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Slain UPND cadre Lawrence Banda laid to rest as alleged PF cadres ransack his funeral house.

Headlines Slain UPND cadre Lawrence Banda laid to rest as alleged PF cadres...

The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre
The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre

Emotions were high on Friday when the UPND conducted a funeral procession for their member Lawerence Banda who was murdered in cold blood this week in Kaoma.

Banda who was fondly known as Gaddafi was put to rest at Leopard’s Hill Cemetery in Lusaka in the afternoon.

He leaves behind a wife and two children.

Before the funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, there was a commotion in the Central Business District as cadres carrying Banda’s casket protested over the death of their colleague.

Businesses closed as vehicles were stoned after rival cadres from the UPND and PF clashed as the casket made its way to the Cathedral.

The PF cadres quickly retreated and their way to John Laing Compound at the funeral house where they harassed mourners and ransacked the funeral house.

They broke chairs and threw away the food that was to be prepared for the mourners in retaliation to the UPND actions.

And at the funeral service, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema encouraged the family to remain strong and dedicate everything into the hands of the Almighty, who is their ultimate Defender.

Mr Hichilema pledged that the party will take of the family of the deceased.

He also condemned the manner in which the Police handled the entire procession.

“For no apparent reason, heavily armed State Police on several occasions attempted to block us from proceeding to the burial site to bury our deceased youth leader. They fired gunshots and injured several of our people for no crime whatsoever as we were so peaceful and in mourning,” Mr Hichilema said.

“Our message to all the Police is that we are not fighting you but fighting for you and we mean well for you. When in government we will ensure your conditions of service are improved than what is currently obtaining under the PF regime,” he said.

He added, “Our brother is gone but we will ensure that his going to be with the Lord will not be in vein. As we will be supporting his family, we will continue demanding that the PF thug who shot him faces the law and if the PF don’t bring him to book, sooner than later he will be answerable.”

He added, “It is such a painful moment and the killing of our people by the PF must come to an end immediately as continue calling on citizens to defend themselves against the PF thugs whenever attacked.”

“Remember, a wound against one Zambian is a wound against all of us.”

He charged that the UPND detests violence and it is for this reason that they will always stand up and stop it.

“That is what our late member wanted. Though gone, our brother Lawrence Banda’s hope of a better Zambia lives on in us and together with you and the help of God, almighty, this will surely happen. Painful as it is, we say rest in peace Lawrence Banda.”

HH at HH addressing the mourners at The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre
HH at HH addressing the mourners at The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre

The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre
The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre

HH addressing the mourners at The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre
HH addressing the mourners at The funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of the murdered UNPD Cadre

The funeral house which was ransacked in Friday by PF cadres in Kanyama1
The funeral house which was ransacked in Friday by PF cadres in Kanyama

The funeral house which was ransacked in Friday by PF cadres in Kanyama
The funeral house which was ransacked in Friday by PF cadres in Kanyama

Vehicles damaged at the funeral home for late Lawrence Banda in Kanyama
Vehicles damaged at the funeral home for late Lawrence Banda in Kanyama

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    • Fake News – Who shot ya?
      Misinformation and Disinformation.

      Only the lifeless body of a young and devioud h² standing remains the political capital stunt shocking to critical eyes.

      The confusion within the UPNDEAD camp and spirits of malice want to drag PF in their misdeed. The conundrum of deceit as can be extracted from h² aging face standing besides that coffin is shocking and embarrassing. H² is a failed project and everything he touches dies.
      He touched the young man, what do we have at our hands, death.
      Who shot that young militia’s soul?
      Now they are pushing a skewed narrative and the reporter must be UPNDEAD media team probably that ex Prime TV upndeadist Mark…

    • There is nothing more Satanic than what happened here, I can’t believe, what I am reading honestly.
      “…..rival cadres from the UPND and PF clashed as the casket made its way to the Cathedral.”
      “The funeral house which was ransacked in Friday by PF cadres in Kanyama”
      “Vehicles damaged at the funeral home for late Lawrence Banda in Kanyama”
      This is brutal, no one deserves this treatment. Even after being shot, still, these thugs can’t leave this man at peace.

    • Everything is staged
      It’s plain to see that everything is staged here but whats equally shocking is LTs photos with their logo with serious captions on them.
      Someone within the circles of LT is not ashamed of himself.
      But the photos exhibits a poverty stricken youth working for h², a billionaire bent to abuse youths for a plot 1 bid who has lost his life. The photos manifests a gluesome narrative of many youths in the habit of insulting leadership on this podium.
      The photos manifests a greedy and selfish man who will buy you a nice coffin as an incentive when you die. Standing besides it like wizard.

    • For the first time poor people enter Cathedral of The Holly Cross in Lusaka.
      It is historical.
      I can vote for HH for that…

    • one thing you can take out of all of this, HH will come good on his word that the surviving family will be taken care of. He already has hundreds of kids he is seeing through school in southern and Lusaka provinces. Nonetgheless it shouldn’t come to this…

    • @1.10 Dudelove
      Am non partisan so I don’t subscribe to any Cadrerism…….Politicians should have genuine love for the people and their countries not fake love and deceit exhibited by HH and Lungu…….these two are the worst Politicians in the history of Zambian Politics………tricksters and evil

    • Anonymous you must be a naive little boy to think that any politician in the world has true love for the electorate, were you born last week? For a PHD holder you really are quite dumb.

    • @1.12 Dudelove
      Thanks for acknowledging that all Politicians in the World only care about themselves……and I hope Zambians can read this and understand that Politicians are not worth dying for whether Trump,Lungu,HH,Ramaphosa,Johnson,Obama etc….all crooks

    • @1.12Dudelove
      You such a bitter person…stop wasting your bundles insulting people…just air you UPND losers Political views

    • @ Dudelove
      Its about time you start preaching to your fellow Zambian voters that Politicians are not worth dying for……am the wrong audience to preach to or insult because i vote here in the USA….never had a Zambian Voters card in my life

    • A person was killed in Kaoma and he lives in Lusaka? Privatisation funds theft transporting cadres to different constituents en masse to make the Boy look as though he is popular! Government should check the Voters’ register HAGAIN especially in Ing’ombe Ilede. It consits of visitors from Lusaka where he has THREE MANSIONS and Livingstone!

    • This is what Zambia has come to under the gangster in chief, corrupt clueless Lungu. And if you think it’s bad now, just wait. It’ll get worse than this, as more and more PF thugs begin to take hold of illegal guns. The “peaceful Zambia” image we projected across the world, is fading fast, and a violent Zambia is being ushered in, thanks to corrupt clueless Lungu. What a shame.

  1. It’s time to put an end to this PF madness which seems to have no limits! How do normal people ransack a place of mourning? We never saw this insensitivity during MMD and UNIP days. What is wrong with these people? This violence is what caused UNIP and MMD to lose power! Zambians are allergic to violence! Anyway, this is what happens when a ruling party is on its way out. No matter how angry we may be, we need to respect funeral places and processions. By attacking mourners, we have shown we have no humanity in ourselves! This is Shameful sacrilege!

    • There is no one to stop this…..with this Kaponyas.
      No Diaspora will have the courage to go back and join current politics and expect to make a change.
      This is Barberic. I agree with you, totally UNTHINKABLE in Kaunda`s era. We had Kaponyas who were harassing people at the city centre to get you into kama minibus……but not this level, where funeral houses are being ransacked. I am “mauless”.
      Zambia is going back to where “congo” was 50 years ago. Ba kaboke. Congo (DC) is now better off.
      Our Zambia people`s brains are not developing or evolving. People remain ST.U.P!d each and every day, as they are being brainwashed by these greedy politicians.

    • The young man was sacrificed by UPNDEAD.
      The affiliation of the party with three mansions is purely showing petrifying imagery consistent with demon possessions.
      One life, one victory.

      Wanna die a respected political element as a youth?
      1. Demand that h² gives you a dignified position not a cadre.
      2. Be educated and properly informed.
      3. Stay out’a trouble.
      4. Standup to party leadership against wrong directives.
      5. Refuse to be used as instruments of violence.
      6. Put your families first.

    • 7. Put God first.
      8. Get a life.
      9. Don’t trek campaigning blindly.
      10. If you’re in UPNDEAD, take a leaf from Chisanga, Sakwiba, Kapita, Canisius, GVBM. You’re as dispensable as folks outlined here in H²’s life by whatever means, dismissal, frustrated or death.

    • Thorn you honestly are a despicable human being. You sound educated but you are clearly just an a$$hole at heart. How do you even begin to justify an attack on a funeral house? Have we degenerated this far in our humanity all for the support of a motherfuc.ker who is fuc.king this country into oblivion coz of his failure to rule and you chimpanzees egg him on for whatever it benefits you? Grow a heart fuc.ker.

    • This was just a planed syndicat to put a blame on PF cadres, period!! You mean to tell me there was no one who had a phone to at list take a photo or picture of the offenders? Mwebantu mwaya Kopa when they fled… Sure wake up guys!!!

    • Iwe ka dudeloverboy I must know where you stay.
      I have placed you on wanted list.

      Look at where the die hard deceased boy lived and see how you’re embarrassing him in his death.

      He leaves his humble home to go and die for H² a billionaire with mansions.
      No wonder Canisius Banda suffered under these deads.

  2. And everyone is just watching and reading this nonsense from the almighty Lungu and his PF minions are acting a fo ol when someone is killed by by cadres and on top of that they go and rumsak the property of the mourners this is saddening. Put politics aside and mourn with the family while they are going through this turf time.

  3. Lungu knows and directs such actions, don’t be fo.oled……..

    One phone call to kapoyongo from lungu would end this PF savegry …..

    • You id0t1 must have a very dull mind. Think before you say anything…these things can happen to any of us, imagine you are in opposition then one of your members is shot would you keep quiet and be happy? Stupidity really is a disease.

    • Unlike you 1mbec1le I don’t do politics of the belly. I don’t do politics of regalias. I don’t do politics of running battles. I employ a leader and go about doing my own stuff.
      You will die like this banda thing if yours is an as long as my filthy tummy is full.

      Just listen to your corrupt stup1d self, “imagine you are in opposition then one of your members is shot would you…” hogwash.
      No I can’t imagine a lazy man’s life; a lazy SIMUWE’s life. A lazy youth’s life.
      While you punks die h² is enjoying his life just coming to show concern when you’re in a box. What do you know?
      You will die chanting “we want change” in the streets of Lusaka and other Constituencies. Ain’t you ashamed, 1d10ts? Whose cause are you fighting?

  4. The outside world is watching with horror at the events of violence and thuggery that is enveloping the citizens of Zambia , Zambia appears now no longer a democracy where freedom of speech, freedom of movement , freedom of assembly , freedom of almost anything that may threaten the existing ruling autocratic regime .
    An out and out police state with the police force appearing to be firmly entrenched in the ruling parties back pocket. Corruption out of control and the country plunged into a dept burden it struggle for generations to come to climb out of. Continuing oppressive measures being taken against opposition parties whom dare to threaten the ruling P F.
    Of those of us looking in Zambia appears to be heading down the same as Zimbabwe with a very good chance of the 2021…

  5. Becoming a blood bath,
    May God have mercy on you all indecent citizens , may he bring down hell and damnation on all perpetrators of the out of control violence, corruption and oppression that appears to be rampant under the existing P F regime.
    A police state without any doubt , I once loved visiting Zambia and liked it so much I returned three times, never will I ever consider returning after what is now taking place in Zambia. The two biggest gangs of thugs in Zambia appears to be the corrupt police force and the incumbent ruling P F party to those whom are looking in from the outside world .
    May God have mercy on you all

  6. Both upnd and pf are to blame for ferrying Lusaka cadres to other towns when there are elections. Continue doing this nonsense you will be dying and leaving your children orphans. Both HH and ECL and their families are never in the front to fight each other to show you how much they hate each other. Dander heads.

    • How many buses went to Kaoma from Lusaka and HaAnthony HaBwalya began telling his UNDER FIVE boy and Tribal Hoganisation that “Zambia is now ready for HAZALUZA HAGAIN!” Privatisation Thief using people from other towns no wonder he is like a cry baby when he loses! He inflates the Voters Registration book with extended family members from 5 wives including names of “those stuff” from the kraal on NAMWALA FARM.

  7. As if killing of Lawrence Banda was not enough for the PF demons, they went ahead and ransacked the house where his funeral wake was held destroying property and harassing the mourners. Edgar Lungu and his fellow leaders are quiet about the whole satanic incident. The next thing we’ll hear from them will be that UPND members were responsible for this evil act. If Zambians were looking for proof about Lungu’s and pf’s preoccupation with being in power for selfish reasons not service, this is it. The PF demons can kill and maim but as long as they remain in power nothing else matters to them. Despite the denials and the defence of PF violence by Lungu and his followers the buck stops at his feet. He should remember that he won’t be president forever. Posterity will judge Lungu harshly.

  8. Respect the dead, what were you doing parading your colleague’s dead body in the streets of Lusaka? There is Ambassador St Anne for decent funeral ride for the body, you mean Trible HH could not pay for that? Is it because the dead body was not from his trible?
    And then after disrespectfully dragging the body like garbage you enter the Cathedral and pretend to be doing a decent send off? These tribles!

    • H² is very naive and inconsiderate.
      He is mean and heartless.

      Political capital pachitumbi zoona.
      Uyu ena alipesha meter muma demons.

      He keeps sacrificing them one by one.

      Youths watchout.

    • The public health regulations do not allow to move with a dead corpse through public places. Who allowed the mourners to match with a dead body through town? I am sure UPND can afford a hearse or van to ferry a dead body to house of workshop? Why play politics with the dead. Banda’s family maybe given millions but they are not worthy his soul. It is gone! MHSRIP.

  9. Rip mwana wesu. We thank you for the support and hard work for the party. The day of reckoning for your killer will come to pass. We as a party will take care of your family. My white wife is already in contact with your madam offering her emotional support as well as financial. Elisa my white wife has a big heart.

  10. Both parties are violent and making this country hell. It’s clear that there is no discipline in both parties. Their cadres are in charge hence this confusion. Disgusting!!!

  11. Country men and women we are apealing to parents and relatives to all the youths in this country to be responsible enough by thinking outside the box, all these energies and anger for one another can be exhausted to developmental issues by way of creating their own wealthy.

    Chinese, Rwandes, Burundes to mention but a few are doing very fine in this country and their focus is to work hard and make money while you are fighting. We need to sit down with our youths and counsel them and make them understanding the importance of life we live once, and what legacy are you going to leave? fighting? hatred? insults? God created as in His own image, the need to contribute to national development. We only have one ZAMBIA and we are ONE….

  12. Can some ones demice win you an election, It is evil and satanic to use ones lose to win popularity.
    Really it is demonic to celebrate evil for your benefit.

    • They parade his body, house, life cheaply at that.
      These kind’a politics gotta come to an end.
      Last time it was CKinsultor’s henchman who we got to learn of untold loads of sicknesses and diseases as CKinsultor defiled family objection to a post morten.
      Now this humiliating staged showcase.

  13. Newtons third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, if object A exerts a force on object B, then object B also exerts an equal force on object A. Notice that the forces are exerted on different objects. The third law can be used to explain the generation of lift by a wing and the production of thrust by a jet engine.

  14. Let us preach peace in our bloggers, finger pointing is un Zambian culture, we are one this is just an organization called politics which should not make us differ. However as alangizi team we are here to preach peace in this country. Jesus left us with that peace, we thank and praise Him for that for Jesus is love, let us exercise the peace and love that He left us with, we need to love one another at all cost. Always put a smile on your friend or neighbour who is next to you,because he/she is not an enemy but your brother and your sister. We pray for this country Zambia to have good youths, who will always share developmental issues, who will be bread winners in there families , think tankers and creative.

  15. What a cruel party PF is! As if killing a breadwinner was not painful enough they go ahead to ransack his home causing more grief for the bereaved family.Emmanuel God come down and rescue us from this brutal regime!

  16. Zambia under PF is disastrous, there is no other way to say it. How did we end up with such a clueless and useless leader. Lusaka and most major towns have been turned into criminal dens, it is affecting the common man out there. If Zambians don’t wake to kick out this useless man we will end up like Ruanda. The ruling party is very divisive trying to divide us based on tribe and party affiliations. Economy wise also no one is beneffiting from their bad policies, day and night it is blame this one, that one even things that cannot speak for themselves like climate change. When is PF going to take responsibility even for Lawrence, he is dead Lungu and his minions cannot even offer condolences or even a message to unite the country now they have to divide us.

  17. “A man must be willing to die for justice. Death is an inescapable reality and men die daily, but good deeds live forever” Jesse Jackson

    May his soul rest in peace.

    “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

    Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. — Proverbs 31:8-9

  18. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. — Isaiah 1:17

    “poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings” Nelson Mandela.

    I’ll be back one day to advocate for change because enough is enough. It’s painful to see people living in extreme poverty in this day and age. It’s time to stand up and make a difference by being a voice for voiceless.


  19. Nostradamus I totally agree with you that its great to see poor people enter Cathedral of The Holly Cross in Lusaka.

    This is what we need to fight for. Equal opportunities for all. The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage to increase.

    Free Education, Free National Health Service for those who cannot afford treatment and the list goes on and on……

  20. *Nostradamus I totally agree with you that its great to see poor people enter the Cathedral of The Holy Cross in Lusaka.

    This is what we need to fight for. Equal opportunities for all. The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage to increase.

    Free Education, Free National Health Service for those who cannot afford treatment and the list goes on and on……

  21. The Bible clearly states that “Thou shall not kill” also the Bible says “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. I am sure every parent makes it known to their children as they grow to become adults. My message to all of you that are reading this notice is that you must not have the word “Cadre” or “Kaponya” in your brain. These two words are evil. The people you support, it be Lungu or Hichilema, will not be there to protect you when you are about to get killed. Stay away from their sponsored gatherings. Do you see them with their their children and other family members at the gatherings you attend? If you want to support them, do it privately without being in attendance of their gatherings. You can send them money or purchase their promotional materials if you so wish. Also…

  22. Also be disciplined to keep your vote private on who you are going to vote for. What should matter is being a registered voter. When you go to vote, wear ordinary clothes with no party messages on it. Why expose yourself to the unknown or known rival? Our way of doing things my brothers and sisters must change. Let’s use our brains the right way. One Zambia One Nation.

  23. The Zambia we knew is long gone. If you look at the funeral house, you see only poverty and why now go and destroy the funeral arrangements. Cadres are killing each other in poverty. What is gone wrong with Zambia? All guns and machetes should be banned in public and campaign rallies.

  24. @ Munchinji sums it all well.

    But the biggest tragedy is having people who actually support this PF brutality and pretence of a government.

  25. Like climate, politics in Zambia and other parts of the world have changed to our own detriment. Zambia should detest this change it is not good for us. But we know that thieves and hadcore criminals have always been with us, it is the level that has changed. HH like all other politicians in Zambia must be ashamed just like the cadres who accept to be used to commit murder and other criminal activities. It is shameful for HH to pretend to be innocent when his own thug is killed in a Fracas.

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