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Amendment Bill No. 10 will be withdrawn if the majority of the submissions oppose it-Lubinda

Headlines Amendment Bill No. 10 will be withdrawn if the majority...

Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has said that the Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2019 will be withdrawn if it turns out that the majority of the submissions to the Parliamentary select committee are against its enactment.

The Minister said that President Edgar Lungu will not hesitate to respect the wishes of the people on the proposed Bill.

Speaking when he closed the receiving of submissions by the Parliamentary Select Committee, Mr. Lubinda also clarified that the government has no stand on any of the clauses and Articles in the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Mr. Lubinda said that the government will, therefore, be guided by what the Parliamentary Select Committee will establish based on the submissions it has received.

Mr. Lubinda disclosed that his Ministry has come up with a Bill that will make any future processes to amend the Republican Constitution pre-determined, stating that once Cabinet approves the Bill, it will be taken to Parliament for enactment.

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  1. This is the trouble with PF thinking!
    PF wasted the entire 2019 with Sales Tax only to reverse it after businesses have shed off thousands of jobs and scaled back on investments.
    We can cite too many policy inconsistencies that after being hurriedly enforced against concerns from key stakeholders only to be reversed after severe damage to the economy! PF is really a popular party specialized in reverse things! No wonder we are not going anywhere!

    • This is a PF Govt Amendment Bill No. 10. Minister Lubinda introduced the Bill in Parliament to have it enacted into Law so Lubinda shouldn’t pretend that the PF Govt have no Stand on it. How could the PF Govt draft and present a Bill they oppose in Parliament? Lubinda is being dishonest here. Lungu, Lubinda and the PF Govt have realized that most People have seen thru the PF chicanery of introducing a Bill that favours a PF One Party Rule. The Bill is meant to entrench Edgar Lungu in Power by Rigging the 2021 Election. The Majority of Zambians reject this PF Bill and UNDP MPs have vowed to Vote against this Bill. UPND MPs have refused to be hoodwinked into voting for this PF Bill. Lubinda and Lungu know that they will not get the 2/3 Majority Vote in Parliament. Let the PF Govt…

    • This is an Admission by Lubinda and Lungu that their Strategy to impose BIll No.10 is not working to Plan. Most People have seen PF intentions of consolidating Power by Amending the Constitution and Rigging the 2021 Election in favour of Lungu and PF. Lungu and PF have rigged past Elections but they have failed to Rig the Economy. A collapsing Economy will be Lungu’s Waterloo in spite of his Election Rigging Prowess.The writing is on the Wall.

  2. It is good that government will withdraw the amendment bill no#10. We want 14 days presidential petition to be closed will see who is going to cry the loudest in the end.2021 is around the corner .

    • Because of hardened hearts they have resulted into eating snakes to show how stiffnecked they are as serpents. A connection to Satanism. Now we have proven who is a real satanist. No sin under earth shall be hidden.

  3. Mr P you will cry the loudest, the hour is drawing near for PF to be gone. You should know that the Zambian people are losing their patience with you, pretty soon they will decide enough is enough and you will be gone and dusted. This amendment will be tossed out together with you, remember the people will decide who will cry the loudest and not you and your party. The misery you have put them through is going to make it easier to do.

    • The hour is drawing nigh and PF will be gone gone gone gone forever never ever to reappear in Zambia again. They are gonna go into oblivion. Our friends in PF must understand this fact.

  4. Just throw the whole amendment #10 it is bad rectify to the constitution. It’s serves no purpose because nobody will want to save it and protect it.

  5. The Amendment No.10 has been rejected by the majority of Zambians so Lubinda the Presenter of the Bill should withdraw it. If tabled on the Floor of Parliament most MPS will vote against the Bill. PF has no 2/3 Majority in Parliament and therefore the Bill will be rejected by UPND MPs and others. Bring it on!

  6. Moya well spoken. PF that bill 10 will make you to be very unpopular even more. just throw it away and start parking your time is over.

  7. Moya well spoken. PF that bill 10 will make you to be very unpopular even more. just throw it away and start parking your time is over.

  8. Moya well spoken. PF that bill 10 will make you to be very unpopular even more. just throw it away and start parking your time is over.

  9. Given Lubinda please understand that it isn’t the mighty of the majority that makes a good Constitution but the consensus built by taking care of interests of the minorities. We might have another failed process because of the PF attitude. The majority might have their way even if it isn’t reasonable and that’s what happened in 2016

  10. Not only should the bad Bill 10 be dismissed with the contempt it deserves but Given Lubinda should be fired for doing a bad job!

  11. Lubinda no sooner had you discard Bill 10 than you hatch another way of tempering the constitution. You have now become a nuisance. Echo uponokelwa kuma cadres iwe. Upusa very much iwe.

  12. Ifintu nafikosa bane! Not a Single PF Blogger supporting the Party and its Bill. PF Cadres must know that without massive Election Rigging Lungu cannot win the 2021 Election by a Popular Vote. The only way for Lungu to retain Power is by Rigging the Election using State Captured Electoral Institutions. Amending the Constitution thru Bill 10 is the smartest of Rigging the 2021 Election. All PF Cadres must Rally behind their Leaders by supporting Bill No.10 in its entirety.If we don’t do this then we will be finished in 2021.The writing is on the Wall

  13. Hh is the most deceived politician together with its blinds follower mps. Whatever h2 says no matter how wrong, it is they just follow blindly. In parliament upnd mps do not prepresent the people who voted for them, now people have released these mps are just they to represent the interest of hh and not theirs. You what, It is easy to predict your exit from the political scheme after 2021. upnd is the no. 1 problem seconded by corruption and climate change. A problem identified is a problem solved. Any enemy to progress and thinking out the box.

  14. Zambian news today Lubinda is refusing a court rulling to pay back money ministers got when parlianment was disolved. but the same lubinda wants bill 10 to go ahead and remove retirees on the pay roll. you want us to stop eating and fail to take our children to school. shame on you. God please, hear our cry remove this pf government in 2021 or any other means possible. TWACHULA na PF. They have turned against us the pipo who voted them Lord. bring confusion in their camp Lord. Scater bill 10 Lord so it does not pass through. We know God that you are listtening to your people mwe Lesa. God we beg PF to pay retirees PSPF next week Monday AMEN.

  15. The obstantion of PF by heart without listening to the citizen cry is what has resulted them into snake eating snakes so as to harden up their hearts.

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