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The Church must share blame on Political Violence – Nevers Mumba

Headlines The Church must share blame on Political Violence - Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has accused the church of being complicit to Political Violence for not participating in the political affairs of the Country.

Dr. Mumba who is also a clergy was addressing congregants at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Matero, said that the Political Violence being experienced doesn’t befit a Christian Nation.

“In 1991, my party the MMD through President Chiluba declared Zambia a Christian Nation. This was not done because a few of us in the MMD were Christians but because the majority of Zambians were and are Christians. Political Violence and Corruption just to mention a few are Un-Christian. The killing in Kaoma was clearly Un-Christian and should be condemned by all Christians”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba called upon the church to enter the Political arena.

“I would like to take this opportunity to call upon the church to actively participate in the running of the affairs of the Country. There are a number of ways in which this can be done which include encouraging and supporting its members to run for public office and also take to task the incumbent political players”, Dr. Mumba said.

He said the church must take a deliberate step to train its membership and encourage them to vie for political office.

Dr. Mumba then stated that the Church was guilty of allowing the escalation of Political Violence because they have stayed away from politics and they have not taken the political players to the task.

“The church has godly values which it can use to promote good governance. Some of these include Integrity, Morality and the fear of God. As long as the Church doesn’t encourage and support it’s members for public office, these important values will not see the public office. What we will continue seeing is Political violence and corruption. The Political Violence which includes the Kaoma killing is because the Church and it’s members have left the running of this country to unbelievers. So it is right to blame the church of tolerating this violence because they have refused to stand up to the challenge”, Dr. Mumba said.

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    • The Zambian mission in Canada was at it worst when he was in charge….nothing was being done..just stealing and wasting tax payers money…Politicians…always talking a good game but doing exactly the opposite

    • This is the same Nevers who sent Lusambo to go beat Major Kachingwe. Ba Kachingwe bali ponoka, kicked out of the MMD offices and dragged in the streets. Both Kachingwe and Nevers were still Christians then. I believe even Lusambo was and is still a Christian today. So what values is this failed pastor talking about today???

    • Edgar Lungu , Hakainde, kambwili, Mutati, Kalaba and others are all Christians. Why are we still having insults, fights and killings? May it is christianity that has failed in Zambia. Why are these christan converts failing to show christian values?

  1. Chiluba made the useless declaration in 1993 because he suspected that Iran and Iraq were sponsoring KK to come back, he even expelled their ambassadors. He was already hitting it out with a married woman from Ndola. The Pentecostal pastor Nervers was chewing Victory Ministries money having been deported from Namibia. The chap is fraud, just like most men of god

  2. Political violence in a country that calls itself “Christian nation” and it even has a ministry of religious guidance?

  3. Mumba stop being nervous and join upnd. Everyone knows that its pf to blame for violence. Even my white wife knows this

  4. Dr. Mumba, you were not in MMD at that time. When you joined politics you formed a party called NCC. Did you do anything to make things right for Zambia? When you became the vice president in the MMD govt unruly cadres were there and Zambia was still a Christian nation, did you do anything to correct the situation? You are a pastor do something and stop blaming the church.

  5. Mr. Mumba you are just a confused man who has no direction. One day you are NCC then MMD then you are UPND and now MMD faction leader and before that an Evangelist. Sekwila who are you??

  6. As a form 5 drop out its easy to understand why you Mumba are disoriented you have no proper academic foundation hence the failure to comprehend basics. You sent bowman to harass kachingwe is that not violence clergy man?

  7. This is true the church should preach unity and love not like this pastor from Lusaka Pastor Sunday something now he is losing church members very foolish Pastor.

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