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UPND cadres threaten to remove PF cadres by force from Markets and Bus Stations

Headlines UPND cadres threaten to remove PF cadres by force from Markets and...

UPND Cadres at the Court to offer Solidarity to GBM
UPND Cadres

UPND Youths have challenged the PF regime to immediately remove their cadres from bus stops and markets failure to which they will be removed by force.

UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso says the struggling marketers, bus drivers, and their conductors, and the traveling public are suffering a lot of humiliation through unnecessary levies and taxes from these PF hooligans.

Mr. Liswaniso said UPND youths will protect the suffering masses and ensure sanity is restored in public places by Wednesday this week.

He said the starting point will be Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus, City Market, Katondo and Lumumba bus stations and make sure that these are handed over to the Lusaka City Council who can run them effectively and enhance revenue collection.

“We cannot have a situation where public facilities are being abused by a few thugs stealing money from struggling bus drivers, marketeers and traveling public while councils are struggling with resources, failing to pay workers and maintain these places”, Mr. Liswaniso said.

He lamented that what is even worse is that the Zambia Police is failing to deal with these criminals, but instead they are harassing innocent masses.

Mr. Liswaniso said UPND is a party of order and will ensure sanity is restored in these public places starting this week on Wednesday.

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  1. Removed by force, by this Wednesday?? How will Lusambo survive without those daily cashing the thugs give him?
    Heeesh PF thugs lead by Lusambo should defect to UPND.

    • While you are at it, please find out where Chitotela has taken our game from their natural habitat.

      Private ranching is fine, but when animals are stolen under the cover of darkness, there clearly is a problem.

      Can this government provide receipts of every transaction to these private ranches? Where has the money gone? Who authorised these transactions?

      And why is the opposition not vocal on this malpractice?

      Where are our investigative journalists?

      I would not be surprised if Rhinos and Elephants are being exported to China.

    • First and foremost our markets in the whole Zambia should be run independent away from political-party-broadcast. They should not be breeding grounds for manifestation of political ideologies.

      (+) UPND have a valid point. But its the means they want to use that is (-) Not Welcome.

      This will lead to butchering of each other and more deaths will rise up. Tensions are rising. This requires leadership from both PF & UPND come to the table and thereafter command their cadres, to stop this would be to come bloodshed.

    • And whilst poor starving Cadres will be assaulting each other…Lungu and HH will be relaxing in the comfort of their air-conditioned houses sipping expensive champagne watching Netflix

    • The MMD started this nonsense. Rupiah remained mute when his cadres slowly started taking over the running of markets and bus stations . what am trying to say is that Rupia is to blame.

    • So it turns out UPND is just as violent as PF…….now you can imagine UPND in power…..it looks like UPND Cadres will take over even hospitals…meaning you won’t be attended to if you are not UPND member….and for you to be a genuine UPND Member you have to come from a particular province…..dangerous times and I sincerely hope Zambia will never get to this

    • That UPND Liswaniso guy needs to be tamed…he is very provocative and confrontational…..he has so much hate…and he sounds very irrational…my message to my fellow Zambians….am here in the USA but I still care about Zambia….so please dont listen to these hungry Politicians…Lungu and HH plus their Cadres….When Zambia is set on fire HH has a house in South Africa ….Lungu is building a mansion in Swaziland…..but where will you run to……please think…its not illegal yet

    • Are sure you will remove your fellow dull cadres?? I doubt sir….coz there will be Armageddon which HH talked about in 2016. What I advise is that PF should just be law abiding by themselves removing those criminals pretending to be PF cadres. Let them be removed as soon as possible. UPND equally should behave and be mature in the manner they handle public issues.

  2. As a country, lets not experiment with the peace this country has enjoyed for years. What will be the result of this move? My advice to the power that be is to do the correct thing. Remove the cadres from markets, bus stops / stations, lay-by and where ever they are found. Take back the guns and radio messages you have given them. These are making them feel legally there. Do not push this country into a failed state. Some of us only have Zambia as our home.

    • Information has emerged that the Firearm Francis Muchemwa the PF cadre is alleged to have used to shoot dead a UPND member Lawrence Banda is registered in the name of Police Deputy Inspector General of Police for Operations Bonny Kapeso. A source has disclosed that the Police command is doing everything possible to make sure that the matter dies a natural death. A senior Police source says Muchemwa bought the gun from Mr. Kapeso but has not changed ownership.

    • @2.1 Break news
      First of all its not “break news” its called ” breaking news”….big difference….and now please stop with Watchdog hallucinations…you the same guys that spread fake news to incite violence…being in the West i thought your reasoning would be that of a civilized person…how long have you lived in the UK????…you probably just landed a few weeks ago

    • @Anonymous your twit, there is no smoke without fire. Check this man’s history in Southern Province, here there would have been an inquiry into his conflict of interest. In fact the his appointment dents the reputation of the Police Service, it’s been reduced to police force. By the don’t patronise me, what English do know
      b u k a l a b u b e.

  3. UPND youths should engage with the drivers, marketeers and so on and as one get rid of these PF kleptomaniacs from the stations. Council police should also be involved because these cadres are the ones making councils go for five months without salaries. OK but Lungu is useless takwaba. Damn!

  4. This is not a UPND matter BUT A NATIONAL ONE.In fact drivers,bus owners and Traders in these place should also strike on that day in solidarity with UPND’s move! Leaders of associations and other Zambians should join in solidarity.We can’t put up with this grave amount of lawlessness where people are not working but are milking workers and making more money than struggling farmers and traders in these markets and bus stops!

  5. Empty threats from a violent party….and when you are wired, you play victim. Bo liswaniso, plz don’t go ahead with your plan bcoz it will be suicidal for you and your dull cadres. Lusaka is not southern, western or northwestern where you have 90% command on the ground. Advise is free…

    • It is rats like you who are happily holding Zambia to ransom in bus stops and markets that are the cause of the lawlessness we see

  6. Even the black mountain in kitwe should be taken away from those jerabos criminals it has made them to be big headed they think they own the copper belt who are they grade 7 dropouts.

  7. @My opinion hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    You made my day,that late BOB MARLEY sung that “chase those bold head out of town.”

    • Ba UPND, we can’t have parallel governments in one state.. Please likeni ubusushi….nga courage iyi mwachosa kwini….awe ubupuba na chiputa vapaka pa Zed….its becoz we have grade 12s and low grade college persons running the country….so their fellow low lives think they can also do it….if cadres from bus stops are ministers they feel they are equal to the task too…..shame…the educated masses have let this country down….like Sata once said..”the educated are the worst cowards”…this country is slowly slipping into a failed state, coz of too much ignorant people……its quite a SHAME! Shame, shame shame….!!!!

  8. UPND as a party really overrates itself.Liswaniso (lozi boy) must be reminded that Lusaka,Copperbelt are not Southern or Western provinces where UPND control things.LSK and CB are full of PF supporters whom UPND cannot manage by using force!!IT IS IMPOSSIBLE BO LISWANISO!!!Much as your idea is very good,it is spoiled by “we will remove them by using force”,because UPND has no capacity to achieve that in urban Zambia.The opposite is the truth (i.e.PF youths removing UPND cadres by force in LSK & CB can be achieved within seconds because they outnumber UPND youths in urban Zambia)!!
    The solution would be for president Edgar Lungu to remove PF cadres from controlling these public places.I repeat,UPND has no capacity to achieve that!!

  9. UPND be careful. You are just from burying your colleague. Are you declaring war on PF cadres in markets and bus stations? Mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika

  10. Yes be careful. If anything happens to any of your cadres, don’t start more confusions by parading the caskets around town on your way to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Keep quiet. You want to take over markets and bus stations? Didn’t your boss pay you for escorting him to Kaoma to cause confusions? Do you want to loose your lives kumulandu wa cimpwena? How many caskets is your leader góin to buy? How many families is he going to support when you loose your lives? After this where are you going to point your accusing finger? Don’t you have any productive activities that can keep you busy? I now see why most voters change their minds at the last minute. Voting for a violent party will be a grave mistake.

    • They use you and your children for their dirty political agendas. They accord their children and relatives scholarships, job opportunities and all nice things. When will you Zambians learn kanshi? Life is here and now, use it wisely. Talk/pray to your God or whatever higher power you believe in directly. You do not need “switchboards” to connect you.

  11. What makes UPND think Zambians are willing to get rid of a violent party and replace it with an even more violent one?? If the PF has failed to provide leadership in their party and government, what makes UPND think by failing to provide leadership in only their party, they will get into power??
    To me these 2 groups are both infants in leadership who should NEVER been allowed to hold power or be in charge of national affairs! Common sense states that you DO NOT wrestle with a mad person otherwise no one will distinguish whose sane and whose not!
    The difference between UPND and PF is the SAME and much worse to those who are not even in power. Imagine this butch in power?? Wheres is FDD to take advantage here

  12. If hh and lungu and their advisors are mature politicians, this is when they should sit together and discuss the issues that are bothering their cadres and their youth, and causing them to be confrontational. The leaders should understand that their followers reflect the type of leaders that they are. In the pf there has been lawlessness, and upnd is now joining them to become a party of lawlessness. Grow up zambian politicians.

    • They have been like that from the time their infant leader took over the running of the party. They have just grown extra wings due to the challenges being faced in the country right now. In their undeveloped brains they think everyone is in support of everything they are doing.

  13. Lungu and kapoyongo can not let the PF thugs holding Zambians at ransom at bus stops and markets go hungry…….

    These PF thugs extorting Zambians are lungus PF enforcers who are called upon to terrorize citizens in elections……

    A free reign to extort and harrasse Zambians is their payment for the dirty work they do for lungu….

  14. Bo Luswaniso lusaka is not southern.Please you’re not popular just that Lungu has messed up things.U gonna be beaten if you go ahead.Ukutupaimwe ba bntustan

  15. Fellow Zambians as we are preparing for the national day of prayer fasting and reconciliation, let us not blame the government of the day and its hard working leadership, they are doing their level best to develop this country. UPND Cadres should stop behaving as if they own this country, it is now clear that the voters have learnt that UPND is a violent political party and that they should respect the rule of law.

    Let them find something to do other then wasting time and risk being locked up by the police.

  16. we have a reached a point where the cadres are more powerful than the powers that maybe. we dont have anyone who can put a stop to this at the moment.

  17. Are you sure of what you are talking about? These cadres have grown tentacles at that place. They have a blessing from above. If you go and provoke them, blood will be all over the place. City Council has failed to deal with such a problem. Each time they want to remove them, Davis Mwila, sides with them. They have built clusters which are difficult to deal with. Otherwise, am seeing another death due to hooliganism. Those chaps are immune from prosecution because they have blessings from above. Bo Liswaniso, they will kill you like a dog and HH will not be there to talk on your behalf. They are savages who have no regard for law. This nation has become lawless owing to luck of leadership. It needs cleansing.

  18. Kikiki! PF have just brought this on themselves. They thought they were tougher than the rest using government machinery. Now its time to face the consequences of going to be with lawlessness.

  19. Go ahead UPND, though you are trible but we are fed up of this nons.ense from PF cadres and leadership. We can take mo more, pafula!!!

  20. That is a very disingenuous way to do things. Your HH has Kaponyas in parliament and those are the things that should be discussed with sober minds not walkouts. PF did not start this undesirable scenario it started way back in the UNIP days and it is not good. UPND as a party have no right whatsoever to go and start fights at bus stations and Markets. They (UPND) have a right through their parliamentary representatives to move a motion that no political party should control the markets and bus stations this work is for the councils not political carders. However, councillors are political cadres so this remains to be seen how it will be done. The situation is going to be ugly before it gets better especially as we approach the 2021. Testosterone levels are going to be very high.

  21. Where is Sharon and her staunchest of supporters on this one. Is it ok for our markets and bus stations to be held or to be run by cadres for years. I challenge them to come out and say NO.
    Markets and stations belong to city councils for revenue collection, the reason our cou councils have failed to perform for years because revenue goes into the (mmd/pf) cadres, it’s time zambian people run those facilities

  22. Wednesday bloody Wednesday!! Mukaponokapofye, mwe fipuba mwe!! Start with removing cadres in markets in southern, western and N/western. This cadre problem has its roots in the UNIP days and won’t be stopped by a single party like upnd which is loaded with violent criminals masquerading as party members and serving people’s interests. It will take a concerted effort of upright politicians and citizen power to eradicate it. Sadly upnd is far from “upright” as they would be worse than PF. Kala’ansi, Liswaniso!!

  23. All mentally sound Zambians will support this move.we only pray that no life will be lost in the process. We can’t have thugs managing and collecting money from public facilities, built by tax payers. If they want, let pf build their own bus stations and markets where they will be collecting revenue. Let the council manage public facilities as per their mandate ma chule imwe!

  24. Indeed sanity needs to be brought back to our bus stations and markets. However let’s not develop a culture of daring each other as it breeds. Violence. These markets and bus stations mu st not or never be run by caders. Our people are heavily exploited by the same PF thugs.

  25. Bo liswaniso, have you already removed your cadres from the markets in southern province? Please start from there first

  26. @Geogi. If you can’t contribute good points, better just learn from others who are helping out with real solutions. The idea here is that Lusaka city council needs these revenues to run its affairs properly.

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