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Zambia to host India-Southern Africa summit

General News Zambia to host India-Southern Africa summit

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Christopher Yaluma
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Christopher Yaluma

Zambia is next week set to host the India-Southern Africa Regional Conclave summit.

Minister of Commence Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma announced at a media briefing this morning that the summit set for October 14 to 15th, 2019, has attracted 221 companies, who have already confirmed participation.

ZANIS reports that Mr Yaluma has also explained that the economic deliberations will help Zambia, acquire knowledge on how big economies like India are managing to flourish.

He underscored that India held similar meetings in Kampala, Uganda in 2017, with Nigeria having done the same in 2018.

And Mr Yaluma disclosed that President Edgar Lungu will officially open the summit, where Zambia will play as host country on behalf of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Countries.

“This is our opportunity in 2019 to host this renowned regional summit. In 2017 it was held in Kampala, 2018 it was in Lagos and in 2019 the lucky has come to Zambia, let us all embrace this opportunity and we will learn from stronger economies the current business trends that we all ought participate fully. President Edgar Lungu will officially open this assembly and at least 221 companies and individuals have confirmed participation,” he said.

The Minister emphasized that India is an economically strong country, which will see Zambia becoming an economic giant after the conclave.

Mr Yaluma further urged both the private and public sectors to participate in this investment platform, which has potential to sharpen the country’s economic trajectory.

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    There’s a video doing rounds on social media platforms in which Sampa claims to have been fed up with council employees that he repeatedly asked to clean up and decorate Kafue Round-about but never responded to his instruction. He says he can’t fire them coz he’s not an Executive Mayor. So he decided to use “his own” money to do that work and also get the water feature working. Why do politicians think Zambians are so dull gullible that you can steal from them and come back with crumbs and pretend to be patriotic yet you’re just boosting your own political profile? The cholera season is here again, can your also use your money to clear all the garbage and clean up the drainage ways

    • @1.Wanu Ngwee
      I saw the video…the mayor looks delusional and he sounds retarded……i didn’t know this is how dull Miles Sampa is….he said he wants to do a DUI…DIY…..and you can imagine that quack wanted to be President of Zambia

    • Lusaka Times Journalists….they don’t know the 5 Ws and H…..the summit will be in Zambia but where exactly?….they’ve mentioned Nigeria, Lagos, Uganda Kampala…but in Zambia no mention of which city will host the summit…

    • Wht’s the point of African diplomacy? Does Chris Yaluma even know hw India treats people of African descent who hv settled there? Why are African countries not speaking for these people?

    • Zambia is being looted by the elites. Do not blame Indians, Chinese, Europe bas or Africans. Larry Sikutwa has swindled millions through ponzy schemes. Depositors at Madison Assets Management are about to lose their savings as the company is going under liquidation. Lift the veil of the company and arrest Sikutwa and the while board. Robbers

  2. “…….The Minister emphasized that India is an economically strong country, which will see Zambia becoming an economic giant after the conclave….”

    You have borrowed too much for things that are not immediaetly giving economic benefits.

    What are you going to sell to the Indians ?
    We know from the existing Zambian Indians that they are intrested in game parks ???

  3. How can we develop if a Minister who has been to school believes that after the summit,the country can become an economic giant?! Really? Just like that,with corruption and mismanagement in every sector? Lets us hope its not Agrawal of Vendanta Resources creeping in through this conference with intentions to reappear as a different investor! Ba Minister and the President,please do your work by running the country properly.Investors will follow,not this cheap approach of saying “..luck has come to Zambia to host the conference” – what luck as the huge debts you piled up through corrupt infrastructure projects will be cancelled? So gullible these so called leaders are!!

  4. Sikutwa is kingpin, from forest land grabbing to financial scams, robbing depositors of their hard earned savings through Madison Asset management creditors scheme. Why no liquidator moved in and why corporate veil is not lifted?
    Why small depositors suffer? Why pensioners suffer fir greed of investment director of NAPSA who is not insisting Sikutwa to bring money to pay depositors, including NAPSA.

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