This is in reference to reports that five people have died of hunger in Shangombo district of Western province
DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe

Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe says there is no need for people to panic over the hunger situation in some parts of the country as there are enough stocks to feed the 2.3 million people in need of relief food.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African Radio’s News Feedback Programme, Mr. Kabwe said as indicated by President Edgar Lungu, no one will die of hunger as the government is on course in distributing the relief food.

Mr. Kabwe also indicated that the government is investing massively in research in trying to understand the climate shocks.

“I visited Shang’ombo a few weeks ago. I went to the same chiefdom, the same ward where there said five people had died of hunger. There were no such deaths recorded. Some people are just trying to mislead the nation and this is why I always say there is no need to politicize the hunger situation in some parts of the country,” he said.

“I also went to Gwembe. I and my team visited the clinics, privately owned and those owned by the government. There were no records of people dying of hunger.”

He advised stakeholders not to attach politics to serious matters such as the hunger situation.

Mr. Kabwe disclosed that very soon, Vice President Inonge Wina will be launching Risk Profiles for each district in the country which will help farmers and citizens as a whole in planning well in view of changes in the weather patterns.

He emphasized that only 2.3 million in the country are currently in need of relief food and that there are enough stocks to feed them.

He further disclosed that the unit has secured 5, 000 metric tons of beans to be distributed to the people in need.

The DMMU National Coordinator further indicated that teams from DMMU are in Siavonga and Mpulungu trying to secure Kapenta which will be distributed to the 2.3 million people as a way of improving nutrition

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    • Chanda Kabwe has no idea wht he’s talking about. Just nearby in Katuba, people are having to choose btwn paying sch fees and buying food. If Chanda Kabwe was interested in this matter, it would take him just a few hours to find out the truth.


    • How can someone that is well fed understand what hunger is?

      When someone is too full with food, they become lazy. They forget those thathat have not eaten. It just is not a priority for them.

      Those 12.5kg of ubunga you are dishing out will only last a few days. What will they eat after that?

      Be serious please


    • When some uses the word” ONLY” it means whatever they are referring to is of little significance,does he mean the 2.3 million souls are expendable?


  1. U are a joker hunger is real in monze. Come to Sitemba in monze I will show you families that live on cipama(wild yarn) every day and for months. Stop politicking.


  2. People of beautiful Zambia try to in comments a peaceful way.Why insulting ..? Mr Lukanga # 1. don’t insults I guess you are a full grown up adult.


  3. Zambians … Corruption, jealous , alcohol, sex, Bandits , tribalism … Those are Zambians anyway in the world.. If you those. or experienced then you aren’t zambian.


  4. Only a greedy person like you wouldn’t worry since you eat everyday… Every dog has its day…



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