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Council Workers have gone for over 3 months without pay-HH

Headlines Council Workers have gone for over 3 months without pay-HH

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says he has noted with dismay the PF regime’s failure to pay council employees and other public sector workers their salaries, allowances and benefits for long periods of time.

Mr Hichilema says the current situation indicates that council workers have gone for over 3 months without pay and yet the PF have funds to bribe voters in unnecessary by-elections.

He said this is uncalled for and a great injustice to families that are already struggling under the economic hardships brought about by the corrupt and failed PF, Mr Edgar Lungu and his friends.

Mr Hichilema said in view of the above, the PF administration should immediately pay outstanding salaries and allowances to all council and other public sector workers who have not been paid.

“We also direct that Mr Edgar Lungu’s PF administration must mmediately release the equalization funds and other grants meant to help run the local authorities and other public sector institutions without any further delay. It is absurd for the PF to keep using council, government and other public sector workers without paying them but funding their PF thugs during election campaigns. A salary is a human right which must be received on time”, he said.

He also directed the President to remove PF thugs from bus stations, markets, taxi ranks and several other public places and replace them with local authorities so as to restore order.

Mr Hichilema said this will save the public from the PF thugs’ harassment and being overcharged for using public facilities.

He said further, this will enable local authorities to properly manage these facilities and collect fair revenue that will facilitate their smooth operations, especially as the rain season draws near.

Mr Hichilema said currently, the PF thugs are collecting high and illegal levies from members of the public in the above stated areas and sharing among themselves at the expense of the councils and the public.

He lamented that this lawlessness and violence with impunity must end now and the councils must without further delay reclaim their mandate to properly manage these public facilities and collect fair levies on behalf of our people.

“As UPND, we would like a situation where ordinary citizens are able to freely use these public facilities without fear of being overcharged, harassed, robbed, beaten or killed by these unruly gun trotting PF thugs”, he added.

And Mr Hichilema has challenged the PG Pay retirees all their benefits immediately because they worked for these benefits, in some cases, for many years and the PF must not be diverting these monies to reward their militias that are harrassing, maiming and killing citizens with unbelievable impunity.

“Lastly, we would like to assure council, government and other public sector workers that are not receiving their dues and other benefits from the PF, that when in government, the UPND undertakes that your salaries and all other benefits including those relating to retirement will be paid on time”, said the opposition Leader.

He said not only will the retirees be paid promptly, but their conditions of service will be improved in line with the party policy of ensuring motivation of all workers.

Mr Hichilema said in addition, the UPND in government will ensure that funding (grants, equalization funds and others) will be paid on time to allow for smooth operations.

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  1. The way HH is commanding, if he will do that when he becomes President in 2021, then he will win 2023 Peace Nobel prize.

    • How can workers in a country that has a president fo for 3 months without pay. It is either the president is clueless or an imposter

    • Very late payment of Salaries in Zambia has become the norm.

      When growing up in the Kaunda days, no matter how much the economy got hit, people got paid on time.

      But with Lungu, faced with a choice of either paying civil servants OR going to Swaziland to see his c0ncubine(s)… well, let us just say that the President favours irrigation services.

    • If HH is serious about saving money and life he should have chosen not to participate in all bye- elections. If UPND had not participated in the KAOMA eletions, Gaddafi will still be alive today!

    • The satanist is right workers of all kinds and nature ought to be paid.

      The three mansion, tax evader, Panama database enlisted, mine seller, sodomite, anti- Prayers Armageddonist must not rule over us.

    • The latest word among pf cadres after the kaoma bye election is ALIBI, am just wondering what their alibi is for non payment of salaries to council workers? is it climate change again?

  2. How can workers in a country that has a president go for 3 months without pay. It is either the president is clueless or an imposter

  3. Council workers used to go 1 year without pay. Its only up and only councils that are able to raise funds for salaries get paid on time.
    The Governmet wants to amend bye elections and Akainde is in the forefront blocking. Umwana chinkula akainde. ena fyonse mapolitics.

    • Go to soweto market and try selling your farm produce or anything. You will not be allowed until you pay pf cadres an amount which they take out of their heads. Once you pay than you don’t pay the council. If you receive any luggage or item at intercity. You have to first pay pf cadres for them to load for you in your vehicle, even though you can carry it yourself. Again the figure comes out of their head. This is going on everywhere.They are extorting hard earned kwacha from people for nothing. Than there are people who from their flags are living abroad, not being affected by this nonsense and apart from this alot of nonsense, these characters are supporting this crap. If they are so patriotic towards Z than why run away in the first place?

  4. I think HH is on a suicidal mission going by the rantings and provocations he has embarked on. Its clear and without doubt that the man has read the situation, analysed and concluded that despite President Lungu and the PF currently going through some economic challenges, they will emerge extremely stronger than ever and his last attempt on presidency has diminished. To this effect, the man has and is praying that the chaos through violence erupts in the country. He is doing this by viciously embarking on fake news, unsubstantiated propaganda and hate speech. Just listen to his speech at the funeral of his late carder, you will conclude that he is fanning anarchy. HH missed that opportunity to call for unity and tolerance amongst all political players but as expected, the man is always…

    • hh is a de.mon wanting human blood..see how his homosexual friends have been exposed.
      And some sa.tanic agreements he entered into..sold his soul to the de.vil, HH is a son of the de.vil no doubt

  5. contd
    HH missed that opportunity to call for unity and tolerance amongst all political players but as expected, the man is always offside whenever it matters. How does he as an ordinary citizen “direct and command the Republican President” instead of requesting? Where are the old guards in UPND mwebantu? Please tame your HH otherwise ……….

  6. Under 5 (HH) has realized that 2021 has been scooped by ECL and PF.
    Hence he’s now bitter everyday in the news.
    However what has nailed his coffin finally is the Sodom and Gomorrah activities by his party at Brenthurst Oppenheimer meetings

  7. When lungu promised jobs for his PF , those are the jobs he meant……extorting and holding Zambians at ransom at bus stations and in markets.

    It is a

    ” be a PF cader and pay your self ” cinario

    ………this is the PF mentality that is slowly seeping into the police service….

    When we say lungu has failed, wait and see. Zaire and Zimbabwe suffering for Zambians is soon.

    As of now lungu and his PF gang are counting on the rains to stay in power.
    Come good rains lungu and his gang will unleash violence and thuggery never seen to stay in power.

  8. All this coming from a Privatization thief who has never even been a ward counselor. The people that follow him a most empty in the head. Look at they people he is sacrificing where the leave. Only a son of Lucifer can do that. And then he goes on to say that he will take care of the Family and f00ls are clapping. There is no better care than that of a parent. The best care he would have taken is not to ferry people from Lusaka to Kaoma.

  9. Going for 3 months without pain? It is agony. This forces these already poorly paid workers to get kaloba exacerbating the problem.

    Yet Lungu is paying himself for destroying the economy.

    • Why do you want to blame Lungu when HH and chiluba sold most important national assets
      Blame the de.mon from hell called hh

  10. How old were you when we used to stay 6 months without pay in councils and we didn’t even have Lungu by then. Things have really improved it’s now one to three months without pay. Don’t be cheap in politics, while not all is well under PF, don’t politicise everything, mind you some of us saw alot during the early 90s, deceive those who were born in the 90s who don’t even know how you got rich under the regime that destroyed our country. We know what u want.

  11. Council employees and other public sector workers not paid their salaries, allowances and benefits for long periods of time, while SNAKE EATER is always on the move. These travels are another route for defrauding the docile Zambians because they will not question and would just say it is OK.

  12. This country is in auto pilot. Hh is doing more as a leader than the rat that never addresses his people and spends all his time flying around. When will lungu govern. You only hear him talk to you during campaigns and everywhere he goes people and up dead. If that is not a description of a maniac then I don’t know what is.

  13. PF must admit that they have failed instead of coming up with excuses for their failures. They are just good at insulting others, and running away from addressing issues. I like how time is proving that they’re nothing but a fraud.

  14. There is nothing that President Lungu will do to impress tongas at large.PF government is feeding them with their animals by giving relief food but still .HH is useless.

  15. What HH said is the only a fool will be agaist him. disban cadres they have no use let councils take their working places. pay retirees you visionless pf. fools joke on this reality issue. sham on plunderers pf.

  16. “…Mr Hichilema says the current situation indicates that council workers have gone for over 3 months without pay and yet the PF have funds to bribe voters in unnecessary by-elections.”

    Does Trible HH think when he opens his mouth? Unnecessary by elections? But he caused the “unnecessary” by election in Kaoma by expelling the Council Chairperson for greeting Mr Lungu as part of his civic duties.
    This boy is full of contradictions and he is actually contradiction itself. How you consider voting for a confused boy like him?
    If he could act normally and renounce the trible nature, I would probably vote for him ahead of Lungu. But trible scares me!

  17. from these anti upnd blogers its clear that pf has no room for all the workers be it in government , retirees or indeed even those that they use during bye elections. so my advise to you is prepare yourselves to fight a ballot war in 2021 to remove your enemies who mistreats you with impunity. its your human right to be paid in time to look after your families like they do.

  18. Do not despise Wisdom, sometimes your enemy will give you great advise than your close friend. What HH is saying is the reality on the ground. Looking at what is happening in markets and bus stations is sad…so so sad. If we can see that as normal then we are mad, we are not normal. I feel for my brothers who are not paid there salaries oh life oh life what have we done? how did mr humble the angel we thought he was turn into a demon. Time will humble him even him will confess one-day


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