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It’s Premature for Former Ministers to Pay back the Money -Lubinda

General News It's Premature for Former Ministers to Pay back the Money...

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Justice Given Lubinda and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Justice Minister Given Lubinda says it would be premature to refund any money to the treasury before the courts conclude the matter where he and 63 former and serving ministers have been ordered to refund the government.

Mr. Lubinda says the matter has not been finally determined and that the 63 respondents had not been heard by the court.

This is in a matter where Mr. Lubinda and 63 former and serving ministers have been ordered to refund government money arising from salaries when they had continued to occupy office after the dissolution of parliament in 2016.

Mr. Lubinda says the rights of the 64 respondents to be heard is enshrined in article 18 of the constitution and is therefore available to the respondents.

The Minister says the 64 former and serving ministers are aware of their rights and will abide by the final decision of the court.

Mr. Lubinda adds that as Minister of Justice it is his individual and constitutional responsibility to uphold the law and defend the constitution of Zambia.

The Minister has refuted media reports attributed to him that he will not pay the money ordered to be paid by the constitutional court in the case of LAZ Versus Ngosa Simbyakula and 63 others.


  1. The Constitutional Court the highest court in Zed ruled that the ministers should pay back, so what are you talking about iwe Lubinda?

    • These PF ministers are too greedy. They are all thieves.

      The money they have been told to pay back is a lot less than what they have stolen from this country.

      I used to think Lubinda was a fair sensible man. I was so wrong.

      That day of reckoning is coming soon.

      I pray these despicable people are held to account one day, and thrown in jail.

  2. No respect for the rule of law! Is it any wonder that PF cadres are so lawless? They have their example from their leaders. The court has given its verdict. What do you mean by saying the final decision has not been made? You were already heard, but you are resisting!
    This is why I say Zambia is lost. This is the kind of immoral, greedy leadership that we have. Guys please if you dont turn from this course you will lead us into chaos. You may not know it, or pretend not to, but people are angry.
    It is clear that PF will do anything to hold on to power, because they know that if they leave power, they will be called to account for their theft! I may be called a prophet of doom, but their will be bloodshed in Zambia if we dont change course. Please ba PF dont lead us to this dark path

  3. That is pf for you. Even the most educated and reasonable people who join this party end up losing their values. Very sad. My white wife always says that most zambian politicians unfortunately see public service as a career and source of income. Here in Europe politicians earn less from politics than their private business. My white wife’s father was once an mp. I know this. My busty white wife is now making me breakfast.

  4. I wonder what these chaps wants to say in court probably that Lungu alone should pay back the money. These ministers old as they are were ignorant about the law. We need back our money tell your party to pay you for your illegal stay because truth be told you were only campaigning the whole time. Not only should they reimburse the salaries but also other expenses like fuel and allowances they obtained. If a lawyer like Lungu can distort the law like he did i wonder what kind of lawyers we have in Zambia.

    That’s why the Plunderers Federation -(P.F) Special SLAP SQUAD DIVISION, baptised this silly Lubinda na ma mbama!!
    This Hopani is in Government to [email protected] the Treasury, sell plots to foreigners, & nothing else

  6. They won’t pay as long as PF is in power, the courts will eventually rule in their favour

    That is lungus GRZ for you

  7. Kambwili said it is Edgar Lungu who should pay back as he’s the one who made us stay in office illegally. If someone sends you to kill another person, who is punished? The actual killer or the sender? Lubinda and others just pay back. Sell one of your properties and pay back. We know you have amassed a lot of wealth. There’s no way you can fail to pay back. One day that Edgar Lungu won’t be there to protect you. On the other hand the Concourt also is to blame. This matter was taken to the court immediately after the dissolution of parliament but the concourt took 3 months to pass the ruling. If the Concourt had made the ruling within a month things would not have gotten to these extremes!

  8. that is why i say hh has qualified for the office because he has been treated like gold or silver before it turns out to be well refined . which law are they going to use or in short they are saying let lungu pay because it is him who wanted their services to win.

  9. In other words Mr Lubinda is saying he cannot pay that money because he was misled by the president HE Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

    He is accussing his boss, but alas! the boss is blind.

    ECL has never said anything after the ConCourt ruled against the ministers. He is ready to defend the constitution only when it favours them in GOVT. When the constitution works against them they are ready to abrogate it.

    This govt is in shambles, especially oru president. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHETHER HE IS GOING OR COMING.
    Even their policies are inconsistent and very crude. Iam scared…………

  10. Just how to we the Zambian people trust this PF government with changing our constitution using bill 10 when they clearly broke the law with the ministers stay in the office during campaign. They want clauses that will cover or protect their wrongdoing. They will change the constitution to a point where when they leave office there will be nothing the constitution that we will be able to use to bring Justice on them. Bill 10 is well sugarcoated with some clauses that seem good and will have some blind Zambians smiling that it is a good bill but in actual sense there are hidden clauses support wrongdoing or continued stay in power by failed government. The bill 10 is a like a the old witch with a candy house to lure yong children the time you realize how bad it is you are trapped already…

  11. The constitution amendment should not be entrusted with people who clearly break the law. The constitution is for us all Zambians let us therefore protect it from being altered to suit the wrongdoers. Alterations should only be done when all Zambians are heard, why is it that when doing illegal or worthless things the government spends a lot of money but when it comes to important matters like the constitution amendment consultation exercise they want to implement austerity measures. They spend money on by election orchestrated by their bought resignations yet matters that affect the whole country they impose austerity measures. This is a government of misplaced priorities.

  12. How honestly can one trust these leaders? It is only a person with brain impairment who can trust such leaders. They are very egocentric and too much of themselves. Their friend, Harry Kalaba, returned the money to treasury to preserve his morals. Why can’t they also do the same? Does it mean that their conscious is too sneered to do the right thing? This spirit of avarice has permeated throughout our nation. What prayers are you going to conduct tomorrow when in actual sense you are thieves? God hears the prayers of a righteous man who has a contrite heart. The court said the money you got should be taken back to treasury but you are failing to comply with courts verdict. What sort of leaders are you?Come 2021,we will teach you a bitter lesson.

  13. On this one Mr. Lubinda i can not support you. Please pay back the money or else you will be arrested. Just wait for that time to come….all of you will dance pelete.

  14. This ruling was the worst ruling in the world. How can you punish the employee and not the employer. Was it deliberate that these Ministers stayed after parliament desolution?

  15. ECL publicly made these people to work at a wrong time despite many people voicing their disapproval.Even now it is Lungu who has advised the ministers not to pay back and to take the course they have taken. Lungu has no respect for courts and they will not pay as long as corrupt ECL is in power.The ministers were also naive to depend on Lungu`s verbal pronouncement to extend their stay.They should pay and this matter will never just go away until they pay.

  16. Ah Constitutional Court is “one of the highest’ courts in the land and its rulings a final right? Well I guess when HH petition was thrown out it wasn’t the highest court because hh went to other courts and is on record that the Con Cot had not deposed of his petition….its hard to follow these guys….you want to be ‘heard’ to say what now? Anyway as MP for Mazabuka told you ‘yours is an exercise in futility’ day one you will pay back every cent you took with interest from the day of ruling….do the right thing and at back whilst you still can…

    • My friend Thomas the Judiciary in our Country does no longer exist. Haven’t you noticed this????

  17. #Let_the_Truth_be_Told!

    Let every person be subjected to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God,and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed,and those who resist will incurr jugdement. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct. Therefore one must be in subjection not only to avoid Gods wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

    Issued by
    Moral Clarity Media Team

  18. Some things will never change
    That is just the way it is o ye
    Things will never be the same o ye
    That is just the way it is o ye

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