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Why did PF Cadres mobilize at a UPND Funeral

Columns Why did PF Cadres mobilize at a UPND Funeral

By Andrew Nkhata.

It is clear that the PF had a well orchestrated plan, and approved by their leaders, to attack the UPND mourners, who of course were at their most vulnerable point because of the situation on their hands of mourning a loved one.

This writer proposes that the Police where very much part of this orchestration and knew exactly what would happen, when and where.

It must be appreciated that the PF camp had no reason and no business whatsoever, to mobilize themselves on this particular day, had no reason to march across Lusaka town, and had no reason to clash with UPND mourners. PF had no political function anywhere in the City yesterday, how would they suddenly spring out from nowhere unless they was a prior well laid out plan to ambush the mourners.

The funeral home of late Lawrence Banda was attacked, looted and ransacked while the mourners were at the graveyard. Ben Bella Road was sealed by hundreds of panga wielding PF cadres waiting for the return of the mourners, and Police did not intervene whatsoever, why?

Once this is appreciated, one quickly asks why the Police did not act to disperse these machete wielding cadres because it was part of bigger plan

It is quite shocking to actually hear some leaders of the Patriotic Front, like madam Mumbi Phiri, complaining about how her “boys” were attacked without her actually saying what her boys were doing in a UPND procession in the first place. What were they doing in Cairo and Ben Bella Roads? Was there a PF rally or carnival yesterday? Was there a Police permit for a PF presence in the streets yesterday?

We have seen this before, and the Madam, Mumbi Phiri, somehow is always at the centre of this all the time.

In Kaoma, Mrs Phiri was in the forefront. At the funeral of Clance Zulu where mourners were hacked Mrs Phiri was present and watched everything unfold as a matter other accounts say she was the one commanding it. At Grazier Matapa’s funeral, again Mumbi Phiri was in the forefront.

The violence by the PF cadres seems to carry special blessings from somewhere above otherwise how would they suddenly appear from nowhere at short notice in their hundreds and start closing roads under the nose of the Police?

We therefore wish to advise our Police service, who swear to serve and to protect, to stop bending to unlawful instructions and uphold nothing but the law and order as professionally as possible. Being part of such programs will not hurt anyone but the entire country they wish to serve and to protect.

If this goes unchecked, the Police will have nothing to protect and will remain subjects to the orders of PF cadres. Let them uphold the rule of law and apply law enforcement freely and fairly because there seems to be a silent civil war going on here.

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  1. Because they were instructed to do so by that drug dealer lungu. My white wife is ashamed of zambias ruling party. She is always right. I love this woman. Why can’t you zambians be like her. My zambian exes even message her on Facebook asking for money. Shame

    • How many of you zambian men have been with a white woman ? There is a reason many of you are angry at me and your lives

    • Which President I believe he enjoys every bit of it. Or did you hear any instruction to stop the rot in PF. This is the reason the UPND says then its panga for panga, gunshot for gunshot coz we have no leadership. Can you allow someone to hack you at your house when you are also capable of fighting back.

  2. Both PF and UPND are after the same things. State house and the control of markets and bus stations. From UNIP time to MMD and then PF, markets and bus stops have been run by the party in government. Remember “mayusi” during Kaunda’s time and William Tekele Banda in MMD. For us that use these facilities have always cried that they are left to the City Councils. These facilities have been part of Political party funding for years. The ransacking of the UPND funeral was after UPND attempted to enter markets and bus stops that are currently being controlled by PF. If we do not call a spade a spade, there will a lot of deaths during the 2021 election especially the youth that are being sacrificed by wealthy Politicians.

  3. ‘Madam’ Mumbi Phiri sounds like she owns a brothel! She could be running a brothel supplying call girls and rent boys like JK to ministers. No wonder PF is obsessed with homosexuality.

  4. Mr Nkhata, is story wholesomely true? If indeed it is true it’s very bad and unprofessional on part of ZP. Take the complaint to the Police complaints commission and register your displeasure.

    • What will the complaints procedure result in ??? …….nothing.

      People have been murdered by pf thugs and nothing is done , What more a complaint against PF ????

  5. Mumbi phiri , dont do lungu and kapoyongos dirty work , you will end up in jail…..

    Again to UPND , you need to arm as many of your people with concelled video recording devices.

    These are cheap , under $50.

    Garry nkombo , as a senior UPND member can you pleas see to it that your people are armed with concelled video recording devices , and see how sanctions will be placed on that violent corrupt president, lungu and his gang.

  6. Zampost workers have not been paid their March 2019 salaries.This year they have been just paid for January and February.They were paid their February salaries in August up to now they are still waiting for their March salaries.
    Do we have a working government?

  7. @SPAKA: It is a shame that you can not think twice before commenting such bad and choking words towards the leadership of the day. The President is like your father, we believe that you’re a cheap and frustrated individual who should be prayed for and repent from your evil thinking. May you start thinking like a Zambian citizen with good morals, we therefore invite you to the day of National prayers, if you will not come, we will pray for you so that God can forgive you and heal your mind. Start thinking outside the box, think of how you can change the mindset of others and what legacy are you going to leave that other people can emmulate?

    • alangizi

      Lungu is destroying the hard fought democracy Zambia once proudly had…..

      I do not blame him for being inept at his job, but when you are inept and at the same time oppress democratic freedoms of opposition and anyone who you seem a threat to your inept leadership ……then you are fair game to any sort of media attacks.

      You see, not everyone is cut out to be a good visionary leader , but when you start blocking visionary leaders from taking over from you through violence and thuggery , then you are fair game.
      Like lungu is…..

      Expect a roasting.

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