Bailiffs this morning pounced on United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia President Charles Chanda’s Offices in Rhodes Park.

Staff and Clients at Brook Cherith Offices, a company owned by Mr. Charles Chanda, were greeted by a rude shock when government bailiffs pounced on the offices and grabbed Chairs, tables, a TV, a computer, landline line telephone and other items worth about K15,000.

Bailiffs turned the place upside down as they collected the property.

When talked to by staff and clients who had come to the office the bailiffs answered arrogantly that they were working under instructions.

And workers talked to said they expected that any action to recover the alleged stolen money would wait until the case involving Mr. Chanda is disposed of by the courts which is not the case.

Mr. Chanda and his daughter Esther have remained locked up at Lusaka Central Police since Monday last week.

The duo was picked up from the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court after Mr. Chanda had taken plea in 22 out of 120 civil charges of fraud brought against him by people who say paid for plots that have never been given to them.

Chanda and his daughter were then driven to Central Police where they were warned and cautioned on 160 counts of obtaining money by false pretenses.

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  1. The man has swindled people… He acted on governments lack of seriousness and most Zambian vulnerability that the whole scandal looked genuine but with people with an extra sense and guiding inner voice, one could smell a rat mumpoto….A friend got swindled 80pin…land taimoneka…he tried to seek audience with the man but surely enough he suddenly became too busy…offering to give alternative land…typical of a conman…. Rumour has it there is some history with this man, to do with mental issues… I feel sorry for the masses coz like it or not the man is incapable of paying back….accept the loss as a sunk cost and move on…..


    • I almost got swindled by this crook but after i saw his ranting on Facebook i knew he was just a fly by night businessman….and yes its true that crooks like this take advantage of sleepy and corrupt Zambian Government…..


    • Ditto.

      I also suspected this man was a con. His marketing skills are typical of those that prey on vulnerable people. When I spoke to him, he sensed I knew what I was talking about, and disengaged.

      From his FB postings, he does seem like he has mental issues.

      However, there are other politicians that are also clearly have mental illness however much they deny it.

      You shall know them by their deeds indeed.


  2. A pounce on democracy. There is more to this than meets the eye. If you are a small party and do not accept to work with pf to split the vote and attack hh then they will find ways to finish you and your party. Don’t worry come 2021 we will teach pf a lesson .


    • You do not know what you are talking about.

      Do you know how many plots this man has sold? Plots that he did not own.

      There are thousands of citizens whose dream of owning has been shattered. Many borrowed the money for deposits and payments.

      This is a good move by this government.

      This is what it means to protect citizens.

      When someone does good, let us recognise it.


  3. I am suggesting that Bailiffs marshals and police both in Zambia and Barbados be selected to be sent to the Syria Turkey conflict.That is what the military is for.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  4. Royalty wear a uniform.May be qualified royals could fight in the Syria Turkey conflict.Like the kings of old. Charging into battle followed by their army.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  5. All those wearing green could be recruited to fight in the Syria Turkey conflict.Isn’t green the color of a military uniform.Well when you patronize the military you should fight.Syria and turkey will need doctors and nurses too.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  6. Close the offices and ask everyone to go home that office is now a crime scene….next see how much tax the con artist has paid from the proceeds he got and then make him pay…as for his partner in crime his ‘daughter’ well let be a lesson to all youths ask questions of your parents…otherwise you end up as a ‘director’ for company whose dealings you don’t know about..Mwamonine



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