All RTSA Service Centres country-wide open today to facilitate payment of road tax

RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will be holding an Open Day on Saturday 28th September, 2019 to showcase its operations and transformation agenda.

The RTSA Open Day which shall be held at Cosmopolitan Mall in Lusaka under the theme “Towards Service Excellence” will offer an opportunity to members of the public to interact with RTSA staff who will showcase excellent facilities in a peaceful environment but more importantly, the wide-range and quality road transport and safety services and programmes which are available within the Agency.

Since the inaugural RTSA Open Day in 2017, the event has become the beacon premier event to showcase road transport and safety management services and programmes to the general public in a bid to bridge the gap between the Agency and its stakeholders.

This year’s theme captures the essence of the role of RTSA in providing quality services to the general public in its continued efforts to explore various opportunities for high impact strategies to deliver a safe, efficient and inclusive road transport system that supports socioeconomic development.

Some of the road transport and safety services that the Agency shall be offering to the public to appreciate include; printing of driving licence cards, motor vehicle examinations and physical examinations, issuance of road tax, Driving Licence examinations, and road safety education and publicity among others.

Consequently, all RTSA service Centres country-wide shall remain open to the public on Saturday 28th September, 2019 to facilitate payment of road tax as the third quarter for the year 2019 comes to an end on 30th September.

Motorists and fleet owners are, therefore, advised to take advantage of this development to pay for their Motor Vehicle and Trailer Licences (Road Tax) to avoid panic which in most cases result in unnecessary queues and congestion at most RTSA Service Centres.


  1. Who in Zambia has got time to attend such drivel when everyone is hustling trying to find ways to afford inflated fuel prices. Is this meant to annoy zambian? Please show some compassion you pf dogs.

  2. I must say RTSA has been quite useful; they have professionals within their ranks. Many a time when I have faced traffic police intimidation and used their helpline they have helped me navigate the mess without paying a bribe. Hopefully with their dysfunctional CEO we should have an even better functioning Authority. Keep it up guys.

    • Make that “Hopefully with their dysfunctional CEO OUT OF THE WAY we should have an even better functioning Authority.” Sorry for the omission.

  3. #1 Neeez, of course me and me family and me friends from both UPND and PF will attend the open day. We all appreciate the services of RATSA and for traffic services they are way way above Zambia Police FORCE, and very friendly and helpful. They are a pleasure to deal with when you are in a “traffic jam”, whether you are guilty or not.
    You see Mr Neeez, you will be lost when you come back to Zambia, we are more interactive as Zambians than your archaic thinking. So just stay away sir, you are a upnd dinosaur by our standards.

    • Please after attending inform me what you learn and how it has changed your life for the better . A case of misplaced priorities

  4. I love Ratsa.Being a Senior Citizen, they were able to fit a gadget to my old Anglia car that makes the speed camera NOT able to capture my overspeeding.

  5. RTSA services are so pathetic! They should be made to work everyday because most of the time they are just loitering because of system failure. Their colleagues at NRFA put in more hours and work 24/7. May be we should just disband RTSA, it’s very inefficient

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