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Cry for my beloved Zambia – How many more Zambians should die?

Columns Cry for my beloved Zambia – How many more Zambians should die?

By Alexander K Vomo

My fellow Zambians, I write to you all as a fellow concern Zambian to what is going on in our beloved Zambia. We have been killing each other for one man to stay in power and for another man trying to take over the same office. I cry for my beloved country, and for those of you who would like to politicize my view you can go on, but you must hear me. Why should we be killing each other for this reason when our forefathers fought for our freedom from the colonials, are we still back in the early sixties fighting the colonial or we are shedding blood so that his Excellence Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu should continue staying in power, or that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema should get in the same office? Why my fellow brothers and sisters?

Let’s face reality as Zambians and do the right thing, I’m non partisan I’m not writing here to support the ruling government or the UPND, I’m writing because it concerns me as a Zambian. Why should we get to this point just because of two people and their greediness? This is not fair that a Zambian should die for this reason.

First, I would like to blame both leaders, without siding to any of them. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a president of the nation as well as the president of the PF, you have power to stop this madness going on in our country, it does not matter that the people killing each other are sent by anyone else from your party, but it is your duty to stop this, you cannot just be issuing statements that the police should handle the situation with anyone they find with a firearm when this has been going on every time we have By-election. How many statements have you issued concerning the same violence?

Next, to you Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, as a leader and president of the UPND, you can stop this nonsense going on with your Cadres killing one another why should my brothers and sisters die just for you to come in power? Where is the freedom that our forefathers fought for? You should also know in your party who is in charge of this killing, you have the power within your political party to stop this, shame on you.

Politics should not make people become bitter with each other that they cannot see eye to eye, it’s a clear fact that no one can deny that Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu does not like Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and vice versa. These two people share different opinions concerning the issues of the country, but this does not mean that they should hate one another to this extent. Outside Zambia there a lot of people that have different opinions, but they still mingle together. I would give a good example here, last week.

Former conservative Republican US president George Bush and Ellen DeGeneres, an outspoken LGBT activist were caught on camera having a laugh while seated side by side in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ private suite with their wives Laura Bush and Portia de Rossi sitting on either side. The following day after the game Ellen DeGeneres said on her TV Show that she is friends with George Bush. “In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have.” She said.

George Bush once endorsed a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage. During her monologue on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday, DeGeneres explained that Charlotte Jones, daughter of Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones, invited her and wife Portia De Rossi to the game. “When we were invited, I was aware that I was going to be surrounded with people from very different views and beliefs,” she said. “And I’m not talking about politics. I was rooting for the Packers. And get this, everybody in the Cowboys suite was rooting for the Cowboys.” DeGeneres continued, “People were upset. They thought, ‘Why is a gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican present?’ Didn’t even notice I was holding a brand-new iPhone 11. But a lot of people were mad, and they did what people do when they’re mad — they tweet.”

Coming back to the point with our issue, here we have two people who hate each other and causing innocent people killing one another, how much are you paying these people to kill each other for? Is it worthy to be in power that an innocent citizen should die?

Here comes October 18th, the Day of National Prayers in Zambia. So, if I may ask what are we going to pray for when we know what you are doing after the prayers. Shame on you both of you Edgar and Hakainde. How do you even sleep at night knowing that innocent people are killing each other for you to stay in power or trying to come in, please this is enough. I would like to see the two resolve these issues and meet on common ground with no pretense. Why not go and play Golf together and show to the Zambians that we can still love one another even though you don’t agree on the issues of governing the country. Why not you Edgar Lungu take Hakainde Hichilema on a government trip like the late Michael Sata (MHSRIP) would take Elias Chipimo with him on a government trip, that is what should be done. Boxers when they fight, they hug and shake hands, soccer players, they even exchange Jerseys. What about you too, what do you have to show us that you can reconcile. In Kenya in a joint press conference on March 9, 2018 President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga promised to begin the process of reconciliation following their bitter standoff around the 2017 elections that raised the specter of ethnic violence.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta (L) greets opposition leader Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition after addressing a news conference at the Harambee house office in Nairobi, Kenya March 9, 2018.

Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, for the sake of the nation as our father of this beloved country, I cry to you. Please pull Mr. Hakainde Hichilema by his hand and say brother lets reconcile for the love of our country. How many Zambians should die honestly before one of you can be man enough to stand and meet the other person. Please stop this madness, you have power to command this nonsense to stop. Do it!

The author is a non-partisan, an entrepreneur who is only concerned with issues going on in the country.

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  1. There is only one person in Zambia with the Oath of Zambia’s Presidency who is also the Commander in Chief of all armed persons! If the person occupying that office has failed to uphold the rule of law in the country so that there is peace, then that person is not fit to be in that office. We cannot apportion blame to opposition leaders because they don’t have the Oath of Office of the Office of President of the Republic of Zambia! The responsibility to end political violence squarely falls on the bearer of the oath of office who Must ensure The RULE OF LAW is alive in the country and not the injustice of Selective application of the law and the Lawlessness being exhibited at the top! The whole thing rests on Plot 1! Full Stop!!!

    • Ask HH how many more people would die … have you ever tried to imagine a political environment among the smart people of the Zambia Enterprise with Hichilema out of the equation??

      When you remove HH from the Zambian political equation, it’s political climate will significantly change … therein lies the answer to your question.

      Let him lose in 2021 and retire him for good for national Interest grounds. Since HH came on the political scene, this country has never been the same … a blood sucking bigot, he is and the sooner everyone realizes that the better for us all.

      Epo mpelele nebo.


    • The violence will not end because of citizens like the author of this article. Put the blame squarely on the PF who are the aggressors, the PF who are murderers and the ones entrusted with the power to end the violence.

      The violence we are seeing is the fruit of stealing elections and as a consequence a lack of leadership. Lungu has no real drive to provide leadership because he has no legal or moral mandate to govern and he knows it. The PF stole the elections. Their own members have even threatened to disclose the location of ballot boxes which they buried in the cemetery on the Copperbelt. They know that losing the next elections means certain jail time and so they will use every means available to stay in power even if it means killing.

      With a failed leadership, the duty falls…

    • B R Mumba, I didnt realise you make very dull statements, for some stupid reason I thought you were a clever chap.

    • Gestapo and Goebbels style of politics of heaping blame on individuals for the social , political and economic mess the country is facing is actually the main cause of the current political impasse, until the legal institutions like electoral body, police, judiciary etc are run efficiently and effectively devoid of political interference, we will always blame individuals instead of institutions mandated to run the affairs of this country.

    • Here is an individual writing an essay about killings and violence, instead of questioning what the police and judiciary have done about that as legally mandated institutions to run the affairs of our nation and ensure that such vices are curtailed, here is an individual talking about golf and pentecolizing about the 18th of october.

    • Stop with this nonsensical articles….stop spinning….lets move on and find better things to write about….stop being negative…try to find some good news for a change…when are you going to stop…stop being like the western media…their angle of reporting is tragic news….there’s plenty good things happening right now in Zambia but you just focused on the bad news…shame

    • I stopped reading your article when you brought up the gay agenda nonsense. Of all examples you could’ve used, why use Ellen DeGeneres? You started well but veered off into LGBTQ agenda, which makes me wonder whether that was the main point of article in the first place, ..i.e. a subtle campaign for gay rights. Shame on you.

    • Where are the smart opposition leaders like the Gen? If this HH is out of Zambia, Zambia will be a better place. We will also have no blood sacrifices.

  2. Nice article but suffice to say that there is more to this mayhem than the eyes can see. The source of all this mayhem boarders on unequal distribution of resources. In an environment where corruption is rife, killings are inevitable. There are people ,right now, who were just paupers but after joining politics they are extremely rich. The electorates feel they have obtained a raw deal from their votes hence the vengeance on each other. If leadership does not deal with corruption, there will be a lot of resentment. A corrupt nation is a danger to itself. There is no way others will be tightening their belts meanwhile others are loosening them. Where there is no equity in sharing national resources, criminal activities surfaces. As long as the corruption is existing people will continue…

  3. The one with the power to stop this madness is Edgar Lungu, he is the one who controls the police and the army. If you remember for a very long time PF cadres battered UPND cadres at will and could not rely on the PF police for protection. If you recall it was the shameless GBM, when he joined UPND, that brought the PF thuggery to UPND. HH also realising his cadres were not going to get help from the PF police said to his cadres “defend yourselves because the police will not protect you.
    Frankly if we had a credible leader, I would accept a dictatorship, the problem is we have a President who has no plan and sleeping and drinking Jameson in state house. How can you not address your people mwebantu. What are you scared of.

  4. “…Next, to you Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, as a leader and president of the UPND ……………….
    …….Where is the freedom that our forefathers fought for…….? ”

    With opposition and civil societies banned from holding any rallies or meetings , that is the question you must ask lungu…..where is the freedom our forefathers fought for ?????

  5. Alexander K Vomo,

    There was a killing in roan , why have you not mentioned CK ????

    Is it because you don’t want the PF and lungu to look like the common denominator in all cader violence and murders ????

    And therefore for convienence you mention HH ???

    • @Spaka, the Elephant in the room is Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema, if these two can reconcile the violence in the country would stop. I can not even think of Chishimba Kambwili, what percentage of popularity does he have just Roan that is like less than 2% of a winning vote, this means the two political party we should focus on is the top one.

  6. Very well written article. FIRST, the only person who can stop these political killings is Edgar Lungu as the Commander In Chief of the armed offices by simply issuing that firm directive to the police to arrest and sternly deal with anyone perpetrating violence regardless of one’s political affiliation. HH is an opposition leader, the police cannot listen to him. SECONDLY, George Bush’s interaction with gays is one of the things that differentiates us from the whites. They understand that these things are part of nature and are here to stay. That’s why it is much easier for a white person to come out in the open as being gay but here in Zambia it is impossible to come out as gay(have never seen anyone do that).
    THIRDLY, we should pray on Friday that God Almighty gives us a better…

    • @Anyoko, imwe naimwe mwikalefye uko ku Nairobi. Who the hell is Etos no one care about who looks what, lets face the issue at hand our nation is crying innocent people are done one one man on one side and the other on the other side, you are ok with that?

  7. The political Advisor to Edgar Lungu , Kaiser Zulu is a well known thug. Documented Evidence is available on youtube tube and other media of his use of guns and violence.

    Before you even bring HH into the equation, just look at the violent thugs and criminals who are members of Edgar Lungus inner circle.You will know where the state sanctioned political violence emanates from.

    I rest my case.

  8. Am very disappointed with you Ba Brianwave Mumba how can you say HH is the cause of this trouble you say since HH came on the political scene, this country has never been the same.
    Try to give HH respect you yourself you suppose to be in Zambia helping HH but you are there in USA just talking negative and enjoying be a man and come back and help HH save the country i think you got too much to offer to Zambia Ba Mumba come down humble yourself stop attacking HH come help him 2021 PF is going mark my word so Brainwave join the winning team.

  9. Did HH kill the man in Road? Did HH attack a radio station in Kabwe where Ck was hosting? Did HH beat the council officers in Kabwe? Did HH threaten the Constitutional Judges of mayhem if they rule against his eligibility? Did HH tell Kazier Zulu to beat a pregnant woman at the Filling station? did HH tell Daivies Chama to shoot Mushaukwa in Mulobezi? Does HH control the Army , Police ZAF, ZNS and Juduciary? Did HH tell Lungu to charge with TREASON? did HH tell The DPP to enter a nolle in his treason case? Did HH dismiss Mutembo Nchito as DPP? Did HH tell us ni wa ka saka ka ndalama? Did HH tell CK to allegly insult Lungu for CK to appear in Court? endless question
    Please gentle men give us a break…..

  10. When you are with children and you find them bickering when you ask ‘what’s happening?” the answer is always ‘he started it!’. ECL and HH have managed to spread their detest for each other to engulf a nation. One groups shouts ‘he started it’ the other responds ‘no he started it’…back and forth we go. A poor man living in squalor left his humble homestead in kanyama and senselessly lost his life. When you think what he has lost his life for Uhm… and then the mayhem continues now both parties tails up and wagging are planning more harm on each other….Stop it people stop this now. Wait for the ballot and don’t spill more blood. Stop paying lip service to violence. Leave us be 2021 is not far you both in for a shock!

  11. Do you think HH own the 48 houses? Can HH insult Lungu and live a day? Lungu can insult anyone and no one can sue him? ask Lungu if he pays taxes or he is loadsheded… Don’t plead for a insincere man ….. the Man is ungrafeful……… from a wheel barrow to someone important and one is unthankful…. the man looks down on ourselves …. he is the PHD

    He accuse HH for rising price of meal-mealie…. shame on you man….. Just repent

  12. There is no doubt PF is still the preferred party by the Majority. Most Zambians can attest to the fact that PF has fairly performed going by a number of achieved development promises they made to the Zambian people.
    However like it is in any area of life change of circumstances can attract additional demands that call for innovation on the part of leadership. In spite of the challenges that come with the quest to develop, President Lungu has demonstrated resilient and focused leadership. That is not easy. But he has demonstrated he is equal to the task.
    We can today confidently say we smell 2021 general election Victory in favour of PF for a number of reasons.
    1. There is no opposition political party that promises to make an alternative.
    2. Of all the party presidents only H.E…

    2. Of all the party presidents only H.E President Edgar Lungu looks sober minded and capable of keeping the country United. He has been insulted, ridiculed, but has not retaliated in anger. That is just one of the many good leadership attributes he has.
    3. The opposition only attack those in power but none has clearly told us how they plan to develop this country. All most do is just to show how power hungry they are.
    4. We have heard of some political leaders willing to introduce strange human right such as Gay rights. We are a Christian that cannot allow such activities. On the other hand President Lungu is on record to have rejected Gayism even as a cabinet minister.
    5. President Edgar Lungu is a Listening leaders who makes a good president as opposed to some one…

  14. 5. President Edgar Lungu is a Listening leaders who makes a good president as opposed to some one man show leaders. Some people would argue to say we have been saying things and the President he has not paid attention. Imagine if everything he hears he does as people are calling on him. Wouldnt that bring confusion? Its good to have many voice talking by way of your right to, but what is likely to receive attention is that which goes to benefit the majority and not a small group of people with selfish motives.

    By the above remarks we are not the opposition is useless but can be better.Make amends and change the perception people have of them being vuvuzelazi

    As things stands there is nothing appealing from the opposition than to submit that PF and president Edgar Lungu is still the…

  15. As things stands there is nothing appealing from the opposition than to submit that PF and president Edgar Lungu is still the way to go in 2021 and beyond.

    Alangizi And
    Moral Clarity Media Team

  16. The article is timely. Fellow Zambians, we have to be very very careful or else we get used to these deaths and eventually begin to trivialise the issue at hand. If we unite against these vices, we shall prevent further calamities. Must we kill each other for politsics mwebantu? Is it because we have never seen war? Why are our leaders just quiet about this vice? This is scaring. Where is ba Kaunda? We need guidance. Am sure he is aware of what Zambia has become.
    Maybe we do a peaceful non partisan demonstration to say no to cadalism in our country. Let’s have a heart for one another. Whether PF or UPND, Lawrence and many others remain one of us. May they rest in Peace. So aad.

    • @Mrs wise one, OMG you have spoken the good words. Imagine if the Cadres should be the one to start the reconciliation maybe that would bring peace. Lets see PF and UPND walk together and say no more fighting for these two Leaders and reason with each other although they can differ with different views. At the end of the day we have to come up with a solution to end this violence.

  17. @Alangizi,
    This is a death of a person and indeed the dying of a nation. The matter must be taken seriously and addressed. It’s not anything. It’s LIFE we are talking about.

  18. The most violent party is the one headed by a,” Snakes and Ladders” condemned reptile eating leader. Same party that raided UPND offices, trashing valuable properties, computers, smashing cars in the yard and those packed outside. Surely is this the kind of behaviour expected from a ruling party. UPND has endured brutal force for some time now. Violence has no room in modern politics. The writer has provided good counsel and appeal for brotherly love to prevail just as our forefathers stood shoulder to shoulder, take heed. The seeds of hatred you are sowing have potential to destroy once loveable great nation. The onus is on PF to make first step towards harmonising.

  19. The problem with you Zambians is that in your drunken stupor you portray a picture of clever and brave people when in actual sense you are just cowards like your Zimbabwean colleagues. Malawians are far much courageous than you are.

  20. Our beloved president may not stand because he loves Zambia. Kandiles are misleading due to greed and selfishness. HH is takingover

  21. The author of this article is vey insincere. Just be real man and don’t hide behind non partisan nonsense. A girl chibulo mapenzi got killed in chawama and a man in luanshya lost his life both at hands of Pf. In kaoma a man was killed and you bring in gay issues. Please be real. Pf is a killer and Zambians better brace themselves for 2021. Stop lecturing us about irrelevances.

    • @Warlord, you are a UPND Cadre who does not care you are the people as long as naulyamo, it’s OK the rest can suffer Mrs Wise One is talking about a Non-Partisan walk to bring peace but you are still leaning on one side that PF killed in Chawama and Luanshya. I illiteracy will never end in our brains.

  22. We can insult and debate and do things but killing each other is not our portion as Zsmbians. Brothers and sisters, we are above evil. Let’s do a non partisan walk to end cadalism. We can make a difference.

  23. Thank you so much for this opportunity.dear my follow Zambia this problem we are ready see before from that time Mr Edgar Lungu was coming in power until now everything as change bad.in MMD we was not crying like what we are crying today forget about PF let try another party if UPND as talking over it’s our time now to give him support.you crying after you don’t want to take decisions

    For JESUS was right to they have eyes but they don’t see

  24. “….Why not go and play Golf together and show to the Zambians that we can still love one another even though you don’t agree on the issues of governing the country?”

    Play golf together? You crazy? The two are so ignorant that they don’t know how to play any game, not even volleyball. They just don’t know anything social, that is why they cannot have dialogue, all they know is petty jealous, violence, dictatorship, and being worshipped. Both incompetent leaders no doubt, not to be trusted with our national affairs.
    Give me other candidates to choose from for 2021, maybe Mutati, not these two violent clowns.

  25. Indeed its Cry my beloved Country. We should look to the Lord our God for his mercies.
    We articulated.
    And long time mwaiche.

    • Vote for me 2021 management party (mp party) Francis Daka chileshe I will change Zambia l will open early childhood development education (E.C.D) l will make Zambia to produce 200,000 mega watts electricity and we can make more money USD dollars to export to other African countries , copper we will do finished products to export not raw materials no we will pump enough water for irrigation systems and processes and procedures

  26. A leader lead by example he makes others to be rich not himself but others. He is happy when others makes money. Leadership wisdom is to change some one his life future action focus accountability, responsibility , transparent and honestly leader does not make money out of the people he leads he puts right people in a right place at a right time he admits mistakes and he listened to those on the ground and he lives with people he leads so that he can learn what difficulties his people are going through so that he can adjust how to lead them on hard policies on them

  27. I will produce more doctors and teachers and lawyers because Zambians can’t produce vehicles only maize and tobbaco

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