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President Lungu welcomes over 300 UPND defectors in Kaoma


PF Kaoma Rally
PF Kaoma Rally

About 380 members of the United Party for National Development (UPND) have defected to the Patriotic Front in Kaoma’s Chitwa ward.

And speaking when he received the new members, President Edgar Lungu who is also PF party President, encouraged the new members to feel free and join in the country’s developmental agenda.

And President Lungu further urged voters in Chitwa ward to turn up in numbers in tomorrow’s Council Chairperson By-elections, to vote for the PF candidate Ngebe Ngondo.

Speaking during a public meeting at Chitwa Primary School today, in Kaoma constituency, the President also urged the residents not to involve themselves in acts of violence, adding that PF is a peaceful party.

President Lungu also lashed out at individuals who are fond of blocking development were it is most needed.

The President has assured the people of Kaoma that he will work closely with Ms Ngondo, once she is voted in office, in order to continue with the desired developmental progress.

The President also reminded party members to ensure that they welcome and work with new members, in order to strengthen the party structures in the area.

And PF candidate Ngebe Ngondo has promised to work with the people of Kaoma and government once voted into office, towards ensuring that all developmental projects lined up are delivered.

Meanwhile Sub Chief Josephat Situnya of the Nkoya speaking people appealed to government to upgrade the local school which has been neglected for years.

He expressed optimism that the voting of a PF candidate will lead to the overall development of the area.

Tomorrow Thursday October 10, 2019, Kaoma District goes to the polls to vote for a new Council Chairperson.

Candidates from three political parties are contesting the seat, namely Maseka Chuulu of the United Peaceful and Prosperous Party (UPPZ), Austin Muneku of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Ngebe Ngondo of the Patriotic Front (PF).


  1. Make no mistake about their intentions. The hunger situation means too few people can afford good manners. The problem is that even in the midst of hunger, ruling party cadres have illegal access to public funds. In the UK, you do not hear groups of Labour party supporters defecting to the ruling Conservatives party because ALL citizens are treated the same. There is no advantage in voting Labor or voting Conservative, everyone is regarded as a UK citizen. I wish we could evolve to that stage where it won’t matter which party you support. The preferential treatment is what causes these defections and celebrating them shows that Zambian Politics is still in the stone age. I wonder if God is happy that this the country that claims to carry his touch!!!

  2. Are these the same ones that were shouting forward.. kikiki they will be back..its actually us who sent them there to take advantage of the free food and drinks you are using to buy people. They will vote upnd. I put my life on that . Mebawhile my white blonde wifey has cooked up a good meal for dinner. Non of my zambian ex ever cooked or took care of me like this. They just were good at spending my money. I think they were pf cadres. Glad my white wife is a upnd supporter. Forward my white baby. I worship that white body mmmh yummy

  3. Over 300 defecting UPND?! It’s a sign of things to come.

    Slaughter House Rock n Roll !!

  4. ZAMBIA’S total external debt stock has risen sharply to US$19 billion since 2008, according to the latest World Bank’s International Debt Statistics (IDS) 2020 published on October 2 this year.

  5. Someone really struggled today to dance to Dununa Reverse! He looked more worried while dancing. When his time to give his speech, all he could do was to blackmail the voters with his unconstitutional strategy of denying citizens development if they vote opposition! We seriously need to remove immunity. It’s not serving the nation well! It only breeds impunity in wrongdoings! What is also shocking is for the entire president doing a do or die campaign for a Council chairperson? Does he have important things to do?

  6. Things have gone so bad for pf I never once imagined president going to campaign for a councilor. This is hilarious, something is not right here

    • For once I thought it was presidential campaigns, he was only talking about HH at the rallies, until someone reminded me it was a council chairmanship election.

  7. Backward politics as those who clamor for elected office have no ideas for the role of the position that they are to occupy!

  8. The PF crowd looks jam packed, not even elbow space, compared to the campaign rally by HH the Trible boy.
    Hope the crowds translate into votes for the contestants, good luck tomorrow.
    And NO GUNS please, or else I will direct Kanganja and his police to act decisively without fear or favour.

  9. #8 Mushe, but his counterpart HH the Trible was also there campaigning and you are not talking about him, is he not your president? Why dont you want the PF members in Kaoma to enjoy their President too?

  10. 300 defectors means at least 300 votes in the kit, for an area like Kaoma that is a humongous number . Let’s see tomorrow if the defections were genuine or stage managed.

  11. Junior those same people were busy shouting forward and today they were riding high with HH. You and lungu need to stop believing your campaigners they will lie to you about defections. This might have been staged or those people are there just to receive free stuff – don’t kubeba


  13. The headline is misleading.
    Suppose to be ” School kids defect to PF in Kaoma”
    Those defectors were hoping to get free handout sweets cause of hunger.

  14. This mambala number 1 only visits when there are elections, forsake! The man went to the UN General Assembly to address empty chairs as most delegates opted to leave than lend an ear to a fool raving off “zabwanganu”. Masipa a linja ni likwena”.

  15. [email protected]@ BA KAPOLI BA P.F!!!
    Bola Naikosa!
    Your 300 defected ex U.P.N.D Cadres have just done a “DONCHI KUBEBA ON YOU”! This will continue till the Rotten Drunken Kaizer tainted P.F is FIRMLY IN THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY!

  16. [email protected]@ BA KAPOLI BA P.F!!!
    Bola Naikosa!
    Your 300 defected ex U.P.N.D Cadres have just done a “DONCHI KUBEBA ON YOU”! This will continue till the Rotten Drunken Kaizer tainted P.F is FIRMLY IN THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY!

  17. kikikiki the defectors were still upnd , upon being forced they pretended to accept but like the water melon style voted for the red kikikiki where they belonged and still belong.oooh. zambia…………

  18. Ni njala, 300 defectors are received by PF, but PF still loose the elections!! Yamene watermelon strategy at work; green on the outside but very red on the inside!

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