PF Government to start Taxing Netflix Streaming Service in Zambia.


The government says it is working towards starting to tax Netflix streaming service in Zambia.

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says the Zambian government is displeased that some foreign content service providers are making money in Zambia without paying any taxes.

He said the money being generated by streaming services such as Netflix should be made to pay some form of taxes to the Zambian government.

“Working with my Minister Honourable Siliya and our team at the Ministry, we are working on coming up with a tax regime for these streaming services such as Netflix so that the revenue they are harvesting here start ploughing back into the country,” Mr Kasolo said.

Mr Kasolo said government is concerned that a lot of local television stations in Zambia are depending on foreign content.

He said such content has a negative impact on the minds and development of Zambian children.

Mr Kasolo explained that the foreign content being broadcast has prompted government to compel local stations to broadcast 60 percent of local content so that viewers have access to information that promotes Zambia’s culture.

The Permanent Secretary was speaking on Tuesday during the launch of Diamond TV on the DSTV platform on channel 271.

Mr Kasolo commended the television station for ensuring that 90 percent of its content is local.

Netflix, Inc. is an American media-services provider and production company headquartered in California, founded in 1997.

The company’s primary business is its subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house.

As of April 2019, Netflix had over 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide, including 60 million in the United States, and over 154 million subscriptions total including free trials.


  1. The problem with the PF govt is the high level of corruption of its officials. If a govt is hard working, transparent and credible, we would automatically support them regardless of party. But money collected from taxes is wasted through corruption. I once had a neighbor who was a PF cadre (one of the school drop outs) who used to be paid a salary every month just for being a cadre. Can you imagine the whole bunch of these cadres getting paid and the cost to the treasury!

    For every dollar the PF govt borrows, 63 cents is stolen.

    Let those using netflix enjoy lower cost for their entertainment.

    • Why did you not report this anonymously to the ACC and DEC. Chitotela’s case was in the public eye because true patriots reported that big headed thief.

    • A repeat of the past. Too many failure parastatal’s too many ineffective and unnecessary “ jobs” created for votes. An economy created for parasitic activities not productive activities. Another example of failure.

    • NETFLIX used to be good and clean. But now it has a lot of homosexual content being promoted, and especially targeting the black community. Not good for Zambia.

  2. So everything its to tax now? Nkongole za euro bond zayamba kunyeleza manje. Very soon you will start taxing lobola and church tithe. We warned you not to borrow recklessly. Imwe ati the GDP of Zambia can accommodate the debt. Accommodate it kaili

  3. Don’t worry these dander heads in this useless worst govt on earth will not get this right… example given of tax failure is……. you nailed it Sales tax… useless tossers in the worst govt on earth

    • Has Prof. No Insoni written a letter to the UN on his University Letterhead about South African murderers yet? CHILDISH.

  4. I am not a fan of the PF government but they are right in wanting to tax Netflix. Netflix can not be allowed to make money from Zambians with out being taxed.
    Years back UK gambling sites were making huge amounts of money out of US citizens and when they had problems collecting tax they just banned gambling sites.
    Zambia should also go for Google and any intenet site that makes money in Zambia.

  5. So The Citizens Did not Ask For 60% Local Content. Now We Know. Is This Not Dictatorial?
    How Does A private TV Channel Attract Sponsors On Their Platform If The Programs Are Trivial And Don’t Attract Viewership?
    No Wonder You Still Have Washing Powder And Bathing Soap Makers running Adverts On Your Channels But People End Up Buying Congolese Body Lotions.
    Stop Embarrassing Yourselves By Thinking That You Are Doing The Country Any Favours With Such Decisions

    • Instead of reaping where you did not sow, how about you create? Start by creating an environment friendly to artists and other creative minds to produce entertaining and educational stuff mr PS.. this cadrism approach to anything is the reason we are not advancing as a nation in my view!

      How much tax can a Zambian take before they break? I mean Netflix will pass it on to viewers enjoying content.. go figure!

  6. No wonder we Zambian’s are not developing or manufacturing things like vehicle’s, etc. Promoting 60% local culture on TV is a way of avoiding the citizen to have insight of better governance and development in other countries. “Umwana ashenda atasha nina ukunaya”. The gov does not want us to emulate other cultures, especially those that remove Presidents and his party.

  7. This *****! Does it ever occur Netflix can switch off from Zambia and that won’t even break their bank. Is this administration that broke? Might as well Tax Facebook, What’s App, Snapp Chat, Instagram and every other online subscription services


  9. Weaken of process of innovating, PF.
    Too bad the British never gave us a Magna Carta, we only took smoke from them and leave the fire.

  10. 60% local content so that they can carry on feeding lies to the population !!! Lies that PF is not corrupt, not thieve…………………………………

  11. Where is that Minister of Affairs of a Religious nature to say some gobbledygook in support of this tax? I told one of your border tax collectors that you will never get rich from taxes and fees; you will just scare away the little income you are supposed to make. Lwenu ulo. Neo noleka no bwelako kwanu uko. Ma tax monga ungena mu heaven shuwa! Sha!!!

  12. The problem is that the government lacks imagination. Netflix presents an opportunity for Zamtel to roll out fibre for use for streaming services. That is where you make money and not try to extract unnecessary taxes.

  13. Tax Netflix or tax the Zambian.. on which subscription the trial version or premium version. what of Hulu, prime etc … that’s chipantepante… probably a bar discussion.

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