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Monday, February 24, 2020

Zambians are ready for change-HH

Headlines Zambians are ready for change-HH

Hakainde Hichilema said that the people are not intimidated by the PF gun culture anymore because their most dangerous weapon is a vote and this will be exercised this Thursday by Kaoma residents just like the people of Sesheke, Katuba, and Roan did.
Hakainde Hichilema said that the people are not intimidated by the PF gun culture anymore because their most dangerous weapon is a vote and this will be exercised this Thursday by Kaoma residents just like the people of Sesheke, Katuba, and Roan did.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that Zambians are tired of the PF misrule and are now ready for change.

Speaking on Wednesday during a campaign rally in Kaoma which attracted thousands of people, Mr. Hichilema stated that the people are not intimidated by the PF gun culture anymore because their most dangerous weapon is a vote.

He said the people of Kaoma are ready to exercise this power on Thursday just like the people of Sesheke, Katuba, and Roan did.

“The PF must remember that a hungry person is an angry person and so they must listen when we advise them to run the country by prioritising public interest and also focus on economic development which they have failed lamentably to carry out due to wanton corruption and theft of public resources,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He added, “Our message to the Nation is simple: unity for development for all, and a wound against one is a wound against all of us, and therefore when attacked by the PF thugs, defend yourselves because it is your constitutional right to do so.”

“We are therefore grateful to the people of Kaoma who are demonstrating that they are well versed in their constitutional rights. Their assurance that on Thursday, they will vote for our candidate Austin Muneku as district Council Chairperson is clearly unequivocal and is a clear affirmation that Zambia is ready for a change of government and no one must mislead themselves that this is the opposite,” he said.

“Most grateful to the multitudes that showed up in Kaoma constituency that came to our rally this afternoon at Kaunda square ground and eventually escorting but most importantly offering security to all of us. To the people of Kaoma and the Nation as a whole, we say Zambia is headed for greater things in the next few months and to do that, we must all galvanize ourselves as foot soldiers of the ballot and vote these thieves out in 2021.”

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    • Go to Luapula, Northern, Muchinga Central, Copperbelt, Eastern and Lusaka provinces pull the crowds of adults of voting age then feel comfortable for a possible Victory.
      Damn it how is that H²’s charisma is not charismatic enough to effective meaning full change, to pull enough votes and to appeal to doubting Thomases could deliver.
      He unequivocally sounds like an astounding broken record.
      Rest in Peace Upndead. You’re really dead. Bear bones.

    • “Aleisa aleisa aleisa!”

      “Mwebo, alikwi?”

      “Yaba, Apitilila, yangu!”. “Uyu mwana alishama, alatafika. Muwelewelefye, kuwayawayafye aba bena.”

      Worsted project, worsted time, worsted energy.
      Forward mama forward, forward mama forward but ulebwelela kunuma.
      Aleisa aleisa namumbokoshi akaleisafye. Lishamo sana.

    • Which Zambians is he talking about….Zambians are tired of cheap Politicians like HH and Lungu….Lungu is also a product of UPND…..just boycott elections…it serves no purpose…HH will even be worse than thieving Lungu

  1. HH please, the archives are full of your illusion of dreaming removing all previous presidents from power. Its only a bye-election and in your stronghold and remember 2021 is a way too long for you to start dreaming. Sadly, you only try to thrive only on negativity and yet you forget the bigger picture. President Lungu has done some much work and development never seen in this country amidst many challenges. The current challenges are a priority to President Lungu and the PF and once worked on, what on earth will you talk about other than your foreign driven corruption propaganda?
    Its you HH who should be worried because you have expired and only waiting to be in the dustbin.

    • Everyone foreign and Zambian coming from Zambia tell me Zambia is developing and HADREAMS and his TRIBAL UNION will NEVER admit to it unless it is theirs in power! No wonder HAZALUZA HAGAIN! Mr. President keep developing it! He is UNELECTABLE.

    • PF has a version.. I have seen how they react to genuin problems.. and they are proactive…they deserve 5o be voted back. However, the kaoma election will go to upnd

  2. Are you now admitting that no one stole your previous vote, but Zambians weren’t just ready for Change?

    Umm …good to hear.

  3. I wish Southern province was a country…He could have been the president long time ago….for now cimo na pwi pwi pwi….imwe cisushi.

  4. HH has been in politics since 2006 but it is clear that he has not learnt anything!!!Look Kainde,your UPND is popular in 3 provinces (Southern,Western and N/Western),so having a huge crowd attending your rally in Kaoma does not show that Zambians want change.President Edgar Lungu was in Kaputa (Northern province) last weekend and he addressed a mammoth rally there which is very normal because his PF is damn strong in such area!!HH’s UPND lost terribly in Bahati-Luapula a month ago.Is that the Change HH is talking about?Kainde will be terribly shocked in 2021 after losing for a record 6th time!!TRUTH BE TOLD,THERE IS NO WIND OF CHANGE LIKE IT WAS IN 1991 OR 2011 IN ZAMBIA TODAY!!!

  5. KEEP IT UP you people of kaoma follow suit the people of sesheke, roan, katuba and others we are moving forward . break the dununa reserve mentality. ZAMBIA FORWARD is the slogan. MAKE SURE TOMORROW THURSDAY IS FORWARD CHABE. REVENGE THE DEATH OF THE LATE MR BANDA.

    • Not cutting hair is another condition given by sangomaz so that if he confuses the concoction, he immediately turns into a mad man.

    • He can’t go for a hair cut because a lot of things will be revealed. Mu cunsu emwaba icishimba. I’m sure he also wonders why he can’t win an election.

  6. Take it easy, you have not made any progress worth the tantrums. Don’t f00l yourself like ‘umwana shenda….’ . You need to do more cause for now, there is no wind of change and you are far from the alternative. Anyway, you can continue entertaining the nation.

  7. The main reason we African are backwards is because we are immune to change. We don’t don’t want to give change a chance. The current leadership has failed miserably and yet we cling to them. Listen to this HH guy and give him a chance.

    • Uuwii mwati change niba Heci Heci? Change the leader in your party, we might consider you. If you don’t want to change then get ready to remain in opposition forever.

  8. U are very right Q, these guys in power hv really failed ad all those negatives against HH are signs tht they are confused bcos of they hv really waste time ad money. Don’t talk rubbish bt the vote will tell everything.

  9. When the winds of change blow, no one will stand in the way. Not PF nor UPND. Zambians will make a choice based on who they believe will give them hope for the future.

  10. Twalema my president.Anyway guys yesterday I was sat watching my white wife get on with her business around the house. I watched her for a good 30 minutes and pondered on how lucky I was to have such a beautiful blonde white wife with an amazing body. She puts to shame lots of zambian women half her age. This woman is the epitome of stunning . After that I carried her to bed and the rest is x rated.

    • You want to know how to unblock? Oops sorry that is secret reserved only for level headed upnd supporters

  11. It seems the the aggressive HH has come back who exponentially grew UPND under Sata’s has come back. He must be very aggressive especially on message. He needs to give psychological messages.

  12. The real problem for “Sunny” is that he does not know whether it is a ward/concilor election or presidential so he spends all his ammunition before the actual election. Which change are Zambians ready for? Sunny ulabeja!! Akwina change muchisi chesu ichi!!

  13. HH will be our Magufuli or Kagame for a better Zambia….no more 48 mansions owned by a ghost landlord n FIC will be fully investigated n culprits brought to book. Vote wisely bane.

  14. Normally I would listen to such a message, but then this is HH the Trible speaking.
    I cant vote for a trible, when I have the option of Lungu even though he has suspected terminal competence illness

  15. Let’s give him a chance to see what he can do in the first term ,if he’s a flop during that period then kick his behind out…simple.

  16. Uko ati change..HH you are a foo.l Zambians will not accept the change you want homosexual,gay, lesbian we know the sa.tanic organisation upnd belongs to,who are funding you. Go to hell

  17. don’t comment on this platform like if we Zambians have sent you,its your personal view of things,owning a smart phone or a computer to use to insult our leaders in pf or in opposition upnd is true backwardness and being uncivilized,

  18. Ni Betting chabe.Hazaluza Hagin UP’N’Down he is very busy cheating himself that 2021 belongs to him.Does he know what 50+1 means, the wind of change as not yet come hold your fire before you faint.The power of the ballot will tell.HH is busy saying he as won 2021 and as forgotten what happened in 2016,wait a minute HH dont’t be deceived.The analysis you have at moment is wrong.Zambia is bigger than you HAZULUZA HAGAIN.

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