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Sunday Sinyangwe accused of hate speech against HH, forced to apologize

Headlines Sunday Sinyangwe accused of hate speech against HH, forced to apologize

Lusaka clergyman Sunday Sinyangwe
Lusaka clergyman Sunday Sinyangwe

Lusaka clergyman Sunday Sinyangwe has been forced to apologize after a video in which he declared that Hakainde Hichilema will never enter State House went viral.

Sinyangwe of Shalom Embassy is heard in the video making a declaration that Mr Hichilema will never be President of Zambia if he does not repent and ask for forgiveness for parading a coffin of late UPND member Lawrence Banda who was murdered in Kaoma.

Sinyangwe also of the Standing in the Gap fame claimed that God has spoken to him that Mr Hichilema must apologize or forget about entering State House.

But many Zambians took to social media to denounce Sinyangwe for allegedly defaming Mr Hichilema and accused the clergyman of using the pulpit to spread hate speech.

Activist Laura Miti condemned Sinyangwe accusing him of abusing the Church and advised Mr Hichilema to sue him for defamation.

“Sunday Sinyangwe is the result of the Pentecostal section of the Zambian church-going absolutely rogue. Anyone can stand up, declare themselves Pastor, Bishop, Prophet – any fancy title – and start frisking congergants for all manner of offerings for a living,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“Then the dramatics to keep the money flowing start – God, told me this and that, I saw this and that, I can heal, raise the dead know what people are thinking – I sit in heaven’s meetings.”

She added, “Beyond that, these Pastors, Bishops must do all they can to catch the attention of the governing party and its brown envelopes.”

“That is how Sunday Sinyangwe ends up defaming HH in a very juvenile but hateful manner. It is how few, if any, in the Pentecostal movement will correct him. I hope HH sues Sinyangwe,” she said.

Sinyangwe, however, urged members of his Church not to react to the insults and ridicule that his video message has provoked.

“This goes to all the Shalom Embassy sons and daughters as well as the Standing in the Gap. I urge you not react to anything, do not respond to any comment, the battle is of the Lord,” he said.

“Please stay away from anything to do with this matter that has risen up. Nevertheless, our God is not dead, He is not man that He should lie, He is still on the throne and He is in control.
Righteousness on the throne
wickedness shall not enter 2021.

And Keyso Chikopabantu Hamz posted on Facebook that Sinyangwe is causing divisions in the Church.

“It shall not stand because it was all a lie and very much in the flesh. This country is hurting and divided and you dividing it further because of Petty jealous and hatred for HH. You were offside. Go before God and repent and go and apologize to HH in person. You see what lies do. You were saying HH must apologise but now because of foolishness you are the one apologising and if I heard you right. You just endorsed and called him “Mr President HH” God is wonderful. The same mouth.”

Proud Musamba disqualified Sinyangwe’s apology.

“No this is not an apology. “if” disqualifies it all together. Typical of Paparism where he is standing is not an Altar. Altars are old testament concept that denotes the places God reveals himself. The new testament altar is calvary and Christ the perfect sacrifice.”

“He is controlling the intellect of his sons and daughters to not respond. Clearly the institutionalized religious reduces people to zombies. He has no right to tell people how to think and what to say in a public discourse. This form of Paparism is dictatorial. This is not an apology.”

Musamba charged that Sinyangwe’s theology is deeply superstious.

“The Jews themselves mourn like that. In South Africa during apartheid coffins were carried like that. There is no Biblical passage that says this is how to Carry a coffin,” she stated.

And Jimmy Maliseli said Sinyangwe is an incompetent clergyman.

“On the claim that this apostle makes by calling himself a watchman, a Godly watchman over Zambia, what a joke!Those close to him, please tell the man to stop wasting his sleep, let him reunite with his bed and blankets because it is open season in Zambia and if we had real watchmen and women, they would have long stood up and taken on the leadership on the many evils happening in this country.”

He added, “Claiming to be a watchman at someone’s house while not stopping people employed by the owner to look after the property from looting it, starving and causing the death of many children and not alerting the boss or calling the police is incompetence of the highest order.”

“Such a guard is useless! If Zambia belongs to God, then those who rule over it are stewards who must be held accountable for all their decisions and actions.”

“While we must scrutinize anyone who puts up their hand to become the new servant, our first duty is to ensure that the current servant is doing their job properly! You cannot blame a job applicant for the poor performance of the current employee!”

“Where are these watchmen when public money is stolen and God’s children end up dying from treatable diseases, avoidable hunger and masses are condemned to live in abject poverty while those connected to power compete with the sheikhs of Dubai for opulent lifestyles?” He asked.

“There is need for this apostle and his fellow so called watchmen to distinguish between watching and securing their seat at the high table from being watchmen over Zambia. I work in some of the most deprived areas in Zambia and I can tell Apostle Sinyangwe that, its open season for looting in this here country. There is little evidence of any religious guards watching over this nation’s resources and people and its not from him!”

He continued, “What I see is a few men and women of the cloth, politicians, both from the ruling party (they get expelled), civil society and individual citizens watching over Zambia. Daily they cry out over the plight of the poor, calling out the corrupt and compiling evidence for future use. These lone voices in the wilderness are easy to pick out for anyone who wants to see.”

“For those with access to the apostle, please remind him for me that, Isaiah 58:1-11 is still part of the Bible and I highly recommend that he reads it in the Message Bible Version. Also let him know that there is now a breed of Pentecostal believers who are ready to question our own ways.”

“We are not going away anytime soon and we are not afraid to die, if that be a consequence for calling out this kind of jokers! That is why you will see us take on the powerful, the abusive police and the corrupt. And our own brethren!!! For Zambia, we shall not stand idle – lest our descendants spit on our graves.

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    • Why are Christians so long and winding? Just try to read the squabble above and you see how people try to complicate and mystify simple issues

    • The more time you spend abroad in advanced developed countries the more you realize the foolishness of allowing a pentecostal clergy to issue political statements in the media. Last time in my dream I saw the face of Jesus looking down on a condemned Church. We never know who holds the Lord’s favour. That being said, no self proclaimed apostle should ever be given a media platform. “When I was a child, I reasoned like a child. But now that I am a man, I put all the childish things away.” Zambia time you outgrow these prophets and apostles and realize that God wants us to develop our nation by the sweat of our foreheads not overnight prayers. “For the joy of the Lord is our stregth,” Not pleasing these fake pentecostal clergy.

    • Sinyangwe has been told off by his own congregation. These are false ministers in sheep’s clothing when inwardly they are ravening wolves.
      By the way, WHAT IS WRONG IN ZAMBIA BY THE NAME OF SUNDAY? Did you realise that he is also forenamed SUNDAY? Is this a coincidence that there is a Sunday Chanda as well who is much more like Sunday Sinyangwe in terms of i.g.n.o.r.a.n.c.e?

    • @Retiredzambian. Watch the video. The congregants cheered Sunday Sinyangwe. and gave him a standing ovation. May be you mean UPND supporters and hh worshippers.

    • I guess people should not be concerned about what such sub-human mongrels say. This guy earns a living by collecting fees in a church, so how do expect him to speak sense? What we should worry about is the number of Zambians who waste time listening to such characters. It’s for this reason I made sure my children are not Zambians.

  1. If Zambia needs salvation that salvation is from Pentecostal Pastors!These people are a serious fraud. We don’t need Pastors to tell us how to deal with Hichilema. They’re supposed to pray for Hichilema’s salvation not to curse him. We want him to reform, we don’t hate him. Some of these pastors have committed great abominations than Hichilema. May God forgive them. Religion is not for cursing others. The same God that you worshop is the same that created Hichilema. You can’t tell his future. All of us will face the same judgement. So don’t God into your politics of poverty. Just chew the tithe and keep quiet. If HH wins elections so be it!

  2. only fools go to his church and pay tithe, to you useless man.what do u preach about,i cant say much i might harm you but better i keep quite,


    • HH is evil! The man wants to incite lawlessness in the nation and it is time that he must be stopped. He thinks the little change he store from Privatisation which has made him big headed can protect him! Time is coming when Zambians shall say enough. He took the nation at ransom after the elections stopping the country from moving forward and he thinks we have forgotten. Pastor Sunday well done! Preachers must speak to the political landscape as well and call evil what it is: EVIL.

    • I do agree with the apostle he is just saying what the Lord told him if you condemn him you condemn the one who sent him indeed God of all creation.
      Zambia is under God spirit of death has no place in Zambia, satanic forces shall not rule our nation Jesus is Lord it is only Satan who celebrates death.
      Let the blood of Jesus cover the whole name let his wings cover Zambia in Jesus name we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus let peace reign

    These Belly Men of Gold, have sold out to the Highest bidder!!
    These Religious Crooks will speak ill of ba Jona after he’s no longer the Alpha & Omega of Plunderers Federation, & move on to suck like leeches they are, from whoever forms Government in 2021.

  5. Why is a useless person making the news. Why do we give useless clergy men the time of day in Zambia and Africa as a whole? He did the right thing by ignoring this non entity. Who is he ? What has he achieved apart from woodwinking poor unexposed zambian into paying tithes while he amasses wealth.? My zambian exes were staunch religious hypocrites. I would rather be with my white wife who does not follow any religion and yet it’s her race which brought u thr religion u believe in. Think about that

  6. ‘Babysitting’ HH seems to be an obsession for some people. The guy was wrong and the clergy is preaching repentance. We’re are not Jews. If the alter is not useful in the new testament then Jewish culture is not decorum here.
    I have heard so many people say HH will not enter state house but this particular one is different. There is a condition – if he doesn’t not repent. We are all human beings – including the preacher; we’re by emotions. God judges our motives; what was HH’s motive and what was Sunday’s motive? May God judge.

  7. A Laura has a thing or two against the Pentecostal church of which she was a part. A hate for Pentecostal churches?

  8. The so called Zambia is a christian nation business is what is propelling all these fake pentecostal pastors to madness .They are now being hired to slander people in church. Sinyangwe should never have led a congregation if Zambians were not naive and superstitious. He is just a loud and immoral quack.The Zambia is “a christian nation” rubbish is a total charade being abused by hungry and dishonest pentecostal conmen masquarading as pastors,bishops,prophets etc.I am absolutely certain that God will not even hear any of the hypocritical prayers to be said on Friday on the so called national day of prayer because the whole thing is being abused by dishonest pastors to raise money from the PF for themselves.

  9. Where has this pastor been when the nation has gone through torture by this PF regime. Where was his voice on the fire trucks, 48 miracle houses, illegal stay of ministers in office, ambulance issues, etc. What is he trying to gain by painting lungu a saint. He has been quiet when the PF camp have been branding HH a freemason and privatisation thief. He knows how much damage it will be for lungu when his opponents use the snake eating as propaganda during campaigns. What goes around comes back around, and how you treat others you will be treated also. Sinyangwe stop lying to the nation and repent before God’s wrath comes on you remember His words in Isaiah 1:17. HH you should have shown maturity by coming out to sympathize with sinyangwe or calm down public opinion against him, by…

    • The spirit of sacrifice to his gods! Thank God we stop the spirit of confusion in the nation! If he had read about MLK Jr. or Gandhi he would know that as a leader or aspiring leader you do not invoke death on the nation you want to rule. This little boy will NEVER grow up no wonder he will always be a BOY unfit to be a leader. He must first become a ward chairman, sectional leader and MP in Namwala before he tries to stand as President and lose HAGAIN.

    • Sharon am sure you are aware that Donald Trump has never been a governor or senator but he is president. Zambia needs to be progressive and someone’s tribe should not be a reason they should never be allowed to be President or reason why votes need to stolen from them. This should not be a must that such people who held a particular portfolio in government should be ones elected only. I wonder why Zambians hate a person who means well but love a person who does wrong. Lungu has been branded a swindler but that never stopped him from being President, Sharon even if you brand HH gay, unelectable, Freemason, privatisation thief etc if he is meant to rule this great nation he shall surely rule. Abraham Lincoln failed many times before his time came, failure is only when you chose to stay…

  10. These people insult ECL daily with impunity. So what is wrong with a bit of criticism on hh?? Sinyangwe is entitled to his opinion, he is entitled to his freedom of expression without fear of anyone. Is hh infallible??

    • Small brains resort to insults, no wonder hh can never win elections because he has a fanatical followers like you in numbers who can’t even question him or his failures. Look at the likes you get in such a short period of time from your fellow failures?? Really pathetic!!

    • They love to insult the President daily but the insane HH they keep on shielding. The President is developing Zambia daily but they just want one of them not that the President has done anything wrong! They twist stuff to fit their narrative! No wonder the boy will always be a BOY.

  11. look how God can expose people Ba Sunday Sinyangwe is already on the program of PF national prayer so we know what he wanted to Zambians are clever bwana dont hide behind the pulpit mukalasebana fwe ifwofine so u think u can manipulate God in order to satisfy yo own desires kulibe. look how u have now divided yo own church members. surely even when u have seen the reaction from people about yo comments u end up again cooking up yo apology surely. Anyway we will see but 4 me i dont even need to seek god to tell me that u are a fake prophet coz u are truly are and u dont truly mean well 4 our Country period.

  12. A man of God must always say things that edify the hearer. Mr Sinyangwe dont talk from your belly, if truly you are a man of God, you’ll unify people and not divide them! Before you open your mouth make sure you’re going to say what the spirit of God is saying. You’re the people that cause people to think that christianity is the same as these other religions.

    They believe in the Con that is “Religion”
    This religion you follow is just a hollow fairytale, just like reading Marvel comics, & believing Superman, Captain America, & The Incredible Hulk exist.
    As they say a fool & his Money are soon parted. Don’t pay useless tithes, & believe in fairytales, please.
    Have you noticed when a Man of Gold (Pastor) needs his new Limousine /Jet, he says “give us tithe”.
    When someone dear to you is terminally ill, Man of Gold says, “LET US PRAY”
    Why does he NOT Pray for his Limo, & Jet??
    Just like P.F Leaders, they are Charlatans who proclaim, “WE ARE PRO POOR” But the reality is so different, 48 Wheelbarrows, Mukula, Eswat1ni Mansions, 51 Mysterious Mansions, Forest gate,…

    • Nearly every UPND (including HH) is antiCHRISTIAN, antiPRAYER, antiSEX with Godly ORDER (AGAINST ORDER OF NATURE), antiGOVERNMENT, antiOTHERS (from different regions – XENOPHOBIC) and you wonder if they worship the SERPENT.

  14. EPHESIANS 4 vs29-32 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that may minister grace unto the hearers . Allow your speech be seasoned with love, imitate Prophet TB JOSHUA as he imitates CHRIST

  15. At least he is meek enough to apologise.

    Now all you cadres tell me something. When did your gods (ECL or HH) ever said sorry for anything, despite all the blood being shed by their militias. And they have been at daggers’ end for years and years.

    God bless Sinyangwe for having a human hear.

    Please ask your leaders to emulate this pastor.

    Balitumpa ama politician. They can’t see error in their act but are quick to roast others for rebuking them. Twachula pafula imwe ba shetani.

    • @Chalo Nkanza,my point exactly. Politicians are hypocrites who have no shame at all. They should repent for parading a dead man in the street before taking him to a fake church. No one condemned such an act of hypocrisy. When Sinyangwe condemned them every hell has broken loose. They were able to run in the streets with a dead body in the coffin without any shame at all. And a fake church accepted a person who died in a political fracas to be prayed for. That is hypocricy!!Just leave Sinyangwe alone. You are worse than him in the way you conduct yourselves.

  16. These Pentecostal churches if not tamed are raising mini Charles Manson s, the unapologetic apology itself raises questions about some pastors if trurly what they preach in front is word from God or its just human freshly word. People should be woke and mind some of these made by fwebene churches they go to for worship. This why I will always go to my traditional Church, because even when a pastor ,priest or Reverend messes up, the entire church will call for a tribunal for that pastor to exculpate himself for whatever wrong they have committed, but for this guy who will put him in check when it is his own church?

  17. God save us. Not all those who say LORD LORD are Christians. They are wolves in sheep clothing.

    The likes of Pastor Sinyangwe belongs to this category. Where are they when Zambia is going down with poor suffering.

  18. That criminal of a pastor, did he comment on the fire tenders, Ambulances, 48 orphaned houses, stinking road contracts. These are chaps who failed in school because they are thick as two rocks. Go in rural areas and see how people are suffering, i bet you wouldn’t go in rural areas because they have got no money for tithe which is your main area of interest not spreading the word of God. Please shut!


    • Greetings to Prof. HANSONI. Please tell him to write that with a copy to the UN on the University Letterhead. He is very INTELLIGENT and NOT TRIBAL.

  20. its a clear indication that hh will be an excellent president in this country above all others. when you want to purify gold it goes through high tempereture of fire similar with silver and this is what zambians have done with hh. proven beyond doubht . the man is quaffied for the office. feared for being above par. thank god we still have such men.

  21. Silly preacher, l don’t think God told you those words and keep him out of political issues. Besides it’s the people and not God who decides who goes to state House don’t tell me an all knowing God will knowingly give us thieves. It’s the less informed, And bribed people who did now we paying the price of their bad decision making

  22. Mr Sunday sinyangwe,You got it all wrong in your declarations. first am not sure if that alter has God’s backing,Because your language is so hypocritical such that you were driven by emotions and not God. A man of God should be a peace maker in the land and not sow confusion. pride has overtaken you and am really disappointed. when Edgar ate a snake you kept quiet,For me a child of God who is spirit filled cannot eat a snake,when we are casting snakes out,others are eating. shame!. man you need to repent because your words do not represent heaven. neither are you God’s spokesman. This world will finish you my man,don’t allow politicians to use you for their benefits. grow up and be responsible. Have you seen the mature answer HH has given you,you must be ashamed. find a job if you…

  23. Delusion and elision are serious psychiatric symptoms.apparently those relating to spirituality are very serious ones. It’s funny how many followers of these papas get induced with mental illness and yet still don’t realize it. They are true pastors yess, but they are many false pastors. Only God knows his. But the worst mistake is to use the Gospel to preach hate. It is wrong no Matter how you defend it, it’s wrong. When David errored God told the prophet to call him to correction not to abuse the media in speaking nonsense. I don’t care about 2021 elections, Zambia is bigger than anyone, but using the name of God in vain and hate, that I will not tolerate. That is mental illness to the highest older.

    • HH and UPND have had delusions for years! They suffer from illusions too but they are not aware of it because they are HALLUCINATING!

  24. It is pointless labelling all pastors as false. These are human beings who are bound to make mistakes like all of us. They are not supernatural. It is like politicians who have defrauded our national treasury, it doesn’t mean all politicians are fraudsters. There are clean politicians like General Miyanda. Blowing the trumpet out of proportion, will not make you clean. We are all wrong doers. Starting from a citizen who makes a wrong decision in assembling better leadership after waiting for five years. Wrong choice of words as well as wrong choice of leadership are all mistakes. Let’s not insult the men of God owing to the wrong words they have uttered. We are all culprits in choosing mediocre leadership. They are not worse than us. We are all wrong in one way or another.

  25. Let every person be subjected to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God,and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed,and those who resist will incurr jugdement. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct. Therefore one must be in subjection not only to avoid Gods wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

    #Let the Truth be Told!

  26. It’s only when you are sick then only then you respect the word and prayers of men like Sinyangwe, you frequent his church for healing. Now that he has touched your political affiliations you insult him. Typical of infidel

  27. Without mentioning Titles, it is un Zambian to use the dead, to parade the dead so that you gain cheap, cheap political mileage. Mr. Mumba said the church must speak out against the injustices of this land. And a Pastor says a politician must repent for allowing to parade the dead for political mileage, people are up in arms? reading the article and Listening to the video clip one gets the real sense of hatred coming even from the so call Civil society organisation. It gives you the level of compromise that these money-begging (CSO) organisations have sank in order to receive the cash from their secrete financiers. The pastor clearly says HH must “repent” he must apologise for parading a dead body in public for political expedience. “If you do not you will never enter state house”…

  28. …. “If you do not you will never enter state house” Where is the defamation here? even these organisations are saying they should sue the pastor for defamation?? Is it because the pastor is correcting the wrongs of their preferred candidate??

  29. Surely, UPND is an abomination before God Almighty. Totally unelectable.

    Like the devious, deceptive Devil, they use the Bible to counter God’s people.

    STAND FIRM ZAMBIA, use your head and let the Holy Spirit guides you.

  30. #Let_the_Truth_be_Told!

    Let every person be subjected to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God,and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed,and those who resist will incurr jugdement. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct. Therefore one must be in subjection not only to avoid Gods wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

    Issued by
    Moral Clarity Media Team

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