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African Liberal Network does not support gay rights, stop the propaganda, PAC President tells PF

Headlines African Liberal Network does not support gay rights, stop the propaganda, PAC...

Mr Banda speaking at one of the Africa Liberal Network events
Mr Banda speaking at one of the Africa Liberal Network events

Peoples Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda has admitted being a member of the African Liberal Network, a controversial Organisation accused of advocating for Gay rights in Africa.

The opposition UPND has come under intense criticism particularly from the ruling Patriotic Front for allegedly belonging to the grouping that has a huge membership on the continent interested in pushing for gay rights.

Mr Banda says his party is a member of the African Liberal Network and the ignorance being peddled to just injure people’s reputation without facts won’t take Zambia anywhere.

“We are being attacked indirectly and we shall not sit quietly seeing our characters being assassinated by power hungry and ignorant politicians”, he said.

Mr Banda said he is even shocked that out of ignorance, Kanchibiya PF Member of Parliament Dr Martin Malama proposed a Bill in Parliament to ban political parties that belong to the ALN.

“Why can’t you introduce bills that would give loans to small businesses to access solar energy? I must say that your ignorant propaganda won’t change people’s lives”, he added.

Mr Banda said from now onwards, the People’s Alliance for Change will defend the membership of the African Liberal Network which is the biggest political network in Africa.

“We have political parties coming from countries were LGBT rights are a crime and they are not in the Network to change course but to discuss policies that would help create jobs and to strengthen political parties”, said Mr Banda.

He said through the years PAC has been a member of the ALN, he does not remember gay rights being on the agenda.

Mr Banda and UPND Chairperson for International Relations Ambassador Mulondwe Muzungu at one of the Africa Liberal Network events
Mr Banda and UPND Chairperson for International Relations Ambassador Mulondwe Muzungu at one of the Africa Liberal Network events

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  1. And so what if they did? Because the Same pf government begs from countries that promote gay rights and even contributes to the United nations which promotes gay rights. Instead of concentrating on the poverty in their country, pf is busy using gay rights to decampaign upnd. I for one know that there are more hiv positive pf members than there is gay people in the entire Zambia. I would rather the country has a hardworking gay president than a useless failed heterosexual rat like lungu.

    • That Martin Malama, did it hurt that bad that he don’t want anyone to bend him over again? Why is hallucinating about homos? Does Malama knows that PF was and probably still member of ALN, why did Kabimba attend such meeting when he was PF Secretary General?

    • So many gays in the opposition. First Akainde (HH) and Jack Mwiimbu. Now this PAC clown as well?
      Only Katuka is straight, he doesn’t even know when his president travels secretly for gay meetings.

    • Why are they holding hands like that this Banda and Mulondwe Muzungu?
      The Muzungus are teaching you wrong things.

    • Look whos talking while your president is busy nailing Findley…. who is gay now… infact guys need scattered teeth to suck properly.. the last I checked HH had all his teeth, on the other hand, the other guy…….

  2. andy ford have you have understood the challenging question Dr malama has posed about the principals of ALN?
    ARE you aware about the botswana high court ruling, on HOMOSEXUALITY and the subsequent comments by the ALN?
    IF you havent then take it cool read the statement Dr malama has posed , dont just skip issues and blindly blame the PF .
    in the western world leaders resign immediately, if they are conflicted with policy matters. a good example is britain theresa may resigned on a matter of policy about the brexit her conscience was troubled because she felt her party did not fully support her.
    and you ANDY FORD you are countering this issue with economic bills that can help youths with loans , this is typical of gayism arrogance.
    This matter andyford borders on morality of the…

  3. PF is being naive and extremely petty on this issue where a whole MP wastes peoples time with blue shameful lies. These people are never serious. That should be the last thing to bring in parliament especially in form of an accusation even when the UPND clarified their position. It shows lack of seriousness and reflects badly on Lungu the dictator. This is what happens when people have lied so much that they have nothing else to lie about. They end up starting to believe their own lies. Time is slowly catching up with PF and they would be wiser to sober up.

  4. Ba PF bena kuwayawayafye.Instead of finding solutions to the hunger and power crisis ravaging the nation they are busy talking about gay rights

  5. In USA and many other countries of the world gay rights are respected. Our government has no problem dealing with such governments with gays inside and we respect these countries. I wonder why we should go so ballistic when it involves a Zambian? Why should it be such a huge issue where even the head of state should be preaching about it day-in, day-out as if we have nothing better to do here? What is so special about this topic?


  7. United Nations(UN) is one of the Organasations that promotes gay Rights,(lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex …) and the Zambian Government is a member of UN…
    Why isn”t government or PF government not willing to Pull out????…

  8. Kudos is on point, the way the pac president banda is holding muzungus hand raises more questions than answers, what’s surprising is how this old man muzungu of the Upnd can engage himself with this young child banda, does he not fear a heart attack during penetration where the sun does not shine?

    I approve this message

  9. Hon. Malama is Zambia going to pull out of the UN since it promotes gay rights?
    Hon. Malama please talk about real issues that are affecting the ordinary Zambian. Not this gay crap

  10. Mu calo mulifye ifyabupuba ifyansele-nsele so. People are starving and you are discussing what men do to other men – mwe fipumbu mwe mwaluba nokwakufwila ba makaka!!! So you think democracy and autocracy can co-exist ba makaka? Why do you want to know who is engaging in anal sex and whether or not they are same sex? Fix load shedding and feed your people, ba makaka mwa mbushi mwe!!!! There are better things to focus parliamentary time on – mwe fipuba mwe!

    • @ Kaloki
      Ask them please ask them. So shameless at begging. The president goes to the US to get ARVs for us and flies to New York to address the UN which supports gay rights. I would only believe PF were serious if they:
      1) Renounced and disavowed Zambia’s membership to the UN
      2) Refused to get aid for ARVs from Scandinavian countries where those who manufacture ARVs openly marry each other.
      Can dishonorable MALAMA be SERIOUS for once please! Spare us the BULL $hI2.

  11. Let us comment like we are a Christian Nation. We will pray for you to repent and stop insulting the current government. The president Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been preaching peace and good morals in this country and we can not support the political parties which support rights which are unbibilical. Gay rights are evil and no wise voter will support such a taboo. Will keep on praying so that more political parties attached to gayism should be exposed in Jesus’name.

    • @alangizi, nobe wa-joinamo mu fyabupuba kabili!? We MUST take care of our people, not start examining people’s anal parts! Uleumfwa!? Jesus or no – we have a LOT of serious problems and we need SOLUTIONS. Animals are being stolen and sold – are you quoting biblical things on that theft? What about dirty water? Violence??? Mule bako serious even in your Christianity – differentiate between humility and timidity!!!

    • Hiding behind prayers will not solve current national challenges.. A sober approach is what is required.. God will bless the works of your hands not daydreaming please.. let us e pragmatic and steadfast in dealing with serious issues as opposed to nonsense day in day out.. prostitution, gayism or lesbianism are biblical issues..I.e they’ve been in existence for hundreds of years till Jesus come.. let’s put food on table and roof over our heads then we can discuss homosexuality!

  12. Its TRUE without doubt ALN supports n advocates for LGBT rights. Either Andyford Banda is ignorant about the Orgsnisation he joined or wilfully he decides to fend off such allegations using economic solutions taking advantage of the tough economic situation the Zambians are going through rather than answering the morality question. This typical of those who advocate for Gay rights . They think by providing economic solutions people cant question the hands that are providing or the agenda of such people. ALN Supports GAY rights, google and check on the membership

  13. Liberal Democracy | Member Parties
    The #ALNmember parties are bound by the ALN Constitution, which states that they exist to:

    Ensure the freedom and dignity of all people by establishing political and civil rights,
    Ensure basic freedoms,
    Uphold the rule of law,
    Promote democratic governance, based on free and fair elections with peaceful transition,
    Ensure religious, gender and minority rights are recognised,
    Fight corruption,
    Establish free market economies.

  14. Statement of the Executive Committee of the Africa Liberal Network

    Africa’s largest grouping of political parties supports without reservation the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other sexual minorities.

    The Network’s Executive Committee expresses deep regret and concern over the increase in LGBTQ refugees as a result of the hostile, violent and discriminatory acts against them in their home countries. These are too often directed by the hands of state officials and, at other times, severely discriminatory communities. The ALN remains committed to the principle of equality for all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

    Many of these LGBTQ refugees flee to more tolerant countries, such as South Africa, only to be met either by more persecution or even…

  15. Following the statement from the above we need to pray as Christians to make sure that Zambia remains with Christian values.

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