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Dora Siliya tells HH to stop Mocking People faced with Hunger

Headlines Dora Siliya tells HH to stop Mocking People faced with Hunger

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Dora Siliya has castigated Opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema for mocking people facing hunger in the country as a result of the 2019 drought that affected the rain season.

Reacting to a tweet attributed to Mr Hichilema, Ms. Siliya said that Mr. Hakainde’s tweet was careless, adding that there was no hunger in Mbala.

“Once again, hunger is not in Mbala, Northern Province, but in Southern Province and parts of Western Province and Luangwa valley.”

“May the good Lord favour the People of Southern Province especially with rain so that HH stops making jokes about their unfortunate hunger situation. Even the cattle are dying.”

Ms further said that Government has so far distributed 45 thousand metric tons of relief mealie meal and stock feed in Southern and parts of Western and Eastern Provinces.

“Our resolve is to ensure no death due to hunger as we mitigate against climate change impact such as drought,” she said

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    • (HH) should just concentrate on selling his cattle farms to repay the Openheimer Brenthurst foundation.
      The Zambian populace won’t vote for him and his gay partners. He will never have access to our treasury.

    • HH shouldn’t comment on us drinkers.
      The good thing about us, when drunk we eat any ozamwina, michopo!!I
      Snake or goat, all goes well naka beer.
      It has nothing to do with hunger.

    • H² is a freemason. Almost all big Millers in Zambia are Masons. They gather at free mason temples dotted across districts in Zambia.
      When a story broke that h² was hoodwinking Millers into worsening the mealie meal situation, I shuddered. It never came to light immediately to me.
      When Government remains adamant about there being enough stock piles of maize at FRA, the situation never improves at the grassroots. H² smiles at the suffering of people in selected hunger striken areas.
      Going forward, Government needs to proliferate normal Milling Companies across Zambia and curb organized smuggling. Chapwa.

    • If there is no Hunger in Mbala why did Lungu eat a Snake? What message was he sending to People of Mbala who can longer afford buying Expensive Mealie Meal and Cassava Meal? So becoz of severe Drought Hungry Zambians should eat Snakes? Lungu is insensitive and cruel to protected Wild Life.

    • Just shut up Hul3 iwe, your stup!d govt with their ka stup!d president who is dull as they come and a thieving m*ther F*cker is what wrong with the country, hul3s like you who don’t have skills are the problem as well, just go give changwa his BJ for day …. worst president in the world

    • Southern, Western Provinces are experiencing the drought wrath from God for supporting UPND which is lead by HH who wants to promote HOMOSEXUALITY.

    • Dora Siliya is dishonest and hypocritical. HH is donating Food to Hungry People but out Political Jealous the PF Govt is blocking him from distributing more food to Hungry Zambians. Meanwhile with Mealie Meal now expensive and unaffordable Edgar Lungu ate a Snake publicly to send a message to the Public that they can survive by eating Snakes. The Proof of the Pudding is in eating. That’s why Lungu ate a Snake in Public. This was encouraging People to eat Snakes now that wunga is expensive and unaffordable. To a none Snake eating People it is Edgar Lungu who is mocking the People who don’t eat Snakes but are starving due to high food prices.

  1. Dora Siliya doesn’t know what she is talking about. Lungu is the One mocking Hungry People. He is telling starving Zambians to stop eating Nshima becoz Mealie Meal is now expensive and unaffordable. Instead Edgar Lungu is urging Hungry Zambians in Mbala to start eating Snakes. What an irresponsible President!

  2. Diverting attention ba PFu. Just take food to those areas you have mentioned and thats it. Its clear that you have admitted the hunger situation is serious and do something now before its too late. Oh when HH donates you to those you have mentioned you will again mention different places to alter peoples thinking. Bad psychology indeed.

  3. GRZ has spoken. There is no hunger………, no there is hunger. Let the doner feed his donations to his livestock……… Oh no, government has actually released 45 tonnes of relief food in that same area and that area and everyone has food on the table. The show goes on.
    The government cartoon network is worth watching and listening to these days. Though one can’t just make out whose is Tom or Jerry in this set-up. The party or its government.

  4. Very true Mbala received above rainfall during the last farming season as compared to areas that Dora highlighted. These are politics that i personally dont appreciate about hh, such makes him look childish. I really enjoyed his opions about fuel increase and how the high prices could be reduced not these snake contribitions. I get irritated when he goes in this childish mode.

  5. Just look at this foolishness below by Dora Slit, clear failure of leadership and now blaming God and expecting him to rain manna from heaven in form of rain: “May the good Lord favour the People of Southern Province especially with rain so that HH stops making jokes about their unfortunate hunger situation”

  6. While people are starving this minister is heavily saturated with stolen wealth such that she has to tear her skirt to make a Slit to allow room for expansion.

  7. We were advised by her honor the VC to find alternative food other than nshima. The President is a very practical man who lead by example. He showed us that alternative foods do not end up on cassava, millet but snakes as well.

  8. Zambians should mock the misguided Dorah and the PF bcoz during the 3 years of Rupiah Banda there were bumper harvests.


  10. There is no Hunger in Mbala becoz there are plenty of Snakes. Lungu is encouraging People in Mbala to should stop eating ubwali becoz Cassava and Mealie Meal are now too expensive. They should start eating Snakes. So Lungu is mocking the Hungry.

  11. Reading most of the comments it seems HH makes most people not to have peace sleep, why attack an individual like that, without shame, let him be, Dora you forget so easily how you rose to power and fame, the corruption in you the issue with radars even if you were cleared by our courts, inside you know you are a guilty person… Most of you leaders today your days are numbered, you will not live forever… Remember to leave a good name…

  12. HH is an issue and a thorn in pf, many people have said a lot about the snake story, Dora never said anything, lukuku talked everyone kept queit look at HH there entire PF shifts all efforts on him.This man HH is proving a hero to Dora who can easily join upnd since its normal for her be in every ruling party…

  13. Eating Snake which we all know that was tradition of Commando Unity to welcome their Armed Forces Chief is better than being used to preach about homosexuality in the UPND government.
    Don’t pretend when you all knows what was being done…..

  14. Look whom is talking. How do you give 7 people to share a 12kg of mealie meal? You’re the ones mocking hungry people whom you refused to declare as a disaster.

  15. Madam siliya please allow me to honestly say thank you for the good work you are doing and you know what? I think you heaven sent or something. Cause I mean just look at the way you finished RB hence the MMD and now you at again destroying the poor family (PF) from inside out. Keep up the good work and by 2021 the poor family will be out thanks to you.

  16. Does Lungu understand how influential the office he sits in is! i don’t think so. He should know that he is the president of this country and whatever he does sends a very strong message to the people that he prevails over. By publicly eating a snake he was telling the citizens especially those affected by hunger that you can still eat snakes and live. The prostitute is talking about something that she does not understand and without thinking through her thoughts. Dora is a very dull person who only speaks because she has a mouth and she has a job to defend Lungu. Lungu is not intelligent and later on an intelligent politician.

  17. HH and UP’N’Down sit and give yourself room for failure of 2021.If you fail what will be of you.The thing is dnt be over excited that you are winning 2021 elections or else you will be extremely dispointed,we have seen these happen before oohhhhhh wina azalila.

  18. levy mwanawasa once said, Zambians forget easily, not as a compliment mind you, one chawama groomed man and ex widow swindler is told by his image builders to eat a snake in order to divert the attention of naturally weak minded people. Mr snake eater, tradition or not, tweet or not, fire tender, ambulance, magical money in your account, ndola kitwe dual carriage way, contracting a loan on behalf of zimbabwe to repair kariba dam, under cover visits to Kenya, Swaziland secret plots, having relations with characters otherwise reffered to as drug dealers, 48 houses, bankrupting of zesco chopping up lusaka area 27..we will not forgot..one day, the sun will set on your watch

  19. I think she’s talking about herself and the rest of them who’ve been living in denial about the issue of lack of food in the south. She’s pushing the blame on to an innocent person rather than reflect on her own guilt. Tragic situation really !!

  20. During RB you had bumper harvest! But you voted him out? Opposition for opposition sake doesn’t work. There is a wind of change don’t be cheated it’s not coming from the obvious source because hh cannot gel listen, smell touch the new breed of leaders not those who ate with both hands. Friends we meet again this evening. Wapya bayisa

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