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Aware of its fast declining popularity, PF Government has resorted to Denying the opposition chance to organize and mobilize

Columns Aware of its fast declining popularity, PF Government has resorted to Denying...

Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M'membe informing the Human Rights Commission that the police twiced denied the party an application to hold a rally in Matero, Lusaka
Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe informing the Human Rights Commission that the police twiced denied the party an application to hold a rally in Matero, Lusaka.

By Faston Mwale

Dialectics teaches that “whatever goes up must come down”. This dialectical phenomenon is a fitting description of the present atrophic state of the Patriotic Front. But there is a socio-economic and political context to the rapidly declining relevance of the PF. Like the MMD, the PF was propelled to power by massive working class support. Today the story has drastically changed. The working class has yet again been short-changed. Truth be told, the PF has not only reneged on its promises to better the lives of the people but it has also betrayed the trust reposed in it by the great majority of the people. It would seem to many that the slogan “more money in your pocket” was a catch-phrase coined to delude the struggling masses.

Under the circumstances, it is obvious that the most difficult job today within the circles of the PF government is that of being the spokesperson. One has to constantly perfect the art of lying. But lies have short legs and creating misleading impressions can have severe consequences. Today there is widespread outrage against the PF. The common subject of conversation in markets, at bus-stops, workplaces, churches, social clubs, etc is almost invariably about how the PF has deserted the mission to lift the people out of poverty. About half the population is living in poverty while 40.8% of the population is trapped in the most extreme unimaginable forms of poverty. Given a Gini Coefficient score of 49.5%, Zambia is among the seven countries with the highest magnitude of inequalities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Aware of its fast declining popularity, the PF is reacting to this phenomenon in ways that are thoroughly disruptive of the established democratic processes and liberties. For example, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, freedom of association are among liberties that are under threat. Denying the opposition chance to organize and mobilize membership is becoming a common concern. The Socialist Party’s appeal to the Human Rights Commission to help sanitize the atrocious political atmosphere is commendable. Preventing other political players from engaging with the masses is a sign of fear of change, fear of defeat, fear of shame. Serious mistakes have already been made, there is virtually no need for the PF to create more blunders. They better learn from recent history and plan a gracious exit from power come 2021 rather than embarking on a belligerent course.

Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe and the General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali, on Friday informed the Human Rights Commission that the police twiced denied the party an application to hold a rally in Matero, Lusaka.

Time has come for the citizens to draw lessons from past political experiences. Oftentimes, the working masses are the ones who are used to propel ‘capitalist goons’ into government. The impoverishment that we suffer today, the violence we endure, the extra-legal forms of governance that we face and the greedy leadership that we have to put up with are offshoots of a global structural crisis of capitalism. Capitalism is not a system for the poor, it is a system that endorses social and income inequalities. It is a system that ‘soaks’ the poor to enrich the rich. The problems we are experiencing in Zambia are beyond the PF. The PF is simply a ‘trojan horse’ perpetuating exploitation, oppression and expropriation. The logic of capitalism is to exploit citizens.

The birth and coming of age of the Socialist Party heralds the arrival of a significant time for the working class to wage a decisive struggle against capitalism, a system that turns the labour of the many into wealth for a few. A time to resist and overcome all obstacles that prevent the flowering of our joy has dawned. The conception and eventual creation of the Socialist Party was a product of necessity to form and crystalize a workers’ party that would advance and save the interests of the working class. Socialism is about the unfettered access to healthcare, education, food and decent shelter, among others. The task of getting state power must never be subcontracted to other classes, this must be fulfilled by the working class itself.

Be wary, however, of the advocates of neoliberal projects who are using the popular language of the working class to dupe us. They are not of our class. Enough lessons have been learnt. It is now time to abash capitalism. Though It has been a long march in search of justice, equity and peace, our spirit to entrench socialism must never be broken. Socialism for us is not a slogan of convenience or a means to seek relevance and prominence, it is to us a practical deed to lift those lagging behind in the rat race of life under capitalism. The abysmal conditions under which the majority of us subsist today demand forging alliances with progressive forces of change, namely the students, peasants, academicians, social and political activists, such that our people would not again fall prey to predatory forces of oppression and exploitation. This is the only way to extricate ourselves from the tyranny of capitalism.

What Zambia needs is an incorruptible leadership that is not motivated by a lust for material goods, nor fame nor prestige and comrade Fred M’membe provides such leadership. He is an all-round person with a strong disposition to be of service to the people. Zambia and Zambians stand to benefit from his formidable progressive politics of change.

The Author is a Political Pedagogical Coordinator belong to the Socialist Party led by Fred M’membe


    • Dead on arrival.
      Schemes, Treachery, Intrigue, Sinister, Double dealing, Suspense was comrade Mmembe. When he was a journalist, everything looked simple.
      Let’s see where Socialist Party will take you.

    • Even grade 7’s can’t believe you, given that you don’t allow the opposition to campaign freely using their own resoureces. While on the hand the other guy called Lungu is busy campaigning using public resoureces. If this not rigging, then what is rigging?

    • Capitalism works. Period

      Western Nations such USA, UK, JAPAN teach people to reach their potential. And when they reach their potential they can look back and help the needy, develop society and create employment for the poor.

      If Zambia experience a severe drought today, food support will NOT come Russia and China or Cuba. But from UK, USA, CANADA and JAPAN.

      I am assuming the writer of the article believes in God. God says I have given you all the resources and therefore, go and make the world a better world and feed the hungry.

      China, Russia are heading into full time Capitalism because they know Communism and Socialism does NOT work. Bill Gates has donated $37 Billion out of his personal fortune to help the world, especially…

    • cont…

      Bill Gates has donated $37 Billion out of his personal fortune to help the world, especially in Africa because of Capitalism

      Fred Mmembe was running his Media Empire with Capitalist Ideologies. So are all his current investments. Therefore, who is Mmembe conning, duping and deceiving to get to power.

    • Every one is saying PF out come 2021. But we the people can not see who will remove them because you are all scatter brains in the same way you are scattered as different small parties & you will be splitting votes. You all just want to put your fingers in government treasury. Meanwhile the country is now a 6th-world country with poverty & HIV



  1. Well Mr. Political Pedagogical Coordinator belong to the Socialist Party led by Fred M’membe.

    Political popularity is not measured on the basis of The Mast, ZWD or Prime TV or Western and Southern provinces.
    Take it to the ballot and the people will definitely tell you.
    Welcome to real politics not those you were hiding behind the media.
    Just join forces and see how you crumble on account of who heads the resultant party.
    Good luck.

  2. Article is fine PF is really sliding badly in mucus mad! but Socialist Party in this era cannot work. Try being in power in the past around 60s certainly not now! Or imagine that! Keep dreaming in the past!!!

  3. How exactly has the article’s premise that; PF is aware of its fast declining popularity, been evidenced? Is PF aware of such a notion. In view that dialectics is the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions.

    We have to be careful with how we present our experiences. That we do not create alternative dialogues and narratives that represent our skewed take on things rather than reality. It’s fair to say, early mass gatherings before election hustings can create an air of desperation among the citizenry. People get fed up with political game playing that misrepresent opinions for facts. With the drought, people are about orderly conduct.

  4. True membe, l had a good time laughing at the people who were busy dancing dunana now they’re all being dunnuned going months without pay, high cost of goods and services, lack of medication, load shedding, no water . Next instead of more money in you pockets it’s now more money out of your pockets and surrendering your land to Chinese infestors

  5. Is this way Fred Mmembe was not paying Taxes and ended up losing his company. PF is not doing good but the opposition is the most selfish. If the opposition had Zambians at heart, Kambwili, Kalaba HH name them would have been in the same Party. Everyone wants to be president that is why come 2021, ECL will still be in State house. All the Politicians in Zambia are greedy.

  6. PF is trying to suppress the steam in a boiling pot by pressing hard on the lid. Watch what happens when one tries to go against the forces of nature.
    Good luck!

  7. 2021 will be the most violent electoral year in Zambian history.

    Lungu and pf are of the mindset that because they have built roads and hospitals , people must vote for them or they deserve to be in power….

    The humdinga PF and lungu face is they porporte to rule a democratic Zambia in order to acsses western financial aid and systems. Zambia is not mineral rich enough to forgo western aid and Zambia is in no geo strategic position for the west to turn a blind eye at lungus democratic clampdowns.

    The democratic badge will sink PF.

  8. cont…

    Bill Gates has donated $37 Billion out of his personal fortune to help the world, especially in Africa because of Capitalism

    Fred Mmembe was running his Media Empire with Capitalist Ideologies. So are all his current investments. Therefore, who is Mmembe conning, duping and deceiving to get himself to power.

  9. On PF and Lungu I agree with you very much that we are changing govt in 2021. However, on Socialism i disagree with you big time and even if we lost our mind we can’t settle for crooks like Freddie

  10. Ah à fleddie the wannabe scribe cum lawyer. So this were you planned to go all along! Politics! Wow anyway were is your fat friend desk lawyer who duped you into infesting 2m $ in a dying airline are you teaming up to test your fame. You destroyed many innocent people with your pen now you seek their vote? Ok

  11. That’s why even that UPND cadre was shot dead in Kaoma.The ruling party does not want the opposition to campaign. But Fred M’membe oh please politics is not for you


  13. The problem of us Zambians we do not appreciate leaders who work inline with the developmental agenda of country. PF will still win 2021 all these opposition political parties have their own hiden agenda like bringing gayism forgeting that Zambia is a Christian Nation. Leadership come from God and leaders are born not made.

  14. PF should be concerned with not having an eligible candidate to stand as President in 2021. Time is running out yet they still in lala land thinking the law supports their current dream candidate. The populus will have the last LOL.
    Loving this quagmire.

  15. Dreaming in a fantasy world, late Mugabe, his soul should not rest in peace once said “dreams are dreams and let them end in your homes, “presidency is given by God. Everyone now wants to rule Zambia, not that they want to make Zambia a great country to live in but because they have taken Zambians for granted. At least in this regime we can even see them do roads its much.

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