National Health Insurance Registers 700,000

File:A man takes his child for under five clinic in Katete
File:A man takes his child to the under five clinic in Katete

The National Health Insurance Management Authority says it targets to register about 700,000 people under the National Health Insurance scheme in the next four months.

Authority Director General James Kapesa says the National Health Insurance scheme has now been rolled out after Statutory Instrument number 66 for 2019 was gazetted.

Mr. Kapesa says the focus is to register employees, pension managers and the informal sector.

He however told ZNBC News in Lusaka that it is not true that the Authority is targeting a certain section of people to register.

Mr. Kapesa explained that everyone above the age of 18 and below 65 are eligible for registration.

He stressed that for now the process of registration is on and that those who will be registered are expected to be put on the scheme and access medical services by First February 2020.

Mr. Kapesa further explained that deductions of one percent towards the health Insurance scheme are expected to start this month.


  1. These 6/10 chaps have messed up big time! MOH is home to the biggest thieves! Just refer to AG reports on MOH! They are not increasing your salaries but they keep on chipping away 1% at a time! Fuel you have increased, Electricity you have increased, everything has gone up against static salaries! Maybe we still have sleepy Zambians who think this PF illegality will improve anything. Here is the maths. In 2016, FIC told us we were robbed of K4 Billion in corruption. The following year 2017, we lost K6.1 Billion tax money to corruption. That is K10.1 Billion enough to run MOH effectively! This NHI is broad daylight robbery!

  2. Is this scheme compulsory to all civil servants?if it is,we were supposed to be informed before the deduction was initiated? some of us we don’t even know where to go or who to see to enquire about the scheme

  3. How is this scheme going to affect me as a government retiree, and also in formal employment and a civil servant wife? Just like TV levy there are no parameters to regulate that, you find a household with multiple contribution of the same levy, i believe this is what is going to happen to this scheme, one household/individual
    making multiple contributions to the same scheme.

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