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UPND is a member of the Africa Liberal Network Which Promotes Homosexuality



President Hakainde Hichilema in a group photo with other eminent and distinguished personalities attending a meeting organised by the Brenhurst Foundation at Lake Como, Italy to discuss Africa's economic trajectory under a theme, “Can Africa be the Next Asia?”
President Hakainde Hichilema in a group photo with other eminent and distinguished personalities attending a meeting organised by the Brenhurst Foundation at Lake Como, Italy to discuss Africa’s economic trajectory under a theme, “Can Africa be the Next Asia?”

By Mwanza and Kalunga

Over the past few days, the public has been treated to some information – whether true or not – that the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, attended a meeting in the resort town of Lake Como in Italy of the Africa Liberal Network (ALN), an organisation which promotes liberal values, including homosexuality. The meeting is said to have taken place under the auspices of the South African-based Brenthurst Foundation.

What we know about the Brenthurst Foundation

The Brenthurst Foundation was set up by the Oppenheimer family who have made their fortune exploiting Southern Africa’s rich mineral wealth from South Africa itself through to Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Brenthurst Foundation styles itself as an organisation that promotes African economic development and “progress”, a rather thin veil for its agenda to change Africa through interfering in the political affairs of African countries by promoting so-called liberal political parties.

Those who have read the opinions of its Director, one Greg Mills, will see from the tone of his articles that he or the Brenthurst Foundation seem to believe that he has some duty to “help Africans” change their governments by electing those who are acceptable to and would promote the Brenthurst Foundation’s agenda.

Dr. Greg Hill’s piece on the 2016 Zambian Presidential election ends with an astonishing claim that the international community – more accurately put, Western countries – should consider actively intervening in African countries if the outcome of an election is not to their liking or more succinctly, if their preferred presidential candidate is not elected, apparently in an election where the margin is sufficiently narrow to ignite controversy by the losing candidate claiming electoral fraud or some other imaginary electoral malfeasance.

The arrogance of Mr. Mills’ article is astonishing but not surprising because in all elections in which Brenthurst Foundation-backed candidates have lost, those elections have attracted wide-spread attention in the Western media which have labelled the elections as “flawed”, “controversial”, “disputed” etc. and have been followed by loud calls for “unity governments”, intended to put Brenthurst Foundation-supported candidates in the resulting government.

These attempts to place selected but unelected persons into government by threats of “international action” have been rejected in recent times as the people of the countries in question, have become more and more aware of these efforts to infiltrate unelected persons into elected government by subterfuge on the part of the Western governments and their surrogates, such as the aforementioned Brenthurst Foundation.

What we know about the African Liberal Network

Back to Zambia and the story surrounding the UPND President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. Following some news – manufactured or not – of Mr. Hichilema’s attendance at the Lake Como meeting arranged by Brenthurst Foundation, it is also said that the meeting was attended by the Africa Liberal Network, an organisation to which the UPND is a member. The Africa Liberal Network’s core mission is, inter alia, “promoting liberalism including minority rights.”

In its true context, minority rights is a veiled reference to “promoting gay rights.” Obviously, the ALN is aware of the increasing hostility of the African population towards political parties or any movement or organisation which promotes homosexuality and its attendant “gay rights;” the Network has therefore wisely chosen not to be so brazen and blatant in their advocacy and now has now chosen to disguise gay rights under the more generic cover of “minority rights”.

The Africa Liberal Network, under the rather thin cover of promoting minority rights, is much better known for promoting homosexuality, or so-called “gay or LGBTQ rights.” One may ask what all this has to do with our main Opposition Party and its leader, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Well, Mr. Hichilema has a prominent presence at the Brenthurst Foundation which, incidentally, is chaired by former Nigerian President, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, (Rtd). Of more immediate interest is the fact that Mr. Hichilema’s party, the UPND, is a member of the Africa Liberal Network which has a close partnership with the Brenthurst Foundation and the two are working together in promoting so-called minority which, as earlier stated, is just a non-explicit name for homosexual or gay rights.

The Africa Liberal network has a policy to promote liberalism and minority and homosexual rights, and “to capacitate its member parties to win elections in order to implement the liberal agenda.” UPND as a member party of ALN is, therefore, bound by these ALN policies as categorically stated on the Network’s web site. The meeting which Mr. Hichilema is said to have attended, was said to have been attended by the ALN, whose eminent work in promoting homosexuality or so-called gay rights is well known.

When some social media article appeared which allegedly Mr. Hichilema had stated that his Party would enshrine gay rights in the constitution when it comes to power, there was consternation in Zambia, especially among the Christian groups who were outraged that Zambia, which is a declared Christian nation, should even contemplate legislating gay rights.

President Lungu, attending the UN General Assembly in New York at the time, weighed in on the issue, calling upon Zambians not to be swayed and reaffirming that his government would uphold the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and would not allow alien or foreign values to dilute Zambian and Christian values.

In the usual fashion, local news outlets jumped into the fray largely on the anti-gay side. Mr. Hichilema, for his part, issued a rather muted denial of the alleged news report attributing to him as having uttered the words alleged. Mr. Hichilema said he was unmoved by “PF propaganda” and that as a Christian, he does not support “unbiblical things.” UPND Party Spokesperson, Charles Kakoma, also issued a statement which, interestingly, seemed to deny the fact that Mr. Hichilema had travelled out of the country at all.

Mr. Kakoma’s denial was countered by a strong statement, on social media, by the former UPND Vice President for Politics, Dr. Canisius Banda, in which he categorically stated that Mr. Hichilema had indeed travelled to Lake Como in Italy to attend the Brenthurst Foundation-organised meeting which was also attended by the Africa Liberal Network. Dr. Banda challenged Mr. Kakoma, the UPND Spokesperson, to inspect Mr. Hichilema’s passport to confirm whether or not he had travelled to Italy.

A very loud silence then followed, during which nothing more was said about this trip to Italy by the UPND leader. This continued until one day or so ago, when suddenly, the News Diggers Newspaper jumped into the fray and re-opened the discussion with an editorial attacking the Republican President’s office, which we commonly refer to as State House, for “lying about the UPND’s ties to the Africa Liberal Network and its homosexual agenda.

News Diggers accused State House of having spread a false story about UPND’s ties to “those promoting homosexuality”, a reference to the Africa Liberal Network. Interestingly, News Diggers does not deny the fact that Mr Hichilema had travelled to Italy to attend a meeting which was also attended by the ALN.

More importantly, there is no denial even from News Diggers that UPND is a member party of the Africa Liberal Network whose outspoken advocacy of homosexuality, or so-called gay rights, is its most prominent feature. The Africa Liberal Network makes no secret of its agenda to support for its member political parties to take over government for the purpose of implementing its so-called liberal policies.

It is interesting that News Diggers have chosen to attack the President, or State House, for his remarks on Government’s policy towards so-called gay rights. There is nothing sinister about the President in guiding the nation over his government’s policies, even if it is related to the on-going discussion on UPND’s association with a network that promotes homosexuality under the broad but thin cover of liberal values.

The UPND is a member of the African Liberal Network, an Alliance of 47 political parties whose core agenda is to promote liberal values such including homosexuality, a key component of minority rights. According to the ALN, its Alliance partners, including the UPND are bound by the ALN Constitution which states that “they (parties) exist to ensure religious, gender and minority rights are recognised,” among other things.

So what type of minority rights have these 47 parties, including the UPND, have been fighting for to ensure recognition in African Countries? The African Liberal Network, constituting 47 members who include UPND, celebrated the granting of homosexuality rights in Botswana by way of the Botswana High Court’s decision in a matter which was moved by gay rights activists. In Nigeria, this Network of 47 political parties protested against the passing of a law prohibiting same-sex marriage and threatened to take the Federal Government of Nigeria to the United Nations to have the Nigerian Federal government declared by the UN as being in violation of human rights.

One wonders, then, how it can be denied that the UPND, which is a member of this Network and is bound by its Constitution, does not subscribes to these values which include homosexuality or so-called gay rights when the same are implemented jointly by the ALN. The UPND voluntarily joined the African Liberal Network knowing exactly what the Network stands for, including its homosexuality agenda, and voluntarily accepted to be bound by the Network’s constitution and its policies.

Cape Verde has, by far, been hailed to be the most accepting country in Africa when it comes to homosexuality based on a 2016 survey which was conducted and showed 74% of the residents welcoming the idea of having homosexuality. Those who propagate liberal values such as the ALN, feel aggrieved that “the legislation on homosexuality in Ghana which was introduced in the 1860s remains an unpleasant stain on the country’s liberal record” but said many liberal activists in Ghana are still pushing for a change to the country’s laws.

Namibia, has also been singled out as a country that is “taking a progressively more liberal stance issues of homosexuality” with Lesotho said to be the nation mostly known as liberal and peaceful where same-sex relationships have never been against the law and male same-sex activities were legalised in 2012.

The other countries that have been recognised by these champions as liberal countries are South Africa which allows same-sex marriage as part of the liberal agenda to promote minority rights and Mozambique where the liberal advocates are hoping changes will be made to laws on sexual preferences.

These examples, above, should not leave any doubt as to what these advocates of liberal democracy champion in their promotion of minority rights. The UPND is a member of the Africa Liberal Network whose track-record and agenda to fight for these liberal values.


Instead of the UPND attempting to deflect the facts and to deny its choices, it should accept that the citizens of this country, including the President, have a right to demand straight answers when they demand to know what the UPND’s policy is on any particular subject. In this case, Zambians want a straight answer to the question of the UPND’s stance or position, on homosexuality and so-called gay rights in light of the fact that is a part of the Network that work to entrench these rights.

Zambians cannot be expected to sit idle and accept lame denials when the activities of the UPND, by its association with Africa Liberal Network, points clearly to an agenda which will lead to the introduction of so-called gay rights if or when UPND forms government. That is what the mission statement of African Liberal Network states in clear terms, that is, its Alliance members inclusive of the UPND, are bound to implement the policies of ALN.

UPND must simply come out and explain its liberal agenda vis-à-vis the Africa Liberal Network of which they are a member. The ALN has clearly shown its agenda of promoting homosexuality in African countries. There is no need for denial: The UPND is part of the liberal network promoting these liberal values which include so-called gay rights under the guise of minority rights.


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      Mulechula, mwakulapolomya for voting PF. Vote for UPND, they don’t fucvk each other, but you people are fucvked up by PF.
      Even Miles cheated you, but muli fipuba.
      Seriously save money for something better.
      Don’t compete with us, free internet everywhere, even in church.

    • Mwanza and Kalunga let’s not forget that minority rights also includes rights of minority races in Countries where African immigrants face racism every single day. Let’s not be narrow minded and self serving in our analyses. Do you know why the African Liberal Network decided to hold their meeting in Italy this year? Are you aware that at a recent marathon in Italy black athletes were not allowed to participate? Why are you only associating ALN with the gay agenda? What is the meaning of the word ‘liberalism’ to you? Does it just insinuate homosexuality? Then you have a serious gap in your education if it does. In your narrow categorization of the word ‘liberalism’ even for people like civil rights activists and liberal economists and politicians are all gay supporting charlattans…

    • Zambia is a member of the UN, and guess what all the leaders they meet their and countries they beg money from promote homosexuality. PF desist from mixing with these characters and accepting their money!

    • Voetsek Party ya ma Fi! My household and I will vote HH and UPND. You wasting your time you MMD meramorphed PamaFi.

    • ….charlattans huh? Check your conscience before pushing an agenda. You might mislead the whole nation and go to hell. Muzichefye. In these chaps’ outdated skulls anyone who is in an organization with ‘liberal’ in it’s name is homosexual meaning even people like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair etc all these liberal democrats are closet gay lovers hahahaha. very laughable this level of ignorance abena Mwanza na Kalunga. Rubbish PF propaganda, we can see through you as you try to deceive us. We way too much for this level of shallow propaganda. Nice try though. The come up will be tougher and stronger than ever, watch the space.

    • UPND lied that ALN has no gay agenda. Now exposed here. Botswana and Nigeria, ALN directly championed these values. What kind of party is lies about network it belongs to? Me disappointed


    • What is surprising about all this is that it seems UPNDEAD is a one man commando in terms of major decisions. That being the case, h² must not form Government because running Government is not about one man show.
      1. When did upndead join ALN?
      2. Does the entire UPNDEAD grouping membership know about the poofter linkage of their gang?
      3. Is the moofie h² alone in this as he pulls his blindly following goons into agreement with these sick western values.
      4. For our minerals, how much is this tribadistic pledging to these mineral hungry gnominious entity?
      So it’s all about the State House at all costs.

    • What is surprising about all this is that it seems UPNDEAD is a one man commando in terms of major decisions. That being the case, h² must not form Government because running Government is not about one man show.
      1. When did upndead join ALN?
      2. Does the entire UPNDEAD grouping membership know about the poofter linkage of their gang?
      3. Is the moofie h² alone in this as he pulls his blindly following goons into agreement with these sick western values.
      4. For our minerals, how much is this tribadistic pledging to these mineral hungry gnominious entity?
      So it’s all about the State House at all costs.

    • Looks like Zambians are so obsessed with homosexuality….typical African hypocrites….Zambians are very good at copying and before you know it the whole country will be full of homosexuals

    • The Oppenheimer are Africans. They are citizens of South Africa and just because they are white does not disqualify them from airing their political opinions about Africa. These authors are reverse racist. If it was a black African who set up this foundation, would you have the same views on it?

    • What is frightening is the so many people in the comments who seem to be siding with the homosexual agenda. If all these people are UPND cadres, and they think it’s okay for Zambia to legalize homosexuality, then sane thinking Zambians need to stand up and oppose this party of HH, as it’s a danger to the moral fiber of our country. If HH supports the homosexual agenda, then we have to make sure he’s kept out of State House. I would rather vote for Lungu, ineffective as he is, as long as he promises to continue upholding the Christian and traditional African values of our country. And it’s funny that these liberal groups never go to Muslim countries to try and promote this decadent lifestyle there. Rather, they’re targeting African countries, BLACK nations for that matter…

  1. Article was written by 2 guys Mwanza and Kalunga, why are you together in weekend, are you in love?
    Where you tired of watching PF’s TV show called Lusaka Hustler? And you went by kissing each and fantasising HH?

  2. * How is this going to solve the Man made hunger afflicting Zambia?
    * How is this going to expose owners of the 48 mysterious Mansions, though we do have an idea who owns them or are shareholders?
    * How is this going to expose 48 Wheelbarrow Scandal, & return cash stolen in the process back to the treasury?
    * How is this going to speed up bringing the Fire Tenders Mrs Jona allegedly received in the U.S on her very expensive Tax Payer wasted shoppingholiday?
    * How is this going to explain the President sneaking out of the nation @ night, Drug dealer in tow, to & help free another Drug peddler incarcerated in a Kenyan gulag?
    * How will this solve loadshedding, late payments to civil servants, nurses, teachers, farmers e.t.c?
    * How is this going to arrest a depreciating Kwacha, &…

    • Cont;
      * How is this going to get the Forest feeding Lusaka’s water table, back to what it was, before Corrupt Jona, & his Vultures carved it up for themselves?
      * How is this going to arrest the depreciating Kwacha,& save it further dropping to JUNK STATUS?
      * How is this going to cause Jona to have the ethics & morals of sacking from the position of Advisor to the President, an extremely Violent & uncouth Brute by the name of Kaizer?
      Epo mpelele, to borrow the phrase from one P.F Cadre.

  3. What is wrong with PF such that they won’t sleep if they can’t paint HH black? Don’t you know that HH is married and has one wife? With the riches he has, it’s humbling that he is not a womanizer like most PF chaps who after stealing a few of our tax money, they have gone mad! We now perceive that the PF of ba Chagwa has nothing to offer for the many problems they have created for Zambians! The best punishment for PF is to vote HH chapwa! The PF PF Chagwa are like Pharisees who see themselves to be holier than everyone else! PF is definitely Anti-LGBT and Homophobic, just as they are TRIBAL! The PF tribalism is institutionalized! You can’t get a job in PF if you have the wrong surname! LGBT / Gay rights are the same as Sex Worker rights! They are human rights! Denying someone employment…

  4. Denying someone employment or health care because they are gay is discriminatory! It’s a worse evil than racism, tribalism or apartheid! We love the LGBT people, not necessarily that we support being gay! If an openly gay candidate wishes to run for public office, we should not hinder them! Competence and Vision is what is important! The other personal considerations are peripheral! PF must be reminded We are a democracy that should protect all human rights! The Homophobic stance by religious fundamentalists is what is fueling the growth of the LGBT movement! Jesus openly mixed with prostitutes and sinners and of course, the PF of that time (the Pharisees) were not happy! Leave HH alone! Concentrate your energies on how you will sort out the mess you have created!

    • If this story is a propaganda, then, let some big person, probably HH deny the following:
      1. Attending the meeting in Italy
      2. Membership of ALN
      3. Minority rights, they are many, unfortunately includes homosexuality
      Yes there may be problems with corruption, stealing, cheating, smuggling, homosexuality etc. But certainly entrenching homosexuality in our Constitution would be an abomination. And The individual doing so should not hold public office. Forget about west culture. Zambians have their own culture. There are better things we can copy from the West, certainly not homosexuality. No wonder people aligned to this homosexuality are failing to account for themselves properly. They are standing at the watershed of MONEY AND GAYISIM!

  5. You pf people it’s like you have run out of what to talk about why talk about the same thing every time which the upnd has said it not true. Why are you forcing this on the upnd try to address things which are affecting people stop forcing things on others which are not true. Zambians are not stupid one thing I know about Zambians even if HH won the elections and after tried to bring this thing of gay Zambians will not allow it so why are you panicking the way I see pf is trying to bring HH down because of this but it will never work HH is clean he has nothing to do with this, it’s fake news.

  6. Whether you talk of gays some of you, are and busy talking rubbish. Nigeria does not recognize gay rights… *****s

  7. So, according to the two authors “it doesn’t matter” whether the story about HH is true or not?!! Why let facts get in the way of bashing HH? This tells me PF have completely lost their way. They are out of their depth like the “no vision” leader.
    Whether you like it or not, HH is the next President. Iam from Eastern Province by the way.

    • Fimwandanshi nemipashi iyakowela!
      Sorry but this nigga got to much baggage.
      Tribadistic bed embracers.

      Wonders shall never end.
      1d10ts are coming out in the open confessing that they are actually gnominious pimps. H² being the chief. I feel sorry for this musankwa. Aikaya ve.

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      Sorry but this n.i.g.g.a got to much baggage.
      Tribadistic b.e.d embracers.
      Normal people cannot turn a blind eye to this.
      Wonders shall never end.
      1d10ts are coming out in the open confessing that they are actually gnominious p.i.m.p.s. H² being the chief. I feel sorry for this musankwa. A.i.t.a.y.a ve.

  8. The more you dent these upnd guys, the better their chances of forming government. Just stop that and concentrate on real and value based social media political debates. We want real issues now more than ever before.

  9. All leaders of this world are satanist whether you want it or not. They have hidden sangomas which protect them. Few if non are God’s true children.

    • @Clergyman

      I agree. This world is controlled by the Devil and his evil angels. And through these demonic rulers, mankind’s human rulers play puppet. John 12:31 Matthew 4:8,9. How else would you explain normal human beings aggressively promoting sex on another man’s ass? The disgusting and very despicable practice is strictly Satanic and must never be entertained!

    • Homosexuality bleeding pedophilia – the uncharted territory of sin that transmutates to societal disorder that gives birth to Sodom and Gomorrah
      Use case version0001 of social disorder.

      Gear 1. Man on Man; Woman on Woman
      Outcome: satisfaction of mutual sexual desires.
      Gear 2. Same s3x culprits desire a family since they can’t progenerate. Sadness + loneliness trickles in.
      Gear 3. Adoption phase. Same s3x lonely f00ls want their families to grow. But they can have children naturally. They think adopting. They start pushing the agenda to have laws skewed to them for adoption.
      Gear 4. When Government succumbs, they adopt and start pedophiling those same children. It is an ugly vicious circle of sin. Life of homosexuals is a bunch of hogwash. H² give us a huge break please.

    • Gear 5. The infidels start pushing for the agenda to be accepted in churches, politics and all social platforms. And the nonsense is replicated in all Zambian urban areas where tradition fast runs.
      Result. The wrath of the Lord draws near. You know the rest.

  10. Facts and evidence lared bare and regardless of how much HH and UPND live in denial, they will forever belong in the opposition

  11. HH has troubled life. Joining SDA was just a cover up but soon as he gets into State House, he will promote such pathetic liberal values as homosexuality. This article speaks a lot. Dont even blame Lungu, blame yourselves for joining liberal network

    • Because of one man, the entire grouping is in a mess.
      He wants to be their at all costs.

      What brothers my heart is those interest and desires in our minerals.
      As if selling our mines was not worse enough.
      Damn it! I can’t stand gays and lesbians. These pedophiles and sodomites make me wanna puke! How sick.

    • Because of one man, the entire grouping is in a mess.
      He wants to be there at all costs.

      What bothers my heart is those interests and desires in our minerals.
      As if selling our mines was not worse enough.
      Damn it! I can’t stand gays and lesbians. These pedophiles and sodomites make me wanna puke! How sick.

  12. I think political parties should be clear on what they stand for this business of hidden agendas is just wrong. uPND plz tell us what your ASSORCIATION with ALN MEANS FOR ZAMBIA SBOULD THEY FORM GVT

    • @16, fortunately they are not forming Government. They have again shot themselves in the legs and have to keep waiting in perpetuity. Zambians cannot support LGBT rights. It appears we are yet to learn more about this hideous, elusive party called UPND.

    • Kuya kwi?? Just like 2016, southern, western and parts of N/western will vote for hh, the rest of us will still vote for PF because hh is STILL not alternative. Kambwili, Kalaba are not even an option!!

    • They will try a petition, it will not work. It will be like Dejavu. To and fro.

      Thanks for this story too.

      Gives us more filth from h². Right now we have the 7.
      Maybe 7 completes it all.
      These are 7 filth conduct emanating from the double h MO with references.
      Very Queer Modus Operandi indeed.
      1.Tribalism – only a Tonga ~SEJANI 2. Free Masonry -Shetani ~CHOMBA, TAYALI 3. Homosexuality ~ CURRENT STORY 4. Prayer day defiler ~ THE OBVIOUS 5. Shameless Zambian Asset seller ~ LUSAMBO, CKINSULTOR AND OTHERS 6. Tax Evader ~ ICIJ 7. Panama papers enlisted ~ ICIJ.

  13. I’m tired of reading this stupidity. Continuously reading it may just make me to support gay rights so that we have change of government in 2021. How do you ignore serpent munching and concentrate on gay lies. Ni forward chabe. Gay or gay ni forward 2021. Corruption is worse than gay. Forward chabe.

  14. So why did UPND lie that ALN has no gay agenda? What were they doing in Botswana and Nigeria? Anyway, ba UPND not fit to rule Christian Nation! Gays will vote for you

  15. Does this message end peoples suffering. This will not De-campain the opposition. Majority Zambians are suffering. In short voters are suffering. Things more worse than Homesexuality are happening here. Corrupt practices have affected us than gay existence. The writer should talk about things that affect people than …

  16. Opportunism and desperation by UPND now making them form allies with devil! In the end blaming Lungu thru those disgruntled editors at News Diggers!

    • @22, just imagine!! All for the sake of wanting to go to State House, UPND wants to exchange the natural for un-natural. God forbid!! We now know what they want to do and WE SHALL NEVER ALLOW THEM.

  17. The article is very accurate to the point and well researched ,i had always wondered the term often used by these former presidents of africa such as former president of botswana masire came to persuade RB and our for president banda snubed him on this same minority rights agenda
    HH should owner up on this one TONGAS are good and religious people ,they have supported him through and through to see him rule to zambia not to bring shame and abominable behaviour of homosexuality
    minority rights minority rights ooh evil evil behaviour twisted morality
    zambians be careful with your blind following of this HH

  18. United Nations also support gay rights, I have a photo of the president making a speech there. Does that mean he supports? South Africa also supports, should righteous PF government ministers stop shopping trips to Johannesburg? Hypocrisy

  19. just the acts of homosexuality is a nauseating act our zambia should be cleansed from this behaviour.
    it lowers humanity to beats perhaps animals have an instinct not the acts of homosexuality. it could have been understood if people have fallen to this vice and are seeking restoration ,
    to change the abnormality then we can say well these people need protection as they transist to normality.but to the contrary these gays instead seek promotion to this behaviour, they resist change they snub GOD they fight society with brute force for recognition mother zambia never fall on this one

  20. The madness, desperation and foolishness by Upnd leaders, its supporters and sympathisers is what has made UPND fail to take over power for 20 solid years. UPND Hakainde is insincere and must stop hiding under our SDA when he belongs to this body of filthy charlatans wanting to turn Africa into gay Continent. News Diggers isn’t helping Mr Hichilema at all but should have advised him to disassociate because this info will be used against him come 2021

  21. This thing of pf talking about LGBT every time should end this is cheap politics face the real issues Zambia does not support LGBT and HH told you also that he does not support it so why are you still trying to brain wash people with fake stories. It was because of the drug issue Lungu was involved in with the presidential jet then they created this fake story to draw the attention of people away from it.

    • Hakainde needs to disassociate from this ALN. This article alone has done lots of damage to image of UPND. Sunday Chanda is not playing small here

  22. The desperation and madness going on among Upnd leaders, its supporters and sympathisers is what has made UPND fail to take over power for 20 solid years. UPND Hakainde is insincere and must stop hiding under our SDA when he belongs to this body of filthy charlatans wanting to turn Africa into gay Continent. News Diggers isn’t helping Mr Hichilema at all but should have advised him to disassociate because this info will be used against him come 2021

  23. Remember there was an ant- PF and Michael Sata campaign by you the same MMD campaigners saying you should no vote for PF because Sata will promote homosexuality in Zambia a Christian nation. Where are you now? All of you are in a party feared that was practicing homosexuality .Shame upon you guys. Think before you accuse UPND and its leader because in 2021 you the same people will find yourselves in another homosexual party as spokes people.

  24. Okay, lets rest this case, HH and UPND will lose elections in 2021 and subsequently. First and foremost, HH has developmental agenda for this country. This is reflected in his continued attack on infrastructure projects like roads and bridges which President Lungu and the PF are undertaking religiously to the delight of many. Loadshedding and mealie prices are temporal and with expected good rains, these wont matter in elections. The corruption propaganda by UPND and HH is an agenda set by foreign entities who want to continue exploiting African mineral resources and promote gay rights. PF is going to the convention with clear goals and strategy for the masses.

  25. Ba PF you are failures, liars, thieves and dealers. Your president is in dream land and trotting around the world and flying like abat to source for deals nokwakukongola indalama for his pocket. Ba PF can’t you see with your eyes that Chagwa is avery dull president who is scared to even address School Children, worse having a press conference .Leave HH alone you empty tins. We all know you want to intimidate the 2 politician s , HH and Kambwili as they give you sleeplessness nights. Iused to support PF before but changed mind because of there reckless behaviors.Some PF ministers will be in Jail after 2021 including Chagwa . Lilya iule DORA SILIYA , will also be at Chimbokaila. We just want change pa zed regardless of who will be in Office after 2021.Things are not moving in right…

  26. Things are not moving in right direction.The Nation is on stand still.Civil servants don’t get paid on time. The president is never in state house . Balimulowa ukwenda. President wacimpwena kwati ni Lunshi pamafi. Zambians don’t owe Chagwa and his party of swindlers anything. Come 2021 this party should be out of office and possible extinction.Just a pre election warning to PF thieves Kampyongo, Chitotela,Siliya, Lusambo , just to mention afew you are going to regreat what will happen to you after general election. You are not going to be allowed to rig the elections this time.No sane Zambian is happy with what is happening at present moment .75 percent of the People in Zambia are starving. They have got no jobs.Electricity is rationed and most companies including government departments…

  27. including government departments are not operating fully or not operating at all.PF should have known that electricity cannot be generated by water alone and rivers do dry up and needed plan B to generate power. Kwena ubu fontini tabwa kapwe pa zed though bamo bayumfwa ati, Ihave adegree and so forth and yet you fail to translate and put into practice what you studied at Uni.Degree holders on papers only. In civilised western nations people are very educated and never show off . You neighbor would be a professor, doctor or Engineer and will lead alow profile like type of life and you would not even know what he does in life, maybe even cycle or walk to work if he wants and drives occasionally to work . Pa zed naba Lusambo ati niba Doctor.In western world the people known mostly by those…

  28. mostly by those terms are Medical Doctors. Umuntu afuma ku kunya ati Ninebo Doctor. What a waste and misplacement of academic titles. Lastly ba PF should go in 2021. No grace period for Chagwa and his clowns .Let him eat more snakes before he leaves state house

  29. UPND has been caught pants down. Let them deny being a key party of those constituting the ALN. UPND doesnt mean well for Zambia

  30. We are more concerned with the economy, 42/42, eswatini, 48 houses, maizegate, Findlay etc. 2021, we change government period.

  31. Another fake one from Sunday Chanda.
    After being caught with fake AP and Reuters reporters names and links. Now he is failing to use full names.
    The PF and ECL are having sleepless nights over UPND.
    You cant stop the inevitable. Change is coming.

    • UPND lost two MP seats in their strong holds. The PF has been winning local government elections in UPND regions. With knowledge that the UPND is gay related watch the PF win even more.FDD should the next major opposition party.

  32. Very good articles except that the authors forgort that they the United Nations supports the Homemosexul and Lesbians agenda and Zambia is a member and gets funding from them!!!Isn’t this hypocrisy and narrow thinking..

  33. What are human rights and what is inshirined in that document?
    The world today embraces these rights which Zambia is particularly a promoter of human rights an less am wrong. Someone guide, please if Zambia as a Christian is hence we should promote Instead the Bible inshirined commandments.
    The question at play is; how do we move Zambia from being a mid income country collectively?
    Divide and rule will not do us justices whoever is in power during any period we support cause we do not have another Zambia, let us as Zambians do ourselves ubuntu justice by standing as one. I long to see a Zambia with brotherhood spirit.
    One Zambia one Great Nation

    • Christ fulfilled the commandments. We do not live under law now, but God’s grace. Abash homosexuality and viva families and a industrious Africa. I cannot believe some morons above think the gay agenda is a good thing.

    • @nzelu are you sure you’re not contradicting yourself? You probably need to closely follow the activities of the Anglican church in order to be more objective. This thing is becoming more complex and like prostitution one may see it being fought more effectively at individual levels

  34. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    So what even if UPND are sympathizers of gay people? How that going to put food on people’s table? Heck, I would rather we had a homosexual president who is truly serving the people than this hypocrite corrupt dictator who is plundering this country and running it down to a sh*thole country that it is.

    There are at least 2 countries in the industrialized world whose leaders are openly gay. Guess what? Their economy is much better than this failed project called Zambia.

    The so called Christian nation has the worst corruption in the world that kills so many innocent people. A gay making love in the cover of their house, how is that affecting my life?

    You might as well start refusing aid from Scandinavian countries because those countries sympathize with homosexuals. Hypocrites…

    • Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      You might as well start refusing taking aid money from Scandinavian countries because those countries sympathize with homosexuals. Hypocrites please Get Real!

  35. Now these people should write a very long article about people who eat snakes served by bearded army officers who don’t look Zambian. We want to know the connection to satanism.

  36. The levels of desperation by HH to go to plot one are alarming, he will deny his family and everyone else and even his financiers just to appear like a semblance of some acceptable Zambian opposition. Zambians should better know that we owe it to ourselves. These perverted minds of the rich, have for now fished “the rotten one” Zambians should know Hakainde for who he is. His colleague Mmusi (DA) in SA is very very far from going to Union building (SA state house). However, Mmusi is more intelligent than our own” Sunny Chintombwa” today’s “born again” HH. If HH was a genuine Zambian opposition leader, he would by now have been doing worthwhile work than just sit and insult security forces and political opponents. Zambians are capable of isolating this Trialist pseudo dictator…

  37. … If HH was a genuine Zambian opposition leader, he would by now have been doing worthwhile work than just sit and insult security forces and political opponents. Zambians are capable of isolating this Trialist pseudo dictator in sheep’s clothing. This guy thinks that Zambians have forgotten how he came to power??. For the sake of our democracy we need to cartel this kind of dictatorship in opposition political parties.(Two or three Terms kwasila).

  38. But okay ba UPND u thot u would hide, apa peve u been exposed. So ECL was right afterall. U part of gay loving network. What were u denying? Fact. If we can’t vote for current devil we know, tizavotela Kambwili or Kalaba

  39. Destination Missed

    Aleisa aleisa aleisa!


    Ala! Apitilila!

    He is always missing his stop. He does not know whether he is coming or going.

    Homosexuality pa zed iwe? These are dirty mizimu imwe bankusa.

  40. pfools cadres tell your former ministers to pay back the money they stole under pretext that they were offering services to the nation when their terms had come to an end. gay/lesibian is not an issue . the issue is the money stolen which could pay retirees pensions, provide medicine and many more from the poor people of zambia. talk to some ministers those who are still questioning the concourt s final judgement. we are tired and fed up of these noise empty vessels

  41. Kelvin I can not blame you for calling me useless but the truth is painful and the truth is that this story is fake the true story is that one for vandly and the presidential jet because we always saw that guy coming out of the jet which position does he hold in government to be always on the presidential jet Kelvin you been brain washed there are so many better things we can talk about than this fake story LGBT am not a fool like you I can not be deceived by cheap politics.

  42. Shame Shame on the UPND Leadership, stop supporting HH you may be part of Gayism, God has shown us his evil plans for this country its a tarboo man on man sure?

  43. Ba sichalwe we are inviting you to the day of national prayers, so that you and me can help each other to cast out evil spirits of promoting gayism in our country Zambia.

  44. I sincerely hope and pray that this is fake news.

    We need not compromise our Christian beliefs with satanic progressive values. The devil is working hard and corrupting the minds of our youth making them believe that good is wrong and wrong is good.

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

  45. As Christians, we do not need to accept the practice of lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (LGBT) and must not discriminate. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who are we to judge them.

    Show compassion instead and pray for them based on our christian beliefs.

    As Christians, we believe that same-sex marriage is not the route God intended for us. Lets pray that we do not go down this route.

  46. “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed”

  47. Heaven is real and so is Hell. Every day we all have choices that need to be made – Every human heart has the capacity to do good or evil and to build or to destroy – We have the ability to choose good or evil, right or wrong, self or others.

    There will come a time when we all stand alone in the presence of God for judgement

  48. Just a Reminder
    Zambia has everything we need to prosper to a level we aspire to. We have the natural resorces, water, land, minerals etc. We have the human resource. However, without unity of purpose we cannot achieve our national dreams. Unity in this regard is not optional. but a must. We need each other. Achieving national dreams has the same demands as is required for a football team to win a game otherwise known as Team work.
    Just as important as soccer fans are to a game so are citizens to a government. citizen must support the government by allowing them to govern without problems. in other words among many things expected of the citizens is that they must be governable.
    However that does not stop citizens from providing checks and balances. Citizens must remember to pray for…

  49. Hichilema must own up. He wants to give this country to lesbians and gays. We love Zambia and we shall not allow Mr. Hichilema to auction to gay lovers!

  50. Remember in RB times, Sata was accused of supporting gay rights. A video was circulated to support the propaganda. So what we are seeing and hearing is not new. It should be coming from the MMD/PF majors

  51. Zambian please do not be misled and do not allow your attention to be moved to immaterial things that are neither here nor there. Ask for accountability on real tested issues.

  52. This is most useless article ever…..
    UN supports gay right our leaders have not said anything about it.
    Cheap politics wont prevent us from voting for a vision-ally leaders…. PANYO!

  53. Stop insulting one Zambia One Nation, you’re invited to the day of national prayers and let God forgive you, Leadership comes from God and leaders are born not made, be born again from today, think big start own small shop or kanthemba sell something then your mindset will change this is the time to make your own money, not insulting.

  54. Sata was a good man, he never belonged to gay networks like aba ba kolwe, although Chanda Chimba accused Sata so. Why do u want to take our country into Soddom and Gommorah imwe ba chimbwi. Forget my vote now that I know truth

  55. UPND has ability to lead Zambia way much better than PF but it has a weakness of being a member of ALN, it is indisputable ALN adocates Gay rights and same sex marriages. IF UPND is serious about leading Zambia, it must RENOUNCE its membership with ALN n cease cooperation of any kind. Else ALN will vote for UPND .

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