Zambia sign deal to export Maize to DRC next year

A stack of over 14, 000 bags of maize purchased by FRA at Chipoka satellite depot since the marketing season exercise commenced.

A stack of over 14, 000 bags of maize purchased by FRA at Chipoka satellite depot since the marketing season exercise commenced.

Zambia has signed an agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo that will see the country Export about 600,000 metric tones of Maize and meali meal to the DRC starting in 2020.

The Memorandum of understanding aimed at Commercialising maize exports to the DRC was signed today at the Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka.

Zambia’s Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo signed the MoU on behalf of the Zambian government while Congolese Minister of External Trade Jean Busa signed on behalf of his country.

He said trade in maize and maize products has been informal for a long time and the agreement will ensure that a well structured regime is put in place to promote trade.

Mr Katambo emphasised that exports in maize and maize products will commence next year after harvests.

He acknowledged that Zambia currently does not have adequate maize to export to the DRC as it is coming from a poor rainy season that affected maize production.

Mr Katambo is confident that with various interventions put in place, Zambia will see increased maize production in the 2019/2020 agricultural season.

And Mr Busa reiterated that the DRC has for a long time faced food crisis and expressed hope that the MoU will help address the situation.

He commended Zambia for always being there to help whenever the DRC is faced with a calamity.

Mr Busa said his government is committed to addressing obstacles that have negatively impacted trade between the two countries.


    • The climate has listened to the cry of GRZ and changed again. The government has woken up to the fact that the Climate has its own mind and govt has decided to take it serious and plan based on its promises. One hopes a lesson has been picked and there won’t be any more climate change excuses.
      Next time the climate focasts to change, don’t blame it. Be prepared like the Boy Scouts. Hahaha!

    • Finally common sense is prevailing…only the evil millers who have prevented this from happening are unhappy with such a development that will empower the farmers.

    • This is not good news. Instead they should have signed that of mealie meal. We all along been talking of value addition which goes on to create jobs home. As may be we now are creating Jobs in DRC.

  1. Good move by the government. They should not listen too much from the consumer but to the producers and Farmers.. export that’s where money is. PF again has shown that they listen and face issues head on.

  2. So we are anticipating a bumper harvest next year?…..Let’s hope this will not lead to exorbitant mealie meal prices as is the case right now. This government has got a tendency of taking care of foreign citizens at the expense of their own like what is obtaining in some other countires where power supply coming from Zambia is so reliable but which their own people do not have

  3. Excellent move by the government, so we have to make sure that whatever fertilizer that is needed for maize growth is locally made.
    Government ensure that this source of income that will be implemented befits the country not the government individuals.
    And when exporting ensure that our country is left with enough to avoid poverty.

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