia and her peoples.


  1. Just the way HH and his clowns are defending themselves you can tell they know its over for them…Mr Bwalya please be part of the solution not the problem….you Politicians are evil you will do anything to get into power

    • So the guys HH ****in Italy are looking at him like a coward after he promised them that he would***….double edged sword…we know where the donations money is coming from…the genset money….***

    • Mr Anthony Bwalya your Political career is over..keep on associating yourself with Sodom and Gomorrah….you are done for now together with your supreme leader HH…UPND President for life….Zambia should just disband UPND

    • And as usual running to bazungu for protection because Anthony Bwalya believes so much in bazungu…they don’t lie..they’re very accurate and pure…thats the African mentality…its from the west then its credible…WRONG…these west is full of lies and corruption….

    • Too little to late.

      The damage control is incoherent, unnecessary, incomplete, incompetent, inconsistent, impotent and skewed.

      Canisius Banda is looking at this with a smile on the face.

      Double h is gay and gay supporter. The entire upndead is smeared with this filth.

    • Mr Anthony Bwalya…its about time we started believing in ourselves…lets not be used by the west….the can’t govern their own countries….they’re so divided…USA and UK….
      HH is fond of tolerating everything as long as it will help him get into state house….WRONG… i think we just need get rid of all Politicians in the world…they cause to much trouble…

    • @Nhkuwa
      Nothing personal with Mr Anthony Bwalya…..just calling a spade a spade…

      And why cant Mr Anthony Bwalya just be Anthony Bwalya instead of Anthony Bwalya..UPND Member…maybe he changed his name in his NRC Anthony Bwalya UPND Member

    • Anonymous and thorn in the flesh sound like Sunday Chanda or one of the PF goons. Chill guys, we dont believe these lies you are peddling no matter how much you mention them. 2021 kuyabebele.

    • This is the beauty of politics; just throw an allegation out there and it’s the truth. Delusionals Dictator is done. He may as well quit politics. There is nothing more scary to Zambians than $atanism and homosexuality! I believe AFP and AP didn’t write those articles but try convincing bana Junior pa maliketi!

    • This is an after thought and you seem to be very dull. How does an email coming from AFP end with hh’s name?
      You remind me of my school days when I could write a fake letter to my teacher saying the letter was written by my father. Meanwhile the letter was full of reported speech.
      The AFP are not as bitter as you are. Allow them to disown the news item themselves.

    • Canissius Banda, a word or two or even more from you would be in order. Do you wish HH so much ill-will that anything that looks like trouble for him makes your day? This is just politics.

  2. You SG said HH is home at his house but the truth is that HH is in Italy attending to something secrete meeting now!!!!

    Explain properly where is HH? Gay supporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Tribalist!!!! the label UPND must fight due to HH…

    Change the president gays so that we can vote for UPND………ECL has failed us but voting for HH…….I don’t Know……………………………………….

    • It’s like Zambia is a bus, being driven in reverse. HH, being a more sober person and better qualified driver is trying to alert you to the mediocracy that is driving a vehicle in reverse for several kilometers. You, being among the most unproductive amongst us, have decided you will tell whatever lie is necessary to keep incompetent drivers and conductors at the wheel/helm. You would rather the bus burn down than see it turned around and be operated more efficiently, for as long as our suffering yields bits of cash for no work at all. I have a feeling it’s a tad bit late for you. Might as well do what you opportunists have done since 1991. Jump ship and continue to steal from us. Immoral bunch of thieves.

    • ***It’s like Zambia is a bus, being driven in reverse. HH, being a more sober person and better qualified driver is trying to alert you to the mediocracy that is driving a vehicle in reverse for several kilometers. You, being among the most unproductive amongst us, have decided you will tell whatever lie is necessary to keep incompetent drivers and conductors at the wheel/helm. You would rather the bus burn down than see it turned around and be operated more efficiently, for as long as our suffering yields bits of cash for no work at all. I have a feeling it’s a tad bit late for you. Might as well do what you opportunists have done since 1991. Jump ship and continue to steal from us. Immoral bunch of ***

  3. Not only do PF need lessons in running a country but they also need lessons in delivering effective propaganda. The dullness that dominates the PF is their limiting factor in achieving anything apart from stealing so carelessly that they know jail is waiting when they lose hence these panicked actions. Just see Sunday Chanda shamelessly pleading for CK to rejoin PF. FUNNY!

    • Dudelove, you have not addressed what is in the story. Do not dwell on issues not in the story, least you are proven guilt. Canisius in his posting has even added pics, yet you are there defending the indefensible by bringing in other irrelevant issues. To me it appears as though the story of HH is true.

    • GMS the story has already been debunked. Are you too simple-minded to understand what I said about the failure of your party to deliver effective propaganda?? What exactly do you want me to say about the fake story your dull Media Director spread??

    • GMS if you feel the story is true give us the link to AFP and AP where this interview has been reported otherwise sit down and keep quiet.

  4. Sounds like a case of what’s for me is good for you. UPND if this is fake news well you started it, you made your bed so lie in it.

  5. There is no smoke without fire. No matter how much you try to shake it off, it will not go away. You chaps are a cult and I am surprised you are hitting at Fake news you always believe in. Even the corruption calls you cry about everyday are just a gimmick to paint PF black. If you have evidence produce it o publish it in the Mast.

  6. Anonymous – why are you so hyper with Mr. Bwalya. kikikikikiki we saw a lot of this with Dora under MMD more than what we are seeing today. Njala please anonymous if you used the same strength you are using today to trace the owner of the 48 houses I would reward you and congratulate you. A gay may not steal from the people the way you are doing it in PF. What is more moral between hiding the owner of the 48 houses and being a gay? You hypocrites.
    Tell us how you intend to reduce electricity tariffs, how you intend to reduce the cost of fuel, reduce corruption, trace the owner of the 48 houses etc. This is purely a PF creation and won’t change the status call kindly give us something better.

  7. A nthoni, you are a fake yourself. No one has ever heard of you in Ndola.
    Is it your name which is fake or the person himself?

  8. UPND loves bemba names, they think it cleans them and HH from trible colours. Not possible to clean triblelism it stinks too much not even Trade kings have found a suitable cleaning agent.

  9. Camon…….there are more important issues like the spiralling energy and food costs then this car.p ……

    PF are you saying an economy in freefall and the suffering of Zambians is normal and bussiness as usual ???

  10. What if it’s not propaganda but the truth and then we make a mistake by taking such a one to state house, then he implements these Hyenas rights, then what? This is not a game of chance, we must know who we are voting for. I would rather suffer with peace of mind than regret bringing a curse upon Zambia.

    • You thieves! We want sanity in our politics and the running of the country! 2021 Kuya bebele! 48 Houses! $42m Fire Trucks! Ambulances! $4.2m Toll Gate! 49 Houses in FIC report by a Minister! Chitotela acquittal! Bakabolala imwe!
      Leave HH alone!!

    • So how would that destroy the economy??? You want to continue with people who are plundering the nation because they are anti gay? Are you stup!d?


    • Stupid question!! Did your silly coment on lungu being with a person you suspect to be drug dealer bring food to people with hunger in southern province? Your ka hechi hechi is in the picture of the homosectual congrigants in itali, embracing homoz – sodom and gomora !! At list with Ka hechi hechi, evidence of him in that fora is there in the picture!! By they way hh is in everything that is nusty *** he is a tribalist, he is s freemason – failed to date to sew bishop chomba who revealed it at a public rally in kabwe in 2016, he is xhenophobist who chased zambians from namwala because they are from other provinces, a man who is against press freedom who verbally insulted znbc journalist bangwe navile, thr guy who sold mines and other GRZ companies for a song, this is the guy owning a…

  12. We all know the story was manufactured in the P.F. laboratory of lies and propaganda. The Chanda Chimba III style.

  13. The stupor of pf cadres is shown everywhere. Even here, you find one cadre is churning out so many comments in an effort to deceive people. Fortunately we know them.

  14. @ Anonymous what level does it make you better than the rest of us Africans my friend come back home and exercise your rights. I bit you don’t even do nothing for your own family back home.
    I rest my case.

  15. Why is it that UPND zealots are not shaming homosexuality. Your inferiority complex is amazing. We in FDD condemn anything that is an agenda against African population growth. The gay agenda is designed to reduce populations of not only Africa, but Asia, the South AMericans, Islanders and Asians of the orient( lack of better word ). You guys blindly support it.

  16. No matter what, September is almost over and PF running evil comments like Chanda and Dora are so uncertain and do not know if they shall fit to join UPND next year. Mind you Dora could not join PF untill ba Sata died that is when RB introduced her to Lungu and he said her Job will be scanderlizing the mighty opposition president HH until he is out. That is the plan also that GBM used for him to be accepted by PF after too many hailes of insults on ECL.
    Keep on ba Dora slit and others, and the more you speek evil against HH the more popular you are creating HH as a Hero. How many times have you called him names and smart as he is, how many times as has hit back with baseless insults? NIL NOT AT ALL. Anyway we Zambians know the fabricators of unfruitful stories

  17. A lot of time being wasted on a non-issue. Honestly, you want someone to ‘defend’ themselves as if they are on trial? The news agencies have denied it and any sane person knows all this gayism hallabaloo is coming from a Party that has failed to deliver and is now gropping in the dark for anything it assumes will ‘save’ it’s face. This is pathetic to say the least, including the pathetic PF bloggers who are going on about it as if it is the most important matter currently facing the country. It is callous and a lazy unintelligent way of trying to discredit opponents.

    • Imbwa iwe, which news denied it? Isnt he in the picture with people propagating sodomy ? What is his round watermelon head doing there! We know this guy very. Thas why he will never win election because he has a laggege with questionable personal effects.

  18. @Nzelu… there are people and animals that are gay and there is nothing you can do about – or even should do about it. Leave sexuality in it’s realm. You should be more concerned about general crimes that affect everyone, including the numerous ones perpetrated everyday by heterosexuals. Rape, sexual assaults, defilements, violence against women etc. Sexual depravity is everwhere, yet you more interested in what consenting adults do in their privacy.

    If we spent as much time thinking about the way forward for our country in other areas of human endeavou,r as we spend on sexuality, we would be a super nation.

  19. Regardless of all the castigations on HH, am voting for him. Come from Mfuwe by the way. These are last
    kicks of a dying horse. Best of luck

  20. These days its very easy to get to the source of news. Why don’t people write AP and AFP to verify if they truly interviewed hh. Smear campaign is an archaic and obsolete way of doing things. The burden of proof lies with Chanda. Let him go and pick a credible AP or AFP official and let them come to Zambia and prove this scandal once for all. Fake news is all over social media these days. Lets see if Chanda is courageous enough to face these highly credible news institutions whose image he has tarnished. We are looking for credible leaders in Zambia. So if AP or AFP say it is true that they’ve interviewed hh, then we’ll know hh is lying. If they say no its a lie, then Chanda is a liar and a fake news peddler period. So take up the challenge Mr Chanda if you are man enough. We hear…

  21. simatwapa ngoni pf doesnt know what to do . whenever you mention the letters hh even when you dont mean the upnd president they all jump up and start behaving like headless chickens. they would dare not to write ap and afp to prove the allegations for fear of being proved liars. they have even abandoned their offices and are and they are all in the streets talking about one man without proof. its shame of a useless fools. very soon you will hear them say it amounts to treason. kikikiki

  22. This is tiresome.

    Mr Anthony Bwalya, I think your investigations proved it was Fake News, in relation to who published the story. However, your investigations did not prove that PF, was behind these stories.

    You basically refuted a Fake story by publishing a Fake allegation against PF; which is a bit two faced and self defeating if your purpose is to quash fake news altogether. The only good thing about this matter is that UPND, (Masters of Fake News in Zambia has had a taste of their own game). As a word of caution, you might not want to use Gay Hate language to Western sources as it is a crime there and you sort of are defeating your purpose of appealing to Western countries to cry against Zambia! JUST DESSERTS!! Enjoy.

    • What are you saying? You received this fake story and all PF controlled media went awash with condemnations. This is choreographed but it has quickly spilled into your own face. A party in power being so desperate as to cook such as Story is real desperation. You now realize you are not standing on any firm grind to continue in power. Look at how quickly this story has turned and burnt your reputation. If you had a little remaining. Shame

    • This story was first reported by Sunday M0r0n Chanda so what the EFF are you blabbering about PF not being behind it?? Are you dense?

  23. I googled this purported author of the article, it only appears in Zambian social media.what kind of journalist, working in high profile news wires is not reflecting on google? Was this his/her first story? Sorry PF, chickens are coming home to roost. Shame on you

  24. Pf start parking your bags and start hiding your dirty money before HH come and take it bcz ur time is up 2021 you are going these are the last kicks of a dying horse that says the Lord God Almighty.

  25. Indeed 2021 there will be a new government but that change won’t be hh politics of bitterness and revenge have no place in our society it’s time hh plans how he intends to support the change he so wishes to see he can even continue with his noble cause of educating orphans and distributing mealie meal to the hungry. That is commendable contributions must always come when you are in plot one.

  26. Bembas will never forget the persecution and betrayal they suffered at the hands of the bantu botatwe during the Mwanawasa Presidency between 2001 and 2007. Bembas will never forget how that it took the death of Mwanawsa and the the ascendancy of President Rupiah Banda to defend the legacy of Frederick Chiluba. Where was Anthony Bwalya and HH then? Truth be told, they looked the other way when the largest tribe in Zambia was being persecuted and denied opportunities to excel.Anthony is still in denial of this persecution.

    • Imwe just phuck off with your tribal sentiments. Persecution kwisa, ul!chipuba? Do you understand what persecution means? The poverty Zambians are going through because of this inept government is bigger than that sh!t you are talking about and is the worst persecution citizens have suffered since before independence. I am married to a beautiful Bemba woman and she thinks GBM and Lungu are both a$$holes. Grow the phuck up and talk about real issues. m0r0n.

  27. You are free to vote for hh just as others are free to vote for pf we shall vote for the “which other contender” if it’s only these two then again we are free not to vote. Voting out of desperation has landed us two silly regimes so feel free to vote as your inclination drives you. It’s called the right to cast a vote.

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