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DP De-registration story is FAKE-DP

Headlines DP De-registration story is FAKE-DP

DA President Harry Kalaba shows the party symbol during the press briefing in Lusaka
DA President Harry Kalaba shows the party symbol during the press briefing in Lusaka

As the Democratic Party (DP), We make an appeal to all DP members,sympathizers and the general Public to ignore with contempt the stories making rounds on social media on the purported de-registration of the DP.

Its old and stale news that broke in February of 2019 and by peddled desparate PF Govt agents with the intent to destabilise DP and mislead the masses.

In countering, our lawyers wrote to the AG requesting him to “tame” the PF Govt official who issued the contemptous article.

Below is part of the letter from our lawyers Mwenye & Mwitwa Advocates to the the Attorney General;

“Re: Precious Ntambu (Suing as National Secretary for the Democratic Party) v The Attorney General-2018/HP/1113. We refer to the above captioned matter. on the 2nd of February 2019, Mr Nephas Chufuta a Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a statement to the press and the public in general to the effect that the court of Appeal had issued a stay of execution that had reinstated the Registrar of Societies’ decision to cancel the Registration of our client, the Democratic Party. As your office is no doubt aware, this position is false and calculated to deliberately mislead and is therefore contemptuous of the proceedings currently before the courts of law,” Mwenye & Mwitwa Advocates stated.

“The correct position is that on 6th of September 2018, the High Court squashed the Registrar’s decision that deregistered the Democratic Party. Your client applied for a stay of execution of the judgement, and in its Ruling, of the 29th January 2019, the High Court refused to stay the decision that squashed the Registrar’s decision. As a matter of fact, the court stated the following;
‘Therefore with regard the order of Certiorari, as rightly submitted by Counsel for the Applicant this order cannot be stayed as doing so would be to reverse the said order. On that basis, I decline to grant the stay of execution as regards the order certiorari’.”

Mwenye & Mwitwa Advocates urged AG Kalaluka to tame Chifuta or else the party would be forced to commence contempt proceedings against the official.

“The decision of the Registrar that was quashed, remains quashed and there is nothing, at law that prevents our client from continuing its normal day to day activities and operations. It is therefore misleading and contemptuous for your client to intimate that the order of the Registrar of Societies has been reinstated. This is therefore to demand that you prevail upon your client to desist from issuing similar misleading statements or interfering with the operations of our client, failure to which our client will have no option but commencing contempt proceedings and to seek other appropriate orders from the Court. We have every confidence that as the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government and the leader of the Zambian bar, you will prevail upon your client to desist from similar conduct in future,” stated Mwenye & Mwitwa Advocates.

We therefore instruct all party functionaries to continue operating and mobilising as we look forward to our DP Vision launch on 2nd November,2019 in Samyfa.

Lets Believe Again!

Judith kabemba
DP Spokesperson
Chingola- Zambia


  1. DP was registered in 1992 when Harry Kalaba was still in the village somewhere in Mansa. The people that registered the Party are indisposed, its President died a long time ago. Kalaba should organize a national convention and be elected, anything else is illegal. That’s not how you assume the presidency of a Party. Do the correct thing

    • DP vision Launch on 2nd November 2019 in Samfya? I will definitely be there.
      Chester (Lwando of Luapula) should be the main singer
      HH, Nevers Mumba, Kambwili, and Nawakwi are invited too.
      Others are:
      Kalusha Bwalya
      Nixon Chilangwa (Luapula minister)
      Davies Mwila (PF SG- from Luapula)
      Not invited are:
      – The Lusaka based police
      – ECL and supporters, no no
      – NO THUGS.
      Believe us, not one will be shot, we be dancing for 3 days at the beach.
      Ok now you are INVITED.

    • There is a lot of fake news around these days. May be it’s advancement in communication technology. It is difficult to be certain which news is genuine. Even Trump is confused.
      For DP, you may get another name. A rose is a rose even by any other name.

    • You are better off joining upnd mate. Let us not waste time and money even where you know u don’t stand a chance..for once do something for benefit of zambian..you don’t have to be in the driving seat to serve people. Wake up

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