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RTSA told to intensify highway patrols in order to save people’s lives

Headlines RTSA told to intensify highway patrols in order to save people’s lives

President Lungu. "It is sad that the hunger situation in some parts of the country is being politicised."
President Lungu.
“It is sad that the hunger situation in some parts of the country is being politicised.”

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Road Transport And Safety Agency (RTSA) to intensify Highway patrols, in order to save people’s lives, from the continued escalating road accidents in the country.

In a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Press Aide Isaac Chipampe, President Lungu said he is concerned that lives have lost within a short period of time, through traffic accidents on the Copperbelt and Muchinga Provinces.

The Head of State said he is saddened that lives were lost in Mpika shortly after the accident that occurred on the Kitwe-Chingola road.

The President has since instructed RTSA Acting Chief Executive Officer Gladwell Banda to get on the ground, as his institution is well equipped to monitor vehicles and curb road traffic accidents.

“I want to see intensified highway patrols because RTSA has equipment and vehicles to ensure motorists adhere to traffic rules. We cannot continue losing lives on the roads,” said President Lungu.

President Lungu also cautioned the public to observe traffic rules, including adhering to speed limits and fastening of seat belts by adults and children.

The President regretted that children are among the casualties in the two accidents and wished the injured a quick and steady recovery.

“My thoughts are with the grieving families right now,” added President Lungu.

On October 6, 2019, about 15 people were feared dead when a Rosa Minibus hit into a stationary truck near Sabina turn off along the Kitwe – Chingola road, while 6 people died on October 8, 2019 in Mufubushi area, after a Toyota Ipsum collided with a truck in Mpika district, Muchinga Province.


  1. Sometimes it is best to just offer prayers to the affected families.

    Does RTSA even have enough cars to carry out his order from the President?

    Next we will hear that government is buying 5000 cars for RTSA at a price of 1 million US Dollars each.

    God help us.

    • Again INCOMPOS will begin to fit! Why? Because President Lungu is the reason Under Five is not in State House. “Sikwiba you cannot be president of UPND because you not TONGA, only a Tonga can be president of UPND because UPND is for Tongas,” SeJAni, Tribal INCOMPO. Let’s develop this thing Mr. President. He is UNELECTABLE.

    • Empty UN seats…Useless President…next time don’t even waste tax payers money flying to New York with your minions Kaizer and Findlay

    • Clean up guns bandits from your State house before you tell anyone to clean their teeth.
      Ba Edgar, believe us, your people have dented Zambia. This year will not end, God will send Kaizer to hell….

  2. RTSA having to be told what to do is a sign they’re not a professional independent public entity.Pressure should NOT come from a politician to do your job.

  3. LusakA times editors and moderators your wives must be grotesquely ugly because you block me each time I mention my beautiful white wife. I am trying to get my white wife to create her own account here so that she can school you small boys and girls. X

  4. Lusaka times thanks for attempting to block me. This time I let my white wife unblock me. It only took her 5 seconds. Lusaka times can you thank my white wife for being so clever. More clever than your obese wives

  5. This is all a failure of institutions due to institutionalized corruption. The PF culture that took Zambia backwards, means a lot of people are in public positions for what they can get from them. They spend much of their time in deals, favours and opportunities for self-aggrandizement (a trait ‘perfected by the State House mafia themselves) Those directives by ECL are hollow – meant to hoodwink people that he is ‘working’. There are a lot of appointees with the responsibility of this and other areas of human endeavour in Zambia – ECL no longer has control and in a lot of cases he is entwined with them in the corrupt dealings. Even the cosmetic re-shuffles he makes have more to do with lost trust and allegiance issues rather than competence.

  6. The only thing traffic police care about is the license disk. You can have no headlights, no break lights, no horn, and an open bottle of whiskey by your side and they don’t care as long as the road tax is paid!

  7. As we are reflecting on the independence day and the day of national prayers and fasting, let us forgive one another and respect our leaders God gave us, name calling and bad comments will not take this country forward, the need to give respect to the current leadership. Politics of frustration will not attract a mature person to understand what you’re taking about. The people who vote are just quiet and never insult.

    Here on Earth it is very difficult for some people to appreaciate any good work you may do , they only do so when you die. We can not get supprise even Jesus the son of God was not appreciated at all still the man kind still not appreaciate the weather provides to us, when it is hot we complain, when it is cold, when its raining the same. It takes God to forgive…

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