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Lungu calls for Saudi goat project to be expedited

Headlines Lungu calls for Saudi goat project to be expedited

President Edgar Lungu has expressed concern that the already existing Saudi Arabia goat market has not yet been well utilised.

President Lungu says so much has been said about the Saudi market but nothing is being done to take advantage of the opportunity.

He says it is high time the country started seeing results on the goat project rather than merely talking about a readily available market.

The Head of State has since urged the newly appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Benson Mwenya, to ensure that the export of goats to Saudi Arabia is actualised without fail.

He stated that there is an urgent need for the country to move the project forward, adding that government has facilitated the opening of both goat and fish breeding centres in almost all provinces, to help with the actualisation of the projects.

President Lungu has also urged Dr Mwenya to plan with strategic focus in order to accelerate the increase of fish and Livestock population for the country to improve food security and stir economic growth.

The Head of State has further directed the Permanent Secretary for Livestock and Fisheries to put in place an aggressive programme which will promote fish farming in the country and also address fish deficit.

And President Lungu has urged the newly appointed Accountant General, Kennedy Musonda to ensure prudence in the management of government resources.

The President noted that he is confident that with his vast knowledge and experience, Mr Musonda will be able to execute his duties to the people’s expectations.

President Lungu made these remarks during the swearing – in Ceremony of the two newly appointees at State House in Lusaka today.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Permanent Secretary, Benson Mwenya, says the ministry is already putting up measures to actualise the goat project.

Dr Mwenya told journalists in an interview that the ministry will start by exporting carcasses and that three abattoirs have already been identified.

He said the only thing that is remaining is to contact the buyers in Saudi Arabia to and connect them with the abattoirs.

Dr. Mwenya indicated that the Ministry is also up to the task of increasing on fish fingerings across the country to reduce the fish deficit.

And Accountant General, Kennedy Musonda, noted that financial management in public service is very important and will be his main area of focus.

Mr. Musonda said he is equal to the task and will work to ensure that all financial resources are well accounted for.

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    • I am bemba,but this habit of sidelining other tribes is wrong and embarrassing. Here it is Mwenya and Musonda being sworn in.
      As for the goat project,we are now used, nothing this president and his government touch ever succeeds,appart from infrastructure projects whose sole motivation is looting on an industrial scale…

  1. The first lady dressed in black like a widow, signed that memorandum of understanding.
    What about domestic workers promised to Saudi Arabia, how many have been exported? the PF cadres are still rooming in bus stations.

  2. They all yap about Saudi goat project but no one seems to know or They chose to be ignorant about the logistics……how will the goats get to Saudi ? If by plane , how much will that cost ??

    Me thinks lungu and his team don’t seem to realise that the goat exporting countries to Saudi have sea ports

    • SPAKA you are absolutely right ! For me the biggest concern is that you have a Government that has signed an MOU to sell a product they don’t have. Where are these goats they want to export?


  4. They are talking of slaughtering goats and puting the meet in abattoirs and then telling the Saudis to come and buy. It looks like the market does not exist yet.

  5. Kikiki the first question – is how many goats does Zambia have then the second- is how will you transport the goats thats assuming you can even find enough to export and at what price third how do you expect this project to commence when you literally have done no ground work to kick start this project (for dull pf cadres I mean no census has been conducted, farmers have not been engaged to see if they can manage to supply the market,etc.).
    And finally why can’t the government just exploit the readily available maize market in congo by now we could have moved most of our farmers out poverty

  6. awe sure kwena aba ama guys are so dumb… they get excited about tuma meetings and signing documents without putting any thought into things

  7. Why would Saudis buy goats from Zambia? Just someone give a business reason for them to do that, before hitting tarven… Yaba, goats can be delivered alive from Pakistan or anywhere by ship in order to have guaranteed Halal slaughter within Saudi Arabia. Why would any Saudi buy a frozen Zambian goat??? You think they are mad, stupid or what do you think? Or do you even think at all

  8. Even before she did a swot analysis, your confuse fisheries minister claimed that it is unworkable, why don’t you employ some of us as your ministers, because three quarters of PF ministers are totally useless, don’t know what criteria you use to select them, at least if they were a bit useful they were going to cover some of your evident deficiencies, that is how the world works.

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