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Chitotela orders Luapula Police Commissioner to summon conservationist over the 80 “missing” Black Lechwes

General News Chitotela orders Luapula Police Commissioner to summon conservationist over the 80 "missing"...

Ronald Chitotela
Ronald Chitotela

Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald Chitotela has directed the Police Commissioner for Luapula Province to summon conservationist Nsama Learns over the alleged 80 missing Black Lechwes in Bangweulu Wetlands.

Mr Chitotela said Ms Learns having started the story must provide more information on how the animals were moved from the Wetlands to wherever they have been taken.

He said the conservationist must further provide information on who did the head count to determine that 80 Lechwes were missing.

Mr Chitotela said government and President Edgar Lungu have developed interest in the revelation and more information is needed.

And Mr Chitotela has described the allegations that 80 black Lechwes are missing as propaganda meant to turnish the image of President Edgar Lungu and his government.

He said there are some people that are targeting strong people surrounding President Lungu who they want to push out before they start fighting him.

Yesterday his Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga refuted reports that 80 Black lechwes are missing in Bangweulu Wetlands.

Mr Malupenga called on Ms Nsama Learns who raised alarm that the animals were captured from the Bangwelu Wetlands during the banned exercise to help the police and other investigative wings with facts on what she knows about the ‘missing’ animals.

He said the truth of the matter is that former Minister Charles Banda, then Minister of Tourism and Arts in March 2019 did issue a capture permit for 50 Black Lechwe to Langani Game Ranch in Kazungulula and 30 Black Lechwe to Kwisoko Game Farm in Lusaka.

The PS said following the authorization, the animals were captured and translocated to the two farms on 10th September 2019.


    • Ronald you are just making it worse…
      Amos helped clean your name that its not Chitotela who stole the live animals, but useless Charles Banda facilitated the theft in march, the time you Chitotela was facing corruption charges. Instead of reporting the lady who is just a conservationist, he should fire Amos for disclosing the actual figures of stolen animals.
      The people to face police are the owners of Langani Game Ranch and Kwisoko.
      Most Zambians are not interested in animals, they are more interested to know if indeed Findlay participated in rooting animals.

    • Mrs Leans is correct in her assertion that the population of Lechwes is now less by 80.

      Before the statement was made by the PS yesterday, we had no idea where these animals had gone. The government was not transparent in these transactions.

      So stop harassing this lady and be transparent in what you do with national assets.

      These animals do not belong to your mother Chitotela.

    • 1. Eighty black lechwes were SECRETLY moved from bangweulu to two private ranches. 2. A conservationist notices that exactly eighty lechwes are missing from the bangweulu wetlands. 3.A ministry of tourism official confirms that indeed eighty lechwes were moved to Langani and Kwisoko game ranches. So what more information does bandit Chitotela want from Ms Learns? Now I understand why some people are hunted down when there is change of government. BTW, Langani ranch is owned by Findlay, hope you now have an idea who else is involved.

    • bandit Chitotel has been instructed to intemidate the hard working lady by the person who wants proof of corruption.

  1. Who are the owners of the farms and why those farms. Since independence the animals have lived there, why are they being moved now? Those are they questions you need to answer

  2. A reactive rather than proactive government. They only want to be seen to be doing something when something goes wrong. A clear indication of a failed state. Aleisa

  3. Ronald Chitotela is supposed to tell us how much Harry Findlay paid for the animals that’s what we want to hear. What information does Chitotela want when Amos has already indicated that Charles Banda authorized the movement of the animals? We have an idea of how much Harry Findlay will make out of those animals. Now we want to do the arithmetic. If the animals were not paid for we know who to follow for our money. PF deals lack transparency because they’re shoddy. The general perception is that the PF Govt is so dirty that even Boom sparkle plus can fail to clean it. What kind of people are these?

  4. KK fired Dingiswayo Banda (MHSRIP)for chewing one impala,
    He gave an excuse that he was simply cropping, thus the name Dingi for game meat.Dont argue!

  5. Since Amos issued a statement confirming that indeed 80 black Lechwes were transferred why does he not rest this man Chitotela? It is all about intimidating people who voice out the wrongs. Why order the police to do their job? Are they saying police are not well trained to do their job?

  6. How will someone report next time?
    This will stop people coming up
    With evidence as they will be squeezed. Lets give answers to questions raised.

  7. Koma this is confusion kwena eeh! What the heck is going on?

    You summon a whistle blower even when PS Malupenga has collaborated her claim? What sort of Zambia is this sh1t now?

    When something is translocated, doesn’t it go missing or absent from its original?

    Mwembushi mweh, leave that good lady alone! Nadabwa

  8. The corrupt lot at it yet again! Its a politically exposed person in the name of Findaly, a drinking mate to the president who with impunity can do as he wishes in this country! It will take a lot of convincing that the president who is a “buddy” to Findlay was not aware of the relocation of these animals. (abalye mbulu balapalamana).

  9. @ Ayatollah: Stop misleading the people of Zambia as it is bad all the time mentioning one person out of your own hate and frustration please leave Mr Findlay alone. He is a Zambian citizen who has the right to buy wild animals, honestly all the time when he buys anything should it be on newspapers? Country men and women, let us not waste our time and energy on lies, this is the time to be focusing on farming and praying for the rains to come. For Zambians are very much aware that there are other people who have been buying wild animals in this country. This man has already achieved many things in life through his hard work and maybe some of your relatives are employees of his companies. Please stop bitting a finger which may be feeding you.

    • I am not talking about Valden, it’s Harry Findlay who’s mentioned in the letter that Charles Banda signed. So how have I misled the people? Don’t talk with food in your mouth! Let them just pay for the animals we close the story. They were chased from Mfuwe, did you think it was a joke?

  10. When Malupenga says, “yes 80 animals were taken out,” isn’t that a headcount enough?

    Iwe Chitotela, seriously you still want to drag the poor sister mumpanga to touch foreheads of all Lechwes, even when your govt has already admitted to the claim?

    What sort of [email protected] is this?

  11. Lungu and his gang are just annoyed they are being revealed looting game parks.

    Only vigilance by locals and wildlife NGOs will save Zambias wildlife from broke lungu and his gang.

    Most of those animals being looted by lungu and his gang end up being sold in SA. ……….that is why it was SA registered trucks attempting to loot animals in mfuwe……

  12. Iwe @Alangizi, come out of the cave and start leaving in the present. Whoever Bewitched you with such blindness should never see heaven!

    We will pray for you and the rains.

  13. @Alangizi, it’s people like you who cause these droughts, because mufulamila ku mvula ( with your thieving) whille others are praying.

    Mukukulu iwe

  14. With every day that these guys get away with things they will get even more brazen. Zambians, if you really do not wake up you will wake up in a borrowed bed. Some of you will even be leasing your wives and daughters, sons and husbands to the highest bidders. Nimuuzyani neo!!

  15. The corrupt are really becoming emboldened in justifying their hideous deeds!! Yes,there is nothing for Findlay to translocate animals so long the procedure is followed.After all he is a Zambian and with visible investments! However,the “poor” conservationist does NOT owe any one any explanation for what she said because if she saw animals being loaded into trucks or met trucks on the road carrying these animals and was told the number, what she said is right ,”80 animals went missing from their natural habitat”.Imwe, Ba Chitotela,there are NO strong people surrounding Lungu except those who are STRONGLY CORRUPT,for people of strong character fell out or cannot work with Lungu!!Besides the real strong DON’T show their strength through intimidation!!

  16. Indeed wonders never cease in this country! There’s a letter by the immediate former Minister of Tourism circulating on social media in which he authorized the capture and translocation of the Lechwes from Bangweulu and the current Minister is making unnecessary orders?? Please Lord God help us! What did we do to deserve such leaders?

  17. Can the Minister avail to us the process used to offer the said animals to those two companies? Some of us may be interested in applying for the same….

  18. anything good, anything positive from motherland please….just anything
    I am gonna go to the village. unplug and eat masuka

  19. So perhaps they are sold to a Zambian ranch, then privately sold out of the country by a middleman (who possibly pays an untraceable cash kickback to the Minister)? Just speculating, no libel here… That’s how I would do it if I was a criminal to avoid scrutiny and fill my pockets, you can even deny everything and be partly honest

  20. Mr indigo you have gone too far to even involve the mother to chitotela,why do you have so much hate?bitterness will not take you anywhere.

  21. Hmm so they are not missing, but they have gone to Mwanakatwe’s Kwisoko ranch and (other) Findlay’s ranch! So why should anybody even ask any questions? Shaa

  22. Do not even waste your time following conservationists because PF is trying to shift focus elsewhere. How come his ministry is pretending not to know anything about the whereabouts of the animals when the parks have people or officials responsible for them. Is he telling me there are no structures in his ministry that are responsible for animal movement, population count and protection. How can someone manage to get 80 animals without anyone noticing. My advice is check the border shipping export manifests you find something in connection with this or check every official or friend of a PF official with ranches kwasila.

  23. These upnd bloggers are full of hate. They just write unreasonable statements in most cases. How do you bring in the mother of Chitotela in this issue. Insolence will never win you votes from Zambians.It is the reason you will lose again in 2021.

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