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Patrick Mwanawasa resigns from his Government Position

EASTERN Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa
EASTERN Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa
EASTERN Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa
EASTERN Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa

Patrick Mwanawasa has announced his resignation as Deputy Permanent Secretary of Central Province.

Mr Mwanawasa will be stepping down from the position on 7th November 2019.

In his letter of resignation, Mr Mwanawasa has thanked President Edgar Lungu for having considered him to serve under his government.

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  1. So we still have the immoral people with some morality huh. get cleared then you will be appointed again. your name is a passport

    • Good job young man.
      Even though without government support he won’t get back his father’s farm stolen by Mathani.

    • Patrick was just there on his father’s name. There was nothing he was doing in government. Patrick is not politician. SATA and LUNGU via RB, all felt sorry for him. He would have ended up as a beggar.

    • Someone wrongly advised him that he can go President because his father was a president…………….F00l ….how do you resign without stating reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That job was given on a silver plate, lets see if you can hunt on your own……………..

  2. It was expected after he resigned from MMD and joined PF, he has done the honorable thing. I’m sure he’s now preparing for election to political office

    • He made a mistake joining PF my foot. Why do some Zambians want to think for others. He was man enough to make his own decision. Did you want him to consult you??
      Some Zambians always wanting to think for others even on matters that are personal

    • @Lukanga: I did not mean in the sense you concluded. I did not mean he would have been right if he joined UPND or another party. He joined Pf because he was fighting with RB, I doubt he believed in PF. PF has turned out to be worse than the RB MMD he was fighting.

      For public figures, people can point out if they made the right decision or not.

  3. All Patrick Mwanawasa has is his father’s name-simple!!But now he is preparing to stand as MP hence resigning now.Moreover,it will be on PF ticket so the opposition have nothing to celebrate about here.

  4. Vultures are waiting to pounce on anything. A desperate “drowning man holds on to a floating leaf for survival” goes the saying. Patrick Mwanawasa is like Mulenga Sata, Tilyienji Kaunda etc. these are just children of former head of state they have no political clout in themselves except that which the desperate politicians would like to impute on them for their own political expedience. PF was clever they gave him the position of a senior civil servant. Tilyienji, was thrown at the deep end for thinking that Unip would keep him afloat, the rest is history.

  5. First appointment in Government as Deputy Permanent Secretary???? He didn’t even know what a folio is. That was divine grace. He should always praise the almighty God. Even the letter of resignation one would tell that he is not a seasoned Civil Servant. Ma Riffraff’s cabe.

  6. I think that UPND should seriously consider this boy to replace HH and lead them to 2021.
    Seriously, because they are going nowhere with HH.

  7. Many a time we have been advised that women are our downfall but we do not heed this warning. Perhaps the sweetness of new love is what has us so confused. Anyway, this is a chap who found himself in this position because of his father and nothing else. Good riddance, don’t forget to turn off the lights on your way out.

  8. 10 zed boy, that is another viable option. But my first suggestion is better if the objective is to give UPND a chance in State House.

  9. Otherwise UPND remains a prematurely aged party.
    An otherwise young party which looks and acts like my aged mbuya in the village. And yet voters are looking for a party with a vibrant young leader. Patrick Mwanawasa is the one, they better listen or else. Then all these tribles which haunt them disappear like magic. Tell me, did you hear anywhere that Levy Mwanawasa was selected to lead MMD on the basis of his trible like others that we know?

  10. ..And if that trible baggage remains with UPND, what’s the point of going to a convention which may just produce an alien leader? Cant take a chance can they?

  11. Jointly Sued for adultery with another PS for both were sleeping with someone’s wife. Case is in court.

  12. That is bad decision u have taken brother .i know your decision is to stand in 2021.wait abeat my brother time is still there for you.The Goodness is ,you are young brother. For now ,no one can vote for u including your can not vote for u. work first with pf so that you can gain more knowledge. Thank u

  13. he has made a mistake. first he is not qualified to run such an office he has worked in that office as a result of favors
    He should have taken low profile now unless he for sees danger in his job
    The world is fun some people are resigning from high prestige offices which merely by working hard or qualifications can not be obtained unless by political favor may the Lord bless him in his endouverd

  14. The issue of infidelity has caught up with the young man.He was dragged to caught for committing adultery with someone’s wife. The best he has done, of which I commend him, is to resign in order not to dent the Mwanawasa reputation. That is why certain positions, before one joins,the seasoned human resource practitioner, will ask someone about his or her marital status. If one is not married, he is not supposed to be given a position of influence. It is just unfortunate that promiscuity is the order of the day in these offices(whether married or not). He has done the right thing to resign so that he faces the battles of infidelity in the courts of law. Certain names should be preserved owing with the premiums that are attached to them.

  15. Is there anything he has done which he can ever point at? I didnt even realize this guy was holding an important government position. The only difference between him and Mulenga Sata is that they are all rejects and shouldnt have been given any meaningful positions. Let people with brains be appointed instead of family lineage or tribal inclination like some known political party

  16. Some people surprise me, Patrick is a young man who’s still got a long way to go in his life. I know that he can do well in Kafulafuta. These are children who were marginalized by their step-mother. My advice to him is that he shouldn’t neglect his other siblings from Maureen. Patrick never held any position in Govt when his father was in State House, and these children never embarrassed their father, even Mirriam began to speak because of Maureen’s greed and brutality. Their grandmother died a very embarrassing painful death yet they were just quiet about it. We are supposed to encourage and vent our frustrations on the young-man. Some people passing lewd comments here having nothing to their credit, all they do is disparage people they’ve never met in life

  17. Patrick likes being himself and speaking his mind. Don’t be surprised to hear him talking, l think the Job was meant to keep him quiet now that he resigned you will hear him talk more. I applaud him for resigning and l know more are going to resign as we get closer to 2021

  18. Wicetekela ukuti abanobe ebo balekufwaila ifyo ulekabila mubwikalo bobe, ufwile waibikilishapo we mwine.

  19. This is pure jalousy and cheap politics, honestly if someone think of resigning at his or her own will so what? maybe he wants to concentrate in his personal business or anything. He is a Zambian who has a right to do so. However, he has worked from 2015 to date Kudos. Your friend is satisfied then you ask and blame why has he stoped. It is high time that you pray and get closer to him and ask how it feels to be a Deputy PS? Mind you he will still get his benefits, and he is still the former son to the late Head of state and VIP favor is still with him so what is wrong.

  20. This attitude if speculating, concluding, hate,bringing others down, jealousy, wanting to express your opinion at any given time and offering unsolicited advice is something we need to work on. It is very primitive and very retrogressive. We are all sinners, don’t judge others because they sin different from you. Mind you no sin is greater than the other. Others are privileged, let’s learn to accept the fact that there will be others who will do better than you. Others will be privileged that’s life! Wait for your time. Time and chance happens to them all. Let him resign, God has given everyone free will. He didn’t choose to be born in that family. He’s a son to a former president. Accept it! We are so preoccupied with senseless things. Let’s not be primitive. It’s sickening. Mind your…

  21. Sharon doesn’t know that the most celebrated president is late president Mwanawasa. Go to South Africa, people are refusing to remove his portraits from their offices. Find out how he sound-tuned our economy. I greatly miss him.

  22. We need to find better words to use on these platforms, as we are reflecting this day of national prayers, how ever its not right to comment ill on Patrick L. Mwanawasa’s resignation, he is a Zanbian citizen who has the rights to do so.

  23. I quote “In lieu of a month’s notice…” What are you trying to say, my boy?

    Let the boy go, without any tertiary edu or experience, he was a provincial DPS. The boy did not add any value to the public service.

  24. We would like to advise you that you should not rush to judge him for making his choice of resigning from his Government position ,as Zambians we must believe that everything happens for a reason, Patrick Mwanawasa did all his best and contributed to the government, so please lets not look at the negative side of this situation …

  25. The young man has demonstrated responsibility for his actions by resigning.Unlike some cabinet Ministers who could not resign even after assuring the nation that there would be no loadshedding but here we are.And some others by assuring the nation that the black mountain is safe for small-scale mining but weeks later 15 juveniles lost their lives in there. Shame!

  26. Alachula ! ukusha k20,000 net almost iyamahala. In this country right now it’s not easy to make this amount monthly.He I’ll regret

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