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Forgive Sunday Sinyangwe, he needs prayers-HH

Headlines Forgive Sunday Sinyangwe, he needs prayers-HH

Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says he does not hold any grudges against Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe of Shalom Ministries who declared that the UPND leader will never enter State House until he repents.

Mr Hichilema has also urged his supporters to forgive Apostle Sinyangwe and pray for him.

“We would like to state that we hold no grudge against him and in fact we have forgiven him from the bottom of our heart. We have no authority on earth to exact revenge. That is the preserve of our God the almighty,” he said.

“We would like to appeal to the Nation to accept the apology from our brother Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe and pray for him.”

Mr Hichilema said Zambia has a lot of challenges that need addressing.

“The country is currently faced with many challenges and we would want to preoccupy ourselves with offering hope and solutions to our people than engaging ourselves in debates of destiny which we have no control over. We leave matters of our destiny in the hands of the Almighty, God.”

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  1. Mature response. We know that so called clergy is sponsored by pf. We will not waste time fighting traps..we will continue engaging in people forward politics. Meanwhile you people I never your advice. Our neighbour are a white middle aged couple. However the wife is always asking me to come help fix trivial things in their house whilst the husband is away and she is always wearing close to nothing. What does this mean and what should I do ? I love my white wife elisa

    • That’s what you get when you have preoccupied yourself with just entering state house & nothing else. You claim Zambians are suffering while claim to be a millionaire who has shipped his money to Panama. So even hungry Pappas will pick on you.

    • Very mature and presidential response indeed. Lets go for issues and not personalities unless the personality is the issue. I hope you will understand this statement.

    • The 18th of October is day for prayer,forgiveness, repentance, reconciliation and fasting
      have seen a snippet of the program
      there is list of who will be praying this and that , ok spot on
      on repentence who will be repenting and from what?
      on forgiveness, ok HH has already forgiven sunday sinyangwe, thats works with faith.
      on reconciliation, just the fact that sunday tried his best to apologies and hh forgave that in itself is an olive branch for reconciliation, hh and his works plus faith.
      on fasting, i dont even want to go there.

    • @Bongo Bongo. You do not need to comment if you have nothing constructive to say. You will not lose anything by appreciating HH’s mature response.

  2. Just to say that HH will not enter STATE HOUSE it has become a news..? Yesterday Laura Miti and UPND sympathizers were asking HH to take Mr.Sinyangwe to court and others were forcing Mr.Sinyangwe to make an apology.
    Issues like this one is too trivial to make news.Let focus on important issues affecting Zambians.

    • You have to qualify your statement. A lot of people enter State House on a daily basis. I am sure HH has entered State House a lot of times already.

    • I still don’t understand why we should have people who are so called clergymen or men of God ingaging themselves into politics. That’s very bad and a sin in God’s eyes. Leave the politicians play their row period. If you see something going in a wrong direction just pray hard to God so that he “God” may by his grace bring love and understanding among our leaders who are in politics. Jesus knew a lot of things but did not say everything he knew because he knew that somehow it was going to be dangerous. So it will be wise for us to be just praying to God so that he may be able to shower them with wisdom, understanding, and above all “love”…..one Zambia one ngena.

  3. You need more prayers to survive the shock of UPND loss in 2021. You are no leader just a cheap clown and charlatan.

    • Anyway. Just look at where those who are not cheap and are not charlatans have taken us. We are deep in debt as a country, we do not have enough electricity generation capacity, mealie meal is beyond the reach of ordinary Zambians, the roads just made recently are already breaking up, new bridges are being washed away with the little rain we get, we buy fire tenders at beyond the normal price, the unemployment level is high, we…. The rest you know

    • There is Him and the many Dominions of Demons that plan to descend upon Zambia and wreck havoc upon the souls in Zambia in 2021.


    “Physically defend yourselves if attacked by PF, HH tells his cadres in response to the ruling Party cadres.

    ‘We have no authority on earth to exact revenge. That is the preserve of our God the almighty,” HH tells his cadres in response to pastor Chinyangwe.

    • There is a huge difference between defending oneself when attacked and revenge.

      Revenge is about your feelings (you felt hurt, wronged). Self defense is about a physical attack on your body. In self defense situations you are expected to be able to explain exactly how and why you knew it was an attack, and why you did what you did.

    • He won’t even attend prayers tomorrow because he doesn’t forgive. What he has written about forgiveness is just a political strategy.

    • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I insist PF supporters are the dullest creatures in this country. See this f00l equating defending one’s self with revenge. How??? Ala kwena.

  5. PASTOR Sunday Sinyangwe WAS SPOT ON AFTER ALL

    OCTOBER 8 2019 “Physically defend yourselves if attacked by PF” HH tells his cadres in response to the ruling Party cadres.

    OCTOBER 16 2019 “We have no authority on earth to exact revenge. That is the preserve of our God the almighty,” HH tells his cadres in response to pastor Chinyangwe.

  6. I think people have a right to their opinion. HH and Sunday Sinyangwe have right to say who will be in State house after 2021. There is no need to sue or fight each other over opinions. The Voters will decide in 2021 who rules Zambia.
    So I say HH will never rule Zambia, that is just my opinion and I do not see why I should be insulted for it but certain section of society are just to bitter.

    • Iwe nkani ya bitter has not finished? Country is now finished but this bitterness story of yours has not finished. I am sure you are writing in the dark now with no zesco but ati bitter …since 2011? One track mind. You can be dull but not this dull. The country has gone really down in the last 8 years and has affected everyone including you and your family and you are still stuck on the same place. It’s people like you who have made the rest of us suffer with you.

    • Did you watch the all video or you just heard from from your fellow cadres? before he said he will never enter state house if he doesnt repent, he said a lot about what he thought HH did on friday. its the accusations without proof that has landed sunday sinyangwe into tobwa. iwe watch the entire video, then speak .

    • He said the stuff about HH as a statement of fact you dull PF cadre, statement of fact and an opinion are different things. For example if i say ‘KCI is an uneducated m0r0nic dull PF cadre’ am stating that as a fact. But if I say ‘I think KCI is a twit’ that’s an opinion. Do you now understand the difference you dull m0r0nic cadre?

  7. Leadership is not easy. One needs to assess whatever he said in the past and what he has said now. It is contradictory for HH to tell his cadres to avenge themselves against PF and on the other hand to say vengeance belongs to God. This is where political leadership of our country misses it. They will say one thing and the following day opposes the same thing they said. There is no consistency in the messages that politicians put across. Sunday Sinyangwe was just expressing his opinion which is mundane. The only problem is that he expressed it on the pulpit. It was a wrong place to express that human opinion. It was not God who gave him that message. It came from carnal mind. Such messages have a recipe to divide the church on political lines.

  8. There is so much hatred for H.H. here by some P.F. die hards that if they were to be given a chance to kill him, they would immediately take the opportunity. All the time it is H.H this, H.H. that. Give the man a break!!!!!

    • No one hates HH but his crooked ways of having looted the privatisation money and hidden it in the paradise papers because of his greedy and bitterness and pretends to be the only intelligent person in Zambia

    • @11, No one can kill HH! HH will just kill himself! Please don’t make Zambia that cheap! Everyone knows he is UNELECTABLE. He should just stop bringing confusion to Zambia!

  9. No 10 Mbaluso you r sure your english is correct or you r trying to twist things to suit your opinion defend yourselves if attacked has become avenge ur selves if attacked are the statements the same really

  10. that is what happens to gold when its refined it goes through high temperature of fire in order to make it come out well refined. hh you have faced tough testes to which others would have failed already. you have qualified for the office without delay. come 2021 many man hoods will be chopped. kikikiki

  11. I wonder how a man of God or let me say gold can say such in church and the poor members seem to agree with anything coming out his mouth, Jesus said “many will come to me saying we healed people know your name, cast out demons in your name…. And he responded that go away I do not know you” those who go to such churches read between the lines when your pastors or apostles are lying to you, be careful lest you are quote in the mix during judgement….

  12. Fake pastors, apostles, men of Gold or god are on the rise, I love Paul Kagame who got rid of such insects in his country… Wish we could do the same before they turn innocent souls into hell fire… Ban all fake pastors and all… Stealing money in the name of Jesus….. And preaching falsehood

  13. Now judge for yourselves which spirit is from God, he who declares judgement or he who forgives, God has no favorites neither does he have grand children.

  14. Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.
    JEREMIAH 14:14 Your prophets have seen for you False and deceptive visions; They have not uncovered your iniquity, To bring back your captives, But have envisioned for you false prophecies and delusions.

    • @Ndeloleshyafye, which of the Pastor’s words do you agree with? The one where he was led by an ‘evil spirit’ to say HH will not enter State House or the ones where he was recanting the ‘evil spirit’ led statement? When writing on a public blog like this one, make yourself clear. We do not have time to start wondering what it is you are trying to communicate. Thank you.

  15. Number 8 do you read the Bible even the children of Israel defended themselves when attacked revenge and defence is totally a different thing.

  16. The pastor messed up so he is telling us that the way they mourn in Israel and palasitan when their own dies is ritual is he more closer to God than the nation of Israel he is a prophet of doom full stop and he has done too much damage to his church.

  17. Truth be told October 18 is Lungu popularisation day. Do not mock God with such days that’s why we may be going through such problems as a country. Our mouths become near to God than our hearts when in trouble or when we are trying to paint or present a false outward image of our true inner selves. This day came up after the fire trucks issue to sway away spiritually blind Zambians. It was a day meant to parade and sell Lungu as a political ploy. You pray in your own homes, sometimes, oftenly, most of the times, rarely I don’t know. This is the only government to have a religious ministry and a holiday for prayers but on the contrary nothing gets better or changes.

  18. It is folly to openly mock God with such a day as October 18. The deeds of the people who deemed this day are contrary to what they say. They steal, they cheat, they falsify things, they shed blood, they comprise in various ways and yet they want to parade themselves as saints on that day. They take advantage of such a day to blind Zambians who are know to be very religious or blindly spiritual to the point that they fail to acknowledge the reality of things going on. Indeed the Bible is right when it says in Hosea 4:6 my people perish because they lack knowledge. And no wonder the devil uses a twisted word of God to mislead undiscerning people.

  19. Sinyangwe has apologized. Let UPND apologize also for running with a dead body in the coffin in the streets of Lusaka causing congestion. We expect them to apologize because that showed no respect for the dead. Otherwise, people will treat is as hypocrisy of the worst kind. They owe the nation an apology for such an act of inhuman.

    • I think Zambians are more concerned about PF apologising for the economic mess we are in and the murder of the UPND cadre you m0r0n. Why must you dimwits focus on things that do not affect Zambians? Have the PF apologised for ransacking the home of the dead person? Ulich!puba? Ask the right people to apologise or keep that hole in your face shut. Twit.

  20. ALL CATHOLICS in Zambia should know that the Pope issued a guide on how the Church should conduct the disposal of The Dead. He said, people should bury the deceased appropriately as God dictates. 1. Do not incinerate and spread the ashes on land. The Bible is clear that dead bodies must be seen as unclean and we are not to tamper with them, (parade them), but perform all rituals perfunctorily. In this case the dead body was driven around to highten tensions. The use of dead bodies as a PR campaign for 2021, was appalling. The use of the child of the deceased for a photo opportunity by Masebo was unethical and cheap politicking. Insulting God’s Man for stating the obvious will indeed need forgiveness by God Almighty HH.

    • UPND and it’s leadership should see the wrong in this saga. A MAN WAS KILLED by its own people. A second man was shot at as he innocently went about his business day at City terminal. All this was fallout from nuclear style of politics. A lot of people do not agree with the over zealousness of evangelicals but the abuse of Pastors is improper. We are allowed to turn away from Pastors or Churches we feel are not True, but we can and must respect a Man who speaks peace among rising violence. For blessed are the peace keepers.

  21. The amount of time that the trible HH wastes trying to win people to his side. But he is contradictory as in the examples given in one of the comments where he encourages violence one minute, a week later he pretends to preach peace. Two of the weakest points for Trible HH are
    1. Inconsistency and contradiction
    2. Dictatorship, no convention in the trible party since he was selected in 2006. Compare with PF which has held several provincial and district party elections so far this year.
    3. The biggest weakness so far is failure to renounce triblism and this has cost him dearly.

    The reason why trible HH cannot renounce triblism from 2006 can only be that he strongly believes in the 2006 UPND Sejani pronouncement and cannot afford to tell a lie in case it comes to haunt him. Most…

  22. …..The reason why trible HH cannot renounce triblism from 2006 can only be that he strongly believes in the 2006 UPND Sejani pronouncement and cannot afford to tell a lie in case it comes to haunt him. Well at least he appears to have some principles in him.
    Most people just fear triblism if trible HH were to be elected. So keep your triblism and we keep our majority votes.

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