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Nevers Mumba’s full Prayer of Rededicating Zambia to the God

Headlines Nevers Mumba's full Prayer of Rededicating Zambia to the God

Nevers Mumba

Our father and our God, in the name of your son Jesus, we now present our nation Zambia before you.

We re-dedicate our country and renew our vows to govern ourselves by the statutes of God’s Word.

We are grateful for the firm Strong Christian values upon which our nation was founded. We thank you for choosing Zambia to be the beacon of light for the rest of the continent. We honor the work of God’s servants who have gone before us in declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the years.

We affirm the prayer of David Livingstone that, “On this land where I rest my bended knees, let it become a mighty Christian Nation.” A beacon of hope to the African continent and a light to the rest of the world.”

We affirm the prayer of our first President Dr Kenneth David Kaunda who said: “Zambia shall honor and uphold the Christian faith.”

We further affirm the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation by our second President Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

We affirm and celebrate the declaration of October 18th as a Day of Prayer, Fasting, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness as announced by the sixth President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Today, we hold ourselves accountable to the solemn vows we made to you. We promised to govern ourselves under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We dedicated the Presidency, Cabinet, the Civil service, the legislature, the Judiciary and the people of Zambia to the Lordship of Christ. We vowed to end corruption. We vowed to be just and defend the weak. We vowed to govern this country in morality and integrity of heart.

Today, 28 years later we come to give an account before you. As national leaders, we repent for failing to honor our vows. We seek your forgiveness.
Instead of propagating peace, we have propagated hate, division, violence and bloodletting. We have oppressed the poor and glorified the powerful.

Our nation bleeds from greed and corruption. Our people carry the unyielding yoke of poverty. We repent for failing to create unity amongst ourselves. We have turned our backs against the vows we made to you. The result of our disobedience has been hunger, poverty, joblessness, violence, deaths of our youth. We are at war with ourselves.

As Church leaders, we have failed to play our prophetic role of guiding the nation in a non-partisan manner. We have failed to be the prophetic voice for the masses.

As citizens, we have failed to hold our leaders both in politics and the church accountable. We have failed to place demands on those who lead us.
Lord, Zambia is no ordinary nation. This is your inheritance. It is your lighthouse for the continent. You chose this land before anyone of us was born. We fear and tremble to be found guilty of frustrating your eternal plans for this land.

Therefore today, we willingly choose to rededicate our nation Zambia to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
We repent as political leaders for taking your people for granted. We repent as Church leaders for not speaking loud enough for the poor and the weak.

We repent as a nation for the innocent blood that has been spilled and for engaging in witchcraft and demonic activities.
We turn to you with tears in our eyes and grief in our hearts. We seek your forgiveness.

We now rededicate every sector of the Zambian community to you Lord Jesus. We accept our failures and weaknesses. We seek your forgiveness.

We rededicate our selves to live in love and at peace with each other.

Lord, we renew our vows to live in harmony, in love and in the fear of the Lord. To govern ourselves in equity and the fear of the Lord. We further declare that Zambia shall be led by leaders of integrity and morality in line with our declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. We pray so for President LUNGU and his government and we pray so for all governments to come. May the leadership of morality and integrity be the flagship of our Christian nation, Zambia today and always.

We re-dedicate the President, the Government of Zambia, the Opposition Parties, the Church and the people of Zambia to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, now and forevermore. We sing the all-time hymn, “Bind us together Lord..”
Zambia shall be saved.

In Christ’s Name we pray.


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  1. But Africans are dul.l………….

    They follow this religion thing more then the owners.

    Is it lazyness ??? Hoping for an easy way out ??? Hoping for a foringe God to provide ???

    Should have been a call to plant trees or even a day cleaning the town’s would have been better than hoping for miracles

    • Well said, instead of dreaming, & hallucinating for devine intervention for Man made problems & a religion that was foisted on them, by the oppressor, these people should go & plant trees, clean the rivers, compounds, & return stolen cash back to the treasury, wamvela Lubinda Za Yello?
      ZAMBIANS spend 364 & a quarter days fornicating stealing killing, lying,. spreading hate, endorsed by these same National leaders, then on the 365th day, they hold a ceasefire, (Kaizer, & Chimpyongo) included, & the very next day as soon as the sun rises, it’s business as usual, & back to their Ungodly acts.

    • Zambians are waiting for God to come and empty the rubbish bins, to stop them littering, to stop the govt contracting loans it cannot pay back, to make it rain, to disarm PF zealots threatening the peace. And because God loves Zambians more than any people on planet earth, it shall be done as it is done in heaven, amen.

    • Africans….and the bazungu who taught you how to pray and hope for a pathway to heaven never even talk about going to heaven…..they’ve developed their countries…..they don’t even have national day of prayers….but watch African hypocrites….praying and heading straight to steal after prayers….wasting tax payers money….this event is costing money since it’s a holiday…and you want money to fall from “heaven”….look at Hypocrite Nevers Mumba in the above picture with his mouth pretending to be holier than thou…He stole money and Embassy Furniture in Canada

    • Brainwashed Africans…..just stop stealing and start working hard…money won’t fall from heaven….was watching American Female Astronauts doing a space walk earlier today…now that makes a lot of sense not listening to hypocrites Nevers Mumba who stole money at the Zambian mission in Canada

    • 2019 our friends now are having women doing space walk and we busy praying…..we want God to help clean up the streets….we want God tell us to stop throwing garbage anyhow…what about corruption and stealing tax payers money….how will God intervene

    • Koma kunali fiction kwamene uku. Ati
      We thank you for choosing Zambia to be the beacon of light for the rest of the continent.
      When was Zambia chosen and what light is it shining with all this loadshedding? With Kariba dam so low we are a beacon of darkness

  2. Prayer alone is not enough. Lets do something courts are there to cage all corrupt people but we are shilding the criminals what else do you want God to do? Police is there to protect and arrest killers but their hands have fallen shot. ,God gaven all these but we dont want so who is to blame? God has provided everything but we have turned our backs and continue crying to him for what again? What do we want him to do that he has not done.We are to blame.

  3. This Prayer was released st show grounds?

    I do not think Nevers will be given another chance to pray at this event.

    The prayer is deep and worthy, but also very unedited, if u know what I mean.

    He released the prayer scathing to people but obedient to God

  4. I feel Dr. Mumba can help to bring Her and ECL together and tok about the dialogue issues as he is both a politician and pastor. At least he knows what is at stake. Let him lead the team with other notable pipo if we are serious with the current situation.

  5. National Reconciliation Prayer and fasting is but a total waste of time.
    You create your problems and ask some thing ko god to sort them out. A whole bunch of pipo with huge stomachs and big cars congregated, they of course as they do forgot about the poor and street children. What a shame

  6. Useless country with useless leaders. Instead of working they are busy praying. What a waste of man hours in productivity! Lazy bums love religious nonsense

  7. ZAMBIA is for JESUS therefore, Leaders who are aspiring for the highest office in this country should be scruitinized in the way they respond to Christian values. Country MEN and WOMEN its our time to ask God to show us leaders who fear Him. You can have money but if you do not fear God then that money is nothing, you can have world connections but without Jesus those connections are in vain. The challenges we are facing in this country are worldwide it takes Spiritual understanding through prayer what exactly God is telling us, for it is written in the Holy Bible that the end times are near, so lucifer is fighting the believers to start receiving his marks through his agents, who are calling themselves rich. The riches are in God in the name of Jesus Christ, The Children of Isreal…

  8. Koma kunali fiction kwamene uku. Ati
    We thank you for choosing Zambia to be the beacon of light for the rest of the continent.
    When was Zambia chosen and what light is it shining with all this loadshedding? With Kariba dam so low we are a beacon of darkness

  9. Every nation that has any development worth talking about has had “prayerful footprints.” including Israel, China, the USA, England, Turkey, etc. fools may mock Zambia all they like, but we are getting there. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.”

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