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Antonio Mwanza takes on UPND’s Cornelius Mweetwa: UPND is too disorganised to win an election

Headlines Antonio Mwanza takes on UPND's Cornelius Mweetwa: UPND is too disorganised...

PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza
PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza

The Ruling Patriotic Front Media Director Antonio Mwanza has said that it is impossible for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), without even a Vice President, to win the 2021 general elections.

In reaction to UPND deputy spokesperson and Choma Central member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa’s remarks that PF was facing a very wide exit door, Mr Mwanza said that UPND was relying on an obsolete manifesto which Anderson Kambela Mazoka left.

“It is impossible for the UPND to win the 2021 elections because they are extremely disorganised as a political party. They are not providing any alternatives to the policies of the Patriotic Front,” Mwanza said.

“UPND as a political party has failed even to have a vice-president. How can a political party which doesn’t even have a vice-president win elections? How can a political party which has failed to produce a manifesto win elections?”

He argued that the UPND was relying on: “an obsolete manifesto which Anderson Kambela Mazoka, may his soul rest in peace, left.”

Mwanza noted that, conversely, the PF developed and revised its manifesto in view of Zambia’s social and economic challenges and opportunities.

“[In] 2011 to 2016, we revised the manifesto and 2016 to 2021 we have revised the manifesto. We have developed the 7th National Development Plan and the Vision 2030,” he explained.

“These are the policy documents that we are using to implement the development agenda for the people of Zambia. [But] the UPND doesn’t have any such documents!”

Mwanza accused the UPND of failing to tell Zambians what it would do differently if it formed the government, “other than rejoicing on the misfortune which the country is facing as a result of natural calamities such as climate change.”

He also asked how many elections the UPND had won between 2016 and now.

“We have gone into their so-called strongholds and we have walloped them! We grabbed Chilanga, Mangango, Kafue and we have grabbed local government seats in North-Western and Western provinces. So, where is the UPND going to win elections and on what basis will the Zambian people vote for the UPND?” Mwanza mocked.

On allegations linking Hichilema to supporting homosexuality, Mwanza said: “Mr Mweetwa denies that Mr Hichilema was not in South Africa to discuss and support gay rights and homosexuality!”

“But I would like to challenge Mr Mweetwa; the Africa Liberal Network is an institution whose prime agenda on their charter is the support for homosexuality and gay rights. I challenge Mr Mweetwa to deny that very fact!” he said.

He further parried Mweetwa’s sentiments that the PF government was on a path of promoting tribal and regional division in Zambia.

“But from the map of Zambia, in terms of the voting patterns and the election results, it is very clear that the Patriotic Front is a national party. It enjoys nationwide support, uncompared to the UPND which is a regional political party,” Mwanza indicated, adding that the UPND had been abusing the people of Southern Province by using the tribal tag to manipulate them.

“The people of Southern Province are very good – they are not tribal. They are just like each and every other Zambian. But the UPND is trying to use the people of Southern Province for their own gain by bringing tribalism in the party. It is UPND which is tribal and not the people Southern Province.”

He challenged Mweetwa to tell Zambians what happened to the quota system of leadership in the UPND which party founder Anderson Mazoka left.

“According to the documents, Mazoka developed a quota system of leadership where there was supposed to be rotational handing over of leadership from one region to the other,” he said.

“But from 2006 up to date, the leadership of the UPND has remained with Mr Hakainde Hichilema – there is no rotation, there are no elections. Anyone who says ‘we have to go to the convention’ has been expelled.”

Mwanza told Mweetwa “who claims that the UPND is not a tribal party, to tell the Zambian people why all those who are not Tongas have been chased as vice-presidents.”

“They chased Sakwiba Sikota, Richard Kapita, Francis Simenda, Patrick Chisanga, Robert Sichinga, Canisius Banda and GBM (Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba) because they are not southerners,” he claimed.

“I would like to challenge Mr Mweetwa who claims that the UPND is not tribal to tell the Zambian people why we saw tribal cleansing of non-southerners in Namwala. That incident has been documented even by the Red Cross! Can Mr Mweetwa deny those facts.”

On the proposed electricity tariff hike, Mwanza said: “Mr Mweetwa and I went to the same school called the University of Zambia.”

“He sits in Parliament and he understands that there is no government in the history of this country which has invested more in the energy sector than the Patriotic Front,” Mwanza said.

“When PF took over the office in 2011, in terms of the rural electrification program, we had less than 21,000 households connected to the electricity grid. But today this Patriotic Front government has embarked on a massive project with the World Bank to connect 80,000 households to the electricity grid through the rural electrification programme.”

He explained that when the PF formed the government, there was only one per cent generation of electricity by way of solar.

“[But] today we have improved from one per cent to 10 per cent and through projects such as Bangweulu and Ngonye. We have connected 45,000 households to electricity,” he noted.

“Mr Mweetwa sits in Parliament and he knows and understands that this government has invested millions of dollars in hydro power generation projects. We have the Chishimba Falls, the Lunzua, the Lusiwasi, the Kariba which are going on and once these projects are completed, the issue of high electricity tariffs and load-shedding will be history.”

Mwanza pointed out that Mweetwa knew very well that the PF government had been subsidizing electricity and that: “he knows that as long as we continue to subsidise electricity, fuel, we cannot see economic growth.”

“So, for him to be playing politics with straightforward issues is very unfortunate. Him and me should be talking about issues based on researched facts because we have been UNZASU presidents [before],” said Mwanza

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    • This chap is dull…FDD failed to win elections and he was starving…now he has joined the PF bandits stealing tax payers money mambala iwe…

    • PF know that their time is up. As an enlightened Zambia I don’t relate to this PF regime because non of them are smarter than me maybe Mushimba. I refuse to be governed by lesser mortals. I want to ‘look up’ to a leader not to force myself to swallow each time I see him/her on TV. A president should be a statesman who shapes the course of history of a Country. I am thinking Abraham Lincoln, Margret Thatcher, Winston Churchhill, Franklin D roosevelt, Paul Kagame etc. These are leaders who inspire me to be a better version of myself as a citizen. HH is a successful businessman and CEO so he is definitely in my league. I am sorry Antonio PF to me are a bunch of hungry wolves who are a curse on Zambian history, I just don’t see you as my leaders. Lungu is a failed lawyer and a drunk, that…

    • Basically the whole essence of leadership is to inspire, give hope, and provide a sense of security and belonging to the masses. ECL’s regime makes me wanna hide all my assets in PANAMA for safe keeping. A leader must have transcended in his private life before ascending to public office. Like an arrow head a leader must be sharp. What I see are a bunch of failed entities who took advantage of the sentimental Zambian race to grab power and forever alienate the masses from their birthright of owning part of the Zambian dream. I see thugs who use their office to grab tenders and stadiums and that should be for the masses. These aren’t leaders to me, these are hungry hyenas who are feeding on the carcass left by MCS. 2021 your grave has been dug and it is 50 feet deep. Obscurity is your…

    • Antionio is making too much sense.
      Exactly the main points we have been making.
      For the veep position, he has reserved for CKinsultor. Waiting for him to come around.

  1. Comment: Honestly I’m in support of what Mr mwanza is saying,if upnd as a party want to win a presidential election let them change their presidential candidate the Man knows nothing

  2. Most of these articles are actually useless. The facts: economic growth has drastically reduced, cost of living has increased beyond the reach of many. Many youths have no job opportunities, etc. All this is because of PF.

    We cannot give respect to people who survive by parasitizing tax payers money. Some of these chaps have never worked anywhere, not even selling in the streets. All they know is parasitic life from MMD -> UPND -> FDD -> PF -> …

  3. For sure HH has destroyed people of southern province with tribal mentality and tribalism.Tomorow am going to Choma.I oftentimes visits my twin brother who’s working there .The sad truth is that there is highest rate of Political ignorance(umbuli) amongst UPND supporters which are probably 99.9% support anything that HH and his team tells them.They are too backwards political wise both educated and uneducated.When I visit them I enjoy playing with them psychologically.

  4. Ba Ken, is it you to tell UPND who will represent them. Mwanza knows wht will happen in 2021 election ad want to mislead the masses, bcoz he wants to be fed with free issues, time is over, all rubbish!! Jst want to be parasites on tax payers money.

  5. Mr P and your party this is what you’re full of, just yapping and yapping with no proper plan for the people you deceived. Most of the people who voted for PF are miserable right and they will have a tough time voting for you next time. Focus on helping because they might not vote for you next time and instead they will vote for your adversary

  6. We have no time to be reading this boy’s stupid nonsense, Lusaka times kindly stop publishing such news its pure propaganda from a dull chap who has been paid to write shxt like this. 2021 PF out you go…

  7. To tell you the truth Antonio whatever,if there is an election in Zambia which people eagerly waiting for are 2021 elections.You, you might not know because you are eating. Are you aware that Zambian contractors haven’t been paid for more than year? and if somebody hasn’t been paid for a year, what happens? It’s hunger which you are disputing as the Government but we will teach you are lesson in 2021 as Zambians even if UPND has no vice President or not being organized, we will vote for it and it’s President.Then other things will follow.


  9. Zambia will never be developed by politicians. They are all the same. Deceivers and hoodwinks who only want to rip the resources of the nation. Dependence on politicians will drive this nation in an abyss of abject poverty. They are all cut from the same cloth of deception. There is no hope for this nation. We should be ashamed that 55 years after independence, we are still living in poverty. 55 years is a statutory number of retirement in our nation. As a nation on retirement, we need to start enjoying the fruits of our hard work.We are still struggling with poverty and hunger even after attaining retirement status. Corruption has permeated in all our social fabric. Politicians, who were once like us,the poor, are now rich and look to be very intelligent because of the resources they got…

  10. Ntoniyo mwanza, Cornelius Mweetwa is not a turncoat like you.
    You can talk all day about the PF,s successes but kindly note that ;
    – the cost of the staple food has gone up by 150% since the PF assumed power.
    – Corruption is the leading economic growth area such that we are now neck on neck with Congo jostling for a top 5 position in the world.
    – Poverty has now hit 80% of the population
    – Unemployment is at 80%
    – Debt of $18 billion means every zambian head owes the international community $1060 multiply by 7 per household that’s $7400.

    Mr Mwanza is on Zesco,s payroll

  11. “… they are not providing any alternatives to the policies of the Patriotic Front,” Mwanza said. Has anyone else noticed this? PF has at one time or another said they have the best policies. If their policies are indeed the best why is Antonio and team are expecting alternative ones? In a certain scenario Antonio’s assumptions could mean that the UPND agrees with him that PF policies are the best that’s why they don’t offer alternative ones, but the UPND keeping quiet could also mean that they don’t offer alternative policies because PF and Lungu don’t take it kindly.
    Week before last we had UPND publish an alternative progressive budget online PF minions here didn’t take nicely they all went ad hominem and rabid. Minister presented a failure of a budget the minions praised it…

  12. “… they are not providing any alternatives to the policies of the Patriotic Front,” Mwanza said. Has anyone else noticed this? PF has at one time or another said they have the best policies. If their policies are indeed the best why is Antonio and team are expecting alternative ones? In a certain scenario Antonio’s assumptions could mean that the UPND agrees with him that PF policies are the best that’s why they don’t offer alternative ones, but the UPND keeping quiet could also mean that they don’t offer alternative policies because PF and Lungu don’t take it kindly.
    Week before last we had UPND publish an alternative progressive budget online PF minions here didn’t take nicely they all went ad hominem and rabid. Minister presented a failure of a budget the PF praised it…

  13. Zambia second largest copper producing country in dare poverty bcoz corruption. shame, dont under rate UPND its a party and it can win the way you won from MMD. its us who will choose which party usher in in 2021. The party which pay retirees in good time. advise to the new government we will usher in in 2021, dont allow these guys fm pf join you at all cost, they ran away fm unip, they saw mmd falling joined pf now pf is in the evening they want to joine the winning team U***. There is hunger m/meal now is on MOU to Congo. who is the owner of the 48 houses kanshi imwee? Dora the big wafler who owns those houses? these are things with many other questions with no answers which will send you parking in 2021. lwenu.

  14. All those non southerners vice presidents mentioned here were not chased by left on their own accord. One thing Mwanza doesnt mention is who made or elected them to vice presidents?

  15. Change is coming we all know that. But that change wont be between two party leaders that hate each other soooo much that now their supporters have learnt to hate each other as well. Any posting between the rivals is quickly followed by insults between the supporters….Yes change is coming but it wont be between the two…its turning the corner…Who killed change

  16. Antonio you always make sense my man. Yo debates on national issues are second to none. Munthu wanga Upnd will cry in 2021 .Even some traditional leaders knows very that hh is going nowhere.

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