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Zambia’s Grizzly Mining extracts world’s heaviest single emerald


Grizzly Mining Company, Zambia’s second largest emerald mine has unearthed a historic 50-kilogramme multi-million-dollar emerald crystal at its Lufwanyama mine on the Copperbelt Province, making it the world’s heaviest hunk ever exhumed.

The Lufwanyama-based company, one of the world’s leading emerald mines, has immediately staked the huge nugget, which has been christened ‘Natural Wonder’ at the ongoing international emeralds auction which opened at InterContinental Hotel in Lusaka on Tuesday.

Grizzly Mining Company Chief Executive Officer Abdoul Ba has said the discovery of the massive single stone weighing 50 kilogrammes, arguably becomes the world’s heaviest emerald crystal, to have ever been extracted, in the history of the global gemstone industry.

The stone has been displayed at InterContinental Hotel where auction for other high-quality emeralds is taking place.

The Natural Wonder’ unearthed by Grizzly Mining
The Natural Wonder’ unearthed by Grizzly Mining


  1. And the only beneficiary is the Senegalese Ba.
    No villager in Lumwana will benefit.
    Not even a water well for villagers whom God showed them that Lufwanyama had precious stones.

    • We need to follow Botswana and Namibia as the best examples in Africa of how to manage gemstone resources.

      These Senes and Malians are thieves and we shouldn’t even have them anywhere near the gemstone industry let alone owning mines. What is wrong with us people kanshi? Look at Lufwanyama and tell me what development have they or even the Indians who own Kagem brought after so many years of stealing emeralds. Enough is enough you as a Zambian can you go to Mali or Senegal and own land or even a mine there?

  2. It ends at being a statistic, the people of Chief Nkana won’t benefit anything and they’ve never benefited from their emeralds. Serious emerald mining in Chief Nkana’s area began around 1971 but when you look at the road the leads to this area it’s a very big shame. Even the Chief’s palace is nothing to talk about. These are the things we must be upset about. Our leaders waste most of their time on irrelevant issues. We are our worst enemy. There’s a lot of poverty in this area. The little projects that have been done can’t alleviate people’s suffering. What is the conscious of the people who own these mines?

  3. Our leaders are a shame, they know whts happening by turn a blind eye as if they dont know whats happening. Corruption. They’re “shareholders” and aiding foreigners to enrich themselves at an expense of Zambians.

  4. Yet Lufwanyama still remains one of the least developed districts of the country and so is our country itself. People must really wake up.

  5. Ya,most of the farmers around lufwanyama only own bicycles to ferry vegetables and Charcoal not knowing or ignorant that they have huge deposit of such prescious stones in the ground around them.
    Agony is when you live in a glass satched house while underneath the ground in your yard there is Gold worth million of dollars.

  6. will this going to take long, were is the country heading when all our precious materials are lead out overseas and out of the continent and still remaining undeveloped?better lufwanyama get improved lifestyle for more gems to the external audience.

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