Tuesday, June 18, 2024

80 year old woman burnt to death


An 80 year old woman has been burnt to death in Kapiri Mposhi District in Central Province, after fire swept through her grass thatched house in Kakulu area.

The incident happened last Friday around 22:30 hours, after the deceased fell asleep in her grass thatched house, leaving a brazier unattended to, before it later caught fire.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Chola Katanga has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in an interview and has identified the deceased as Dirica Chilikwela.

Mr Katanga said the body of the deceased was charred beyond recognition, while the grass thatched house was reduced to ashes.

The fire is believed to have been triggered after the deceased dropped her beddings on the brazier while sleeping.

And Mr Katanga revealed that preliminary investigations suggests no foul play adding that the deceased has since been buried.


  1. this is unfortunate death. we have burnt a library of knowledge. The World Health Organisation has recommended that societies should care for the elderly regardless of thier status or standing in society.

  2. 22:30 is quite early for neighbours to help? Why no foul play also the woman could have woken up for help SOMEONE COULD HAVE LOCKD HER OUT? PLEASE INVESTIGATE ALSO WE NEED MORE DETAILS CHILDREN GRANDIES HUSBAND SIBLINGS HER ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS ,DID SHE HOLD A PhD like me?

  3. Comment: it’s very sad news but what’s the government doing to ensure her people are living in decent homes not in grass thatched houses?

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