Why President Lungu and HH’s Scapegoating Gays is Undemocratic

HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

President Lungu, and Hakainde Hichilema’s scapegoating of gays is laughable except for the harm it may cause to our fellow citizens.

The rumours that HH supports gay rights did not come from nowhere–it is President Lungu’s goal of instilling fear in Zambians not to trust or vote for Hichilema in 2021. Voting for HH would imply acceptance of homosexuality in the self-declared righteous Christian nation. Only Lungu will protect and defend the sacred nation against the life-ending dangers of homosexuality.

HH understood the PF driven lie–so he joined the anti-gay crusade. He has certain values and has never supported, and will never support gay rights, he convincingly told Zambians. “I do not agree that God was wrong to create Man and Woman, Male and Female,” righteous HH noted.

This homophobic political episode underscores the now established political tradition of scapegoating gays as the nation moves closer to elections. The playbook is well established—the amplification of homosexuality as an important issue in national politics often deflect us from addressing the real issues that Zambians face.

Reminisce of the Rupiah Banda and Dora Siliya’s gay-smearing MMD campaign against Michael Sata’s PF, President Lungu presents HH as in bed with the gay menace. Like Sata, HH’s response is simply an election gimmick–in his heart, he knows better.

Why do we care more about gays than corrupt-stinking politicians?

Fear is illogical–it abandons reason. Why do we care more about gays than corrupt-stinking politicians? Who does not know that our politicians are drunkards, thieves, child molesters and rapists? Who does not know that politicians buy sex on our streets daily? Who does not know the money spent on beers at State House can buy thousands of ambulances for the accursed Christian nation? Who does not know that the cost of President Lungu’s trip to New York cost more in allowances than it costs to employ thousands of teachers and nurses. How about 48 houses without the owner?

HH’s rebuttal sought to satisfy the nation’s allergy to homosexuality. Aside from insulting many Zambians born with both genitals (intersex) and transgender persons, HH lied to the unsuspecting electorate that sexual rights have not been part of his discussions with international bodies–they have. Sexual rights have been discussed at the UN, diplomatic communities as well as health conferences including UNAIDS. At its 2014 meeting in Angola, The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights called on African nations to promote and protect human rights of sexual minorities.

Gays are Africans, Christians and Zambians just as we are. Of course, we may not agree with their lifestyles, but we must respect their human rights. It is the government’s responsibility to protect the rights of all its citizens, including gays.

A citizenry has the rights to make informed decisions. President Lungu’s consumption of snake meat is an example. l find it hard to understand why someone would eat snake meat. The same with those who eat monkeys, rats, dogs, snares, frogs, lizards, monitors, and crocodiles among many others. My SDA friend Kennedy Kazeza would add that even the Bible prohibits eating most of these animals.

So, should we criminalize eating of snake meat? Or imprison President Lungu for enjoying snake meat? If people are forced to eat snake meat or deceived into eating snake meat without their consent, it is surely illegal. Should they knowingly consume it, however, as President Lungu did, it is within their democratic and human rights. Importantly, by consuming such animals, they are not less Zambian or Christian than those who don’t. This is the beauty and blessing of democracy.

Opposition cadres and Christian fundamentalists have concluded the president is a Satanist as a result. Such a conclusion is senseless. President Lungu made that choice as an adult. I may not like it, but he did not put it in my mouth. What he puts into his mouth is none ot my business. Yes one can argue that it is against Zambian culture to consume snakes. But it is not a crime at all. But does it mean that the president’s consumption of snake meat destroyed our cultural norms? No!

This is the case with gay persons–what two consenting adults do with their sexuality does not affect me at all. If anything, my rights are violated by smokers, drunks, and corrupt politicians than by same-sex loving persons.

Unlike many Christians, l don’t fear gays but politicians. They are responsible for the culture of corruption and violence in the nation. I am not asking you endorse my views–doing so is violating your democratic rights and freedoms.

l believe homosexuals like those who eat snake meat are full human beings with rights to be protected and defended. They may be a minority, but defending the rights of minorities is critical to good governance.

The beauty of democracy is simply this–let us live to disagree as long as my actions do not violate your human rights. Politically motivated prosecution of corruption, violence and denial of human rights to all Zambians is not only wrong, but unchristian.

For once we should ask why our politicians frequent the gay-protecting nations, and educate their children and seek advanced medical care from gay doctors and nurses. Is it that politicians like Lungu and HH are useless parents, who knowingly expose their children to cultures they deem unchristian? Is it that they are simply lying to the unquestioning electorate while enjoying the benefits of foreign aid from homosexual protecting nations?

The gods must be crazy indeed!
By Rev. Kapya Kaoma


  1. Very true. I a do not support GAY activities but at the same time I support GAY rights, sin is sin and politicians commit more sin by stealing from the poor and committing adultery that affects their wives. GAYS on the other hand hurt no one, they just practice an activity that is seen as u natural between two consenting adults.

    • Imwe Ba Reverend Kaoma, where were you when I insulted everybody’s parents?
      Do you also what to be insulted??
      Then stop bringing up that discussion of gays. There women here.
      Imwe baffikala need to discuss gays when you are on top of your women.
      I can’t discuss that with any woman, and there are some hotty women here at LT.
      It’s Friday drink responsibly, know what you are eating, no snakes please.

    • Come on guys…still talking about Gay…i thought this was last month’s topic…Rev Kaoma have you just woken up…you the same hypocrites that God and the Bible warned us about…

    • Do you consider Mandela a great man, like white people proclaimed him to be for not kicking them into the sea in South Africa? If you do, then Mandela was the first African leader to legalise the gay rights on this continent. There they live openly. Good or bad. Even Zondwa displays freely. Good or bad. Here in Zambia prostitutes & their clients mingle freely. Gays are here but hiding. So are we not already in Sodom also? Satinism is everywhere, most of it disguised as Churches. So if we are fighting gays should we not fight all these?

    • You can’t get this dirt off your shoulder. Did H² attend the poofter’s conference or not?
      Wonders shall never end.
      I switched off immediately this fake man of God said he believes homosexuals like those who eat snake meat are full human beings with rights to be protected and defended.
      There is homosexuality in some churches too. The Reverend may be homosexual.

    • The world is messed up today because of Politicians and Priests, Pastors or what you may call them….Hypocrites and they like dividing people……They’re often bought by Politicians and the Majority of Priests are evil

    • Rev Kaoma am not Judging you but one day you will come face to face with God….stop fooling people…we all know your agendas….remember what Mahatma Gandhi said ” if it wasn’t for Christians the whole world should have been Christians….because people look at how Christians behave and say if that one is a Christian then I don’t want to be Christian”…

    • If you don’t know, when a nation sins against God, that nation faces judgement corporately. Remember we declared Zambia a Christian nation, so we can’t have double standards. I agree though, that there’s too much sin in our country, but the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah resulted in the burning of the entire cities. On the other hand, I am against legislating Christianity because it’s a personal issue. We have a Christian nation on paper while sinners rule. Laughable! You can’t ride on another’s righteousness to enter heaven.

    • Bongo bongo 1.3 Mandela after his release was the worst thing to happen to South Africa. Someone else should have been president in the ANC and not him. Look at them now, no education and killing their fellow Africans. Gay nonsense should never have been legalized in Africa. Maybe in UPND, sponsored by foreign gays, it is normal; but not for God loving Africans.

    • Unlike Data who simply said Zambia has enough laws to deal with homosexuality, HH is part of network supporting gay rights in Africa. So Rev. must get it right than hide under Sata. The unholy alliance between HH and gay movement is what Zambians won’t allow. Better kanshi we elect Imbwili or ba Kalaba

    • Mr Kaoma sir please read your Bible….”its by the fruits of their trees that we shall know them”……and you can not fool God…….God is not man to be fooled….so stop masquerading as a Reverend and which religious school did you graduate from and who ordained you as a Reverend?????…..and which Bible do you read???

    • Where are these supporters of gayism coming from? Shamelessly talking about “gays have rights,” nonsense. Go to South Africa if you want to practice your gay lifestyle. Don’t be undermining our Christian and African values. What kind of Reverend are you? What Bible do you preach from? Shame on you.

    • Hakainde will sell our country to the Devil! Better suffer under Lungu than allow this nonsense beinh supported by fake Reverands

  2. You’re just gay. Akainde is going nowhere. He has been exposed as an African Gay Liberal Network supporter.
    Under 5!

    • @Kudos, I usually avoid you, but it’s Friday you know…
      You maybe right, because gays don’t do or deal in drugs, gays can’t eat snake and they can’t manage as commandos, and can’t behave like PF in military uniforms with pistols.
      PF stinks.
      Gays smell perfume.

  3. Good article. Politicians are only after their interests even when they pretend otherwise. Only a very few politicians world wide have been exemplary.

  4. The topic of Gays in Zambia is completely out of question. It is undesirable. There is no way one can claim to be christian and be gay. It is either you are a christian or gay period. Gays are already in Sodom and Gomorrah. There is no Christianity in it no.
    Secondly, if one is a pastor or any person who is God loving, and entertains gay rights, he or she should check or examine his relationship with God. Hypocrisy and truth don not march. President Lungu should not be condemned for refusing to entertain it. He is right. Not in Zambia, not at all.
    Although, you say, Zambia, self declared christian nation, I find it to be a very misplaced statement because, of course it is
    Paul Simbeye

  5. You can call yourself Reverend or whatever, one thing is that, this is a Christian nation and that said it cannot support Gay or Lesbian rights, we can not insult God in the name of “they were born so”, “its their right”. You cannot use corruption and other wrong doing as “license” to support Gay rights or justifying Gayism , in the time of Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah) there was corruption, fornication and whatever wrong doing but God did not use these as reason for destruction of these cities instead he pointed out the meeting of Man to Man and Woman to Woman which he said was” against the order of Nature” upon these he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. But Informed that we listen to no man but God, for as long as Zambia remains a “Christian nation” which I’m Proud of, we shall never…

  6. Zambians are such vicious bigots, they commit all manner of fornication, adultery and bigamy and other sinful sexual indiscretions as yet unknown to man! But when it comes to homosexuality, they condemn like they are so clean when Nkandu Luo is a lesbian and Sata was shagging with Menagas! They even voted for a man called Satan as president. Zambia is hell!

  7. CK was right when he said that UPND supporters can vote HH over Jesus.To them HH is alpha and Omega.
    HH will be defended even to their death.Truth is truth whether you denied it.He attended ALN meeting in Como Italy and the agenda of that gathering was to support or promote SSM (same sex marriage) .Since Ayatollah is the grand slave of imperialists he sees it as normal something that God detest most.It good that men of God denounce HH and his evil schemes for the National

  8. sodomites are worse than dogs there are no such rights as homosexual , whatever bondage of this evil people advocate for is A TERRIBLE SIN UPON THE FACE OF GOD
    homosexuality is perversion of sexuality.
    what do they do man and man stinks of hell perverts evil evil evil perverting human sexualty

  9. Just a correction, Sata did publicly support gays in 2010.
    Just like you the cancer this country is facing is corrupt politicians and not gays as the corrupt politicians want us to believe.
    One of these days we should ask our politicians this, “do they accept votes from gays and lesbians?” because their political stance over the gay issue ultimately come down to answering a question like this.

  10. Dokowe

    Late Sata didn’t support NONSENSE of same sex marriage.Dont lie to the end.Shame on you.
    Last year UPND officials attended the same meetings in Ghana discussing Homosexuality .Now was HH in Italy.

  11. A reverend supporting gayism and comparing it with beer drinking….? Am surprised and disappointed. Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, states the Bible…but the one who does God’s will.

  12. Look we are missing it. Zambia having been declared a Christian Nation should not align it self with SIN. What is sin? Sin is transgression against the LAW. EXAMPLES OF SIN: Corruption, stealing, vulgar language, gayisim, udultery, formication, lying, lusty, idolatry, Satanism etc. All who are into the afforsaid shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. So WHO should preside over this Nation

    • GMS you miss the point! This LGBT argument is not about the biblical definition of sin. It is about abuse of human rights disguised in form of Discrimination – being denied basic human rights! It’s not different from institutionalized Tribalism where you are retired in the national interest because of your tribe, or denied employment because of your surname! It’s this kind of discrimination that gives the gay rights movement the energy to make too much noise! This is Newton’s third Law of motion – Action is equal to Reaction! Recognize LGBT human rights the way you have done with Sex workers’ rights who now have associations! Do that and all this noise will die down! Beware of the YEAST of the Pharisees which is Hypocrisy!

  13. By Rev. Kapya Kaoma is not a pastor that should be followed. These are the same clowns that lead God’s people to their doom. God fried Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone. That is all we need to know.

  14. So called gayism may be repugnant to many of you Zambians but it is a reality and will just not go away because of your emotions.By the way,simply saying Zambia is a Christian Nation does not make it one.A mere declaration does not convert a nation.There is nothing in the national character that reflects christian values.We are a nation that has even failed to properly look after the most vulnerable in our society.We are a fake christian nation and homophobia through total ignorance will not help us.Zambia is doomed.

  15. To the men of the cloth (somehow I have never heard a woman of the cloth supporting gay rights), I submit as follows:

    The Bible indeed teaches us to love everyone as they are created in God’s likeness.

    There has been evidence of lots of sin committed in various scenarios in biblical times incuding corruption, theft, fornication adultery, murder and so on. During those times, God forgave those among the people who sought forgiveness and this is well documented.

    Now pay attention to this bit – the moment people started practicing homosexuality, i.e. man having sex with man and woman having sex with woman, God acted in one of the most direct and dramatic ways on record, He destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah with brimeston and fire. Even more dramatic was Lot’s wife who, for merely…

  16. .

    Now pay attention to this bit – the moment people started practicing homosexuality, i.e. man having sex with man and woman having sex with woman, God acted in one of the most direct and dramatic ways on record, He destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah with brimeston and fire. Even more dramatic was Lot’s wife who, for merely looking back at the burning city, was rewarded with instant death and being cast into a pillar of salt!

    Now that is a very ANGRY God we are dealing with here. Angry at the gay practices even though the rest of the world still had lots of other sin happening.

    Lesson is, let us live by the Bible and it’s teachings. Theft corruption etc are among us but we are commanded to still love those people doing it and lead them to God.

    I see nowhere where the Bible…

  17. I see nowhere where the Bible directs us to love gay people except to say practicing it is an abomination. It is the highest wrong one can do to society.

    Now reflect and reply to my thoughts.


  18. The Reverend is spot-on!
    It’s just that Zambians are nosy busy bodies that can’t mind their own business! We are all sinners by DNA – some openly sinful and others privately sinful. We were ALL conceived in iniquity! Therefore when we want to correct each other as sinful beings, let us not put the “holier than thou” bad attitude! Gayism is not different from robbing widows and orphans! Gayism is not different from prostitution and drunkenness! Why should Prostitution be legalized and not Gayism? Let people choose freely between life and death! We must not allow our statutes to be influenced by religious preferences of our leaders. We have already lost freedom of Assembly and we can’t afford to have more of our freedoms getting eroded! The Christian Nation Clause in our statutes is highly…

  19. The Christian Nation Clause in our statutes is highly discriminatory and blasphemous! We can’t be Christians and Corrupt at the same time! This discussion is an energy drainer and a time waster! No wonder our economy is dead because of misplaced time and energy!

  20. First Kaoma is not a Bishop secondly Kaoma is gay period.To hell with your story.Who doesn’t know that this ngombe ilede chap doesn’t support gay?

  21. No gay can ever say he is a Christian impossible. The bible forbids it and it’s abomination. About eating snakes read Gen 9:3 and 1Tim4:4,5.

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