Kariba Dam spillway rehabilitation tender awarded

Kariba dam under rehabilitation
Kariba dam under rehabilitation
Kariba dam under rehabilitation
Kariba dam under rehabilitation

The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) has awarded the tender for the rehabilitation of the Kariba Dam spillway, to a consortium comprising GE Hydro France and Freyssinet International.

The spillway is a major component of the Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project (KDRP) and the contract is valued at $53,684,000.00.

The loan and grant financing committed to the KDRP project by the World Bank and the African Development Bank are primarily funding the spillway rehabilitation works and the supervision costs of both the spillway refurbishment and plunge pool reshaping works contracts.

Eng. Munyaradzi Munodawafa, Chief Executive of the ZRA, confirmed that “Together with the plunge pool reshaping, the refurbishment of the spillway will ensure the long-term safe operation of the Kariba Dam for many more years and the dam’s continued contribution to Zambia and Zimbabwe’s energy security and economic prosperity.”

“The spillway will be refurbished over a timeframe of four years and is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2023,” he added.
The contractor is expected to mobilise to the site gradually over ten months having started in September.


  1. Lets apply pumped hydro at the Kariba dam. The water coming out of the turbines can be pumped back up the dam using solar power when its dry and sunny, or using that excess energy from the very turbines during off-peak hours.

  2. All this work, and nothing will be fixed then blame Climate Change. We have seen this before, government quick to announce such projects but nothing good comes out of it. There is no transparency in the whole tender process and the really good companies are cut off due to corruption. Solomon you believe that progress at your own risk, right now you guys are living worse than villagers barely having electricity in this modern time.

  3. In four years something will happen. Either load shedding will end regardless of whether there is drought or not, or there will be solar craze that will render this a white elephant. What will be common to both is that the looters will have walked away with bloated stomachs.

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