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No Zambian deserves to die for Politics-President Lungu


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the official opening of National Assembly at Parliament Building in Lusaka on Friday,September 13,2019.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu 

President Edgar Lungu has described the death of a UPND Member in Kaoma and the wounding of others amidst political violence as numbing and detestable.

Commiserating with the family of the deceased and the wounded, the President said no Zambian deserves to die for Politics.

The President has since directed Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to take full control of the Mayoral election in Kaoma and other areas where the elections are taking place.

President Lungu is concerned that political activists suddenly are carrying guns and has directed that all the armed should be disarmed and all the culprits of the Sunday’s ugly events must be apprehended and prosecuted regardless of their political affiliation.

The President said Police should also get ready for the General elections in 2021 saying people should respect democracy and let popular candidates take the day instead of intimidating people to vote for their candidates.

He said all Zambians should be concerned about frequent violence each time elections are held.

And Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya says Government says it regrets the loss of life in Kaoma District of Western Province, where election campaigns for council chairmanship are taking place.

In a statement issued to Hot FM News, Ms Siliya urged members of the public to reject violence in all its forms in maintaining the country’s status as an oasis of peace.


  1. Tell that to Kaizer, & you useless (Chimp)yongo iwe Drunken useless Charlatan Jonathan Chakolwa!

    • I hope these kids don’t get sacrificed annually. Exactly one year since we lost one University student for meeting one politician.
      I indeed, is it not 1d10cy of the highest order for someone to die for ECL or poor soul H² or the thick CKinsultor unless these dying fellows were bodyguards?
      Usually you leaders are never there when these kids clobber themselves. Is it as a result of poverty, blind support or just shortsightedness. I blame these unfortunate lives for their extinction. All these tuma dudeloverboys unfortunate lives will end up wasted and boned.

    • Who is your political advisor??? Who is giving guns to PF cadres?
      Just wait till Kaizer miss again and mistakenly shoot in your leg.
      If Kaizer was good at aiming, he could have killed 4. Maybe some are not just reported.

    • The people carrying guns are well know. Even the murderer is known. But politicians are unwilling to do anything to arrest the thugs. For the sake of power, they will let people kill each other while they feast luxuriously in their mansions.
      I warn everyone here, this is how civil war starts. Incidents like this breed hatred. And when no one is called to account, that hatred turns to bitterness and a lust for revenge. Go to Rwanda, go to Congo, go to Cameroun and ask how it all started. Under right circumstances, even the police and soldiers, will easily rebel and form militia.
      Let justice prevail and preserve the nation.
      Vespers died at the hands of police. No one has bern called to book. A young UPND woman taking part in a protest was murdered in cold blood. No one has been called to…

    • The violence is permitted violence because we live with this people who are killing people and they belong to our political parties. So if honestly you want this to come to an end just act and not talk. We have people who have been imprisoned and they are set free because of there use in such violence. Trust me it’s time we become a proud nation with love for each other or let’s just call back the British government to rule us if we cant rule ourselves. The way we have lost respect of human life is too much. Shame on us all.

    • Did your IG not deny the death straight away?

      Thought you could cover it up hey?

      Don’t call the “Political Activists” call them what they are. PF cadres sanctioned by the highest office in the country.

      Cry for mother Zambia.

    • Visionless Lungu & his PF bandits have been committing to crimes against humanity.

      Where are the killers of Mapenzi Chibulo & Versper from UNZA?

      To date, the PFolice & PF bandits responsible for all these atrocious crimes have not yet faced justice because all institutions especially the judiciary are rotten to the extent that they are actually dysfunctional under visionless Lungu & violent PF bandits.

      How much is mealie meal amid to load shedding of visionless Lungu & PF hoodlums? What about the economy?

      The Skeleton Key

    • The UPND Cadre has been shot dead by a PF Cadre who is well known. So arrest the Murderer and prosecute him in Court. All Cadres should be disarmed especially PF Cadres who Notorious for Violence and Thuggery. People of Kaoma should make sure they don’t vote for these PF thugs and killers.

    • We have enough resources but we waste time on Politics…..instead of fighting to fix our economy we are fighting each other and killing each other while the Chinese and whites are Stealing our natural resources every day

    • Iwe Lungu we all know that. What we are waiting for is for you to ensure that the PF cadre who killed the friend is arrested. Not this non.sense you are saying.

    • You are saying let the popular candidate carry the day but why are you blocking your opponents to sell themselves? Surely the whole of President to campaign for a councillor? Does that not show how unpopular your party and candidate is?

  2. Most of the time cadres like to put their lives on the line – Who is to blame?.
    I don’t quite understand what you give these imimbulu to grow d.u.l.l and misguided.
    Meanwhile since this has happened before, many times at that, these cadres will continue to die now that they have upgraded to guns.
    Real question begging answers is why do we have violence in Southern and Western provinces all the damn time?
    Has Mapatizya formula not died.
    I blame cadres like dudeloverboy for their deaths. For someone to be called Gadaffi, he must have been bad @ss. Remember how Gadaffi died in Lybia?

  3. “President Lungu is concerned that political activists suddenly are carrying guns….” REALLY!!!

    Those cadre thugs have been carrying and displaying guns right in front of you Mr president. And you sound surprised today??????

    • Edgar Lungu is hypocrite. He ascended to the PF Leadership thru violence and thuggery. His own Political Adviser Kaizar Zulu is the Chief Thug who has been using guns to threaten innocent civilians. The back stops with Lungu. He should disarm all PF thugs and send them to Jail. He won’t becoz he is one of them. Lungu is just shading Crocodile Tears. We know that Lungu will use Violence to rig the 2021 Elections to try and retain Power at all costs. The writing is on the Wall.

  4. How about people who shoot cadres? Do they “deserve” to get away with it?

    Why is the president merely directing to “take control” of the election rather than to get to the bottom of the case and arrest the culprit?!? Like this, his “commiserations” are trite.

  5. Country men and women friends and others let us not die because of politics yes we may to belong to different polical paties but when it reaches the extent violence where death and injuries are expected let us try all to avoid and to understand the term politics its a Small ADVICE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lungu is Responsible for this killing and violence in our Elections. Lungu came to Power thru Violence and Election Rigging. What we are seeing is nothing compared to what we will see in 2021. Unpopular and Corrupt Edgar Lungu will use Violence to retain Power in 2021. Lungu has Captured ECZ, Concourt, the Military etc to Rig the 2021 Election. He will use Violence to retain Power. The end justifies the means. Violence is the DNA of PF. Thats why Lungu cannot dismiss Kaizar Zulu, his thuggish Political Adviser becoz he needs him to violently rig the 2021 Election for him. Lungu is a Master Mind and Beneficiary of the Violence and Political killings in Zambia.


  8. Lungu is lying…..he knows his armed caders controll the police.

    We have always said , one phone call to kapoyongo would end the violence.

  9. It is only you your excellency who can stop these maims and killings. Order the police to deal sternly with anyone perpetrating violence including your cadres and it should come from your mouth. The police are afraid of losing their jobs if they deal with your cadres


  11. No one has the monopoly of criminality. The murderer of that unarmed young man shall one day pay the price. God is not a fool. Life is about measure for measure. It’s a shame that a leader can even proceed to trample human blood uncaringly underfoot. Vengeance belongs to God. Whether it takes a year or a day, the spilt blood shall call for its revenge.


  13. If I can remember well pf started this thing of butchering the opposition from the graveyard in Lusaka to NDC youth chairman in the Cooper belt and now this one in kaoma and what I would like to remind pf is that this thing there are doing if not stopped it will backfire on them very soon ordinary people we rise against them just a warning to pf and when people rise there’s nothing pf can do.

  14. This is a cosmetic statement as usual. We don’t expect any good results from this president. Let him suprise us.

  15. That is the message we expect from a leader with the heart for the country. Meanwhile the satanic hh is urging his thugs to attack others. Thank you, Mr President.

  16. I can remember very well during Kunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, RB and even Sata there was no tribalism no politics of fault finding no violence Sata used to talk facts not lies not like Mr Lungu who is always seeking for fake stories in order to gain popularity I think Chishimba kabwili is like Sata he talks facts and truth no wonder Lungu is dead scared of CK.

  17. Lungu plays very dirty toxic politics……

    He does not arrest and jail perpertuaters of corruption and looting , he only dismisses them and tells them to shut up or he will set ACC on them.

    In other words lungu makes it clear to those dismissed or suspected of corruption that if they do not help him in campains , they will be investigated if he is out of power…..by this , corruption and looting suspects have a vested interest in keeping lungu in power…..

    By doing this lungu has control over most criminal elements in Zambia.

  18. ECL is very dishonest.He has allowed PF cadres to carry guns and other dangerous weapons and then pretends to be sorry when the same PF thugs murder an innocent person.He is mocking the dead and thriving on evil. Time will come when ECL and his PF criminals will be called to account for the various crimes and atrocities they are committing against the Zambian people.

  19. I thought upnd was tonga party.

    is that what we have been taught and our children using tribalism.

    Are people not surprised that our son a Banda has died.

    No one deserves to die due to politics. No child, not any from thebunza student tocthe person in sesheke.

    No police.officer deserves to loose their job for doing their work diligently.

    Let us disarm all political cadres with immediate effect

  20. The police chief Kakoma Kanganja should be ashamed…he said there was no death but here it is…the President has acknowledged that there was death. What a hapless police chief!

  21. Ba Spaka and ba Sichalwe we are inviting you to a National day of prayer and fasting so that God should open your eyes and see,so that you may start appreciating the vision of PF government and its leadership. President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been preaching peace all the time, remember he did that even in Katuba Parliamentary by-elections which is the stronghold of UPND, and HH has never preached peace all he knows in his strong hold is to encourage violence in a bid to defend the seat, what type of a good leader do you want a gay right supporter? tell us….

  22. HH: “UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has commanded his party members to defend themselves physically if attacked by PF cadres saying that is the only language PF understands.”

    Edgar Lungu: ” No Zambian deserves to die for politics”.

    Pretence or no pretence, a comparison of the two statements clearly shows that HH has continued shooting himself in the foot and Edgar continues to score massive political points over HH. How can a leader be so blood thirsty? Cant he find a better way of expressing himself rather than being crude and giving the impression that he has a big appetite for Zambian blood?

    I keep saying that this HH is NO OPTION for Zambia. Given a choice between the two, my vote is overwhelmingly for Edgar despite his many weaknesses. Add the trible factor, do I really…

  23. ……I keep saying that this HH is NO OPTION for Zambia. Given a choice between the two, my vote is overwhelmingly for Edgar despite his many weaknesses. Add the trible factor, do I really have a choice?

    • No you have no choice: you are a hard core PF cadre, don’t pretend. I support no party but I know that between HH and Lungu, HH would do a better job on the economy and governance. I would choose any one who has succeeded in their private business over anyone who failed, any day!

    • Choosing a thieving lawyer whose licence was revoked for stealing from a widow and then as president has failed miserably to grow the economy speaks volumes about how very tiny your brain is. Coz if I had to ask you to list down the economic basis for your overwhelming vote for this clueless clown you would have no answer.

  24. The government of today is the definition of peace, love and most importantly unity. The PF government are making sure that development progresses to a different level in different parts of the country, not only to the people who put them into power but also those who are busy calling them names. The PF government are doing what the People of Zambia have tasked them to do.

      -Menyani Zulu killed during 2011 Chongwe by-election. Confirmed by police to have been killed by fellow PF cadres.
      -Henry Chanda PF cadre killed during Livingstone by-election circa 2012. PF cadre arrested and persecuted for the murder.
      -Grazer Matepa Mutendere UPND chairman brutally killed in his own house in front of his family circa 2015. PF cadres arrested and prosecuted for the murder.
      -Obed Kasongo former NDC Lusaka youth chair severely beaten during Roan by-election 2019 died from his injuries a few weeks later. His attackers were known PF functionaries.
      Lawrence Banda killed during Kaoma by 2019. Police confirmed his killers are known PF supporters.

    • The truth is that everything that Shooting Star has said is true. The UPND people have let hatred get the best of them, they know that the PF government are best out in making development in our Country.

  25. Why blame the people who are at the receiving end of your stone throwing rather than the people in your back throwing the stones. For an outsider to know how bad they will be disciplined they first see how bad those in the house are disciplined.

  26. Lungu can preach peace but he brews violence…….

    He knows PF caders are armed and controll the police….

    He knows shackling opposition figures like banning them visiting some towns and townships and banning them from donating to the public breeds bitterness and violence…

    • Violence is not in the DNA of our President Mr Edgar Lungu, our President is a true version of democracy and love towards the Zambian people.

  27. 27.1 WisdomGreat, oh yes I do have a choice anything better than triblism Ivote for it, even a frog. So if you can give me something better than trible HH and anyone better than Ba Edgar, I am game. U till then, I would rather have ba Edgar even though he is not up to my expectations of competency and consistency in a leader.
    That is my stand Mr Wisdom, it is you who has no choice but one trible HH.

  28. …I just shudder to think of my Zambia and my children’s Zambia landing itself into another Rwanda with people who think that it is time for their trible to rule but they are not courageous enough to first change the constitution to suit.

    By the way who is the next running mate for trible HH, Mucheleka probably?

  29. ..even trible HH knows too well that it cant be a fellow trible mate no matter how good. Like arena Mwimbu ruled out.

  30. The reality is that millions of Zambians voted for Mr Edgar Lungu to make Zambia great again now that he has suceeded they are calling him names because they couldn’t admit a humble man had already done it.

  31. President Edgar Lungu is a good leader because he is perceptive. As the leader of the free world, He understands that the Zambian people can only work as a unit when everyone has the same opportunities in healthcare, education and employment.

    The University of Notre Dame states that leaders must be responsive to the needs of the team. That is exactly what President Lungu is accomplishing on a daily basis. He recognizes what he must do as president and executes, regardless of how controversial the issue.

    President Edgar Lungu is a great orator. Even those who oppose him recognize the fact that he can reach his audience and motivate them to act because he has a strong relationship with the Zambian people.

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